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  1. Get Me Down - Video Performance

    Emily this is really beautiful, the piano playing is excellent and the vocals were haunting and lovely. This is by far my favourite of your music and reminds me the most of early Kate Bush. I think I would have preferred the video just you playing the piano (i so wish I could play the piano like that), as I to found the cut to you singing the harmonies distracting and it took away from what, for me, for a fantastic performance.
  2. Hi all, this piece of music was something I quickly composed for lyrics that Servus posted in the Lyric Critique section. I loved the way they flowed and this was the result: https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/not-good-enough-musicvocals-richard-tracey-lyrics-servus/s-Nl7Xs I had always intended to write my own lyrics for the music as I really liked the song, so decided to give it a try today. This is what I came up with, but for some reason I don't think it flows as well as it should do. It is a quick vocal to try out the new lyrics, but something seems off and I can't put my finger on it at the moment as my hearing is shot (I have started 3 - 4 tracks today, one with a friend who was playing guitar - loudly!!). The title is a working title at the moment: https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/all-the-little-feelings-19082017-2350/s-558lZ ALL THE LITTLE FEELINGS (music and lyrics by Richard Tracey) (V) Fast cars, slow ride Pretty women, fake bride Hateful person, no pride Don't mean that much to me Big smile, no heart Old man, teen flirt Gold digger, short skirt Don't mean that much to me All beauty, no sense Infatuation, pretence Deep pockets, expense Don't mean that much to me (C) All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing (V) Flash clothes, no style All looks, profile One thought, denial Don't mean that much to me Red lips, lost fame Big shot, got game Brass neck, no shame Don't mean that much to me Dark eyes, no soul Your way, control Used up, new goal Don't mean that much to me (C) All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing (B) That there Could be something more Could you see the way out Of here If I opened up a door And let you walk on out Would you go Would you set yourself free (C) All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing All the little feelings Blind to all the seeing Lost all of the meaning All the dreaming Believing
  3. (UPDATE) Producer or no Producer - that is the question?

    It wasn't just two and he feels that there probably isn't a lot we need to do, probably just the arrangement, making sure the drums are programmed properly and doing the vocals again. He will then look at the mix, creating space and depth, making sure everything fits in the correct place. I don't think we will be looking to write new parts in the studio, he doesn't seem to think that is a need for my tracks. He agrees with what I think my weakness is, although he complimented me on the mix/space I managed to get on some of the tracks, as well as how clear and crisp my vocals were on some as well. I will post my version and the completed version once it is finished, but given how nice the track he played me sounds, then I think it will be like night and day.
  4. Hi all, had this piece of music last night, came up with these lyrics this morning... does this feel like it is working so far? Only listen up to the end of the vocals, as Logic has added about an extra minute on to the end. The sound swirling around is a sound generator, which I am still trying to get my head around. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/where-angels-fear-to-tread-19082017-1105/s-qCuGF Where Angels Fear to Tread (lyrics and music by Richard Tracey) The road you walk it never ends Where angels fear to tread Because of all the dead The mask you wear is running out It wasn't built to last You're searching for the past You never tried to save them You never heard their screams With no more words to say You turned and walked away You walk along this lonely road A penance for your sins As all the guilt begins This world is yours and yours alone As long as will remains You'll wear these mantle chains You never faced them all You never stood beside them Now you are haunted by The people you left to die
  5. (UPDATE) Producer or no Producer - that is the question?

    Okay - thought I would post an update regarding this. I have decided to go with the producer for one song to see how it goes. I played a shit load of my songs to him and have narrowed the list down to 15 that I have sent to him so he can get a feeling for which one to go with first. He has a starter package which is £175 and this includes all the studio session time, mixing, production, anything that goes with making the song sound and feel right, advice on where we should start and how to get it out there once it is finished. He will not be doing the mastering, but then it is never a good idea to get the same person to do it. We have worked out it will probably be 4 1/2 day sessions to complete one song and he is going to take into consideration the stage my music is at, instead of what he is used to (someone turning up with a lyric and guitar part). I don't want to lose too much of my 'sound', but I am realistic that I probably throw too much in there. If I am happy with the result, then we can look at just the studio time and mixing after that, which should hopefully lighten the cost to me. He played me a track he is working on at the moment with a Scottish musician. It has kind of folky elements with electronica. The track sounded excellent and it sounded better than some of the professionally produced tracks you get on the radio. It made me realise I am so far off with my stuff, but I hope to learn a lot from how he approaches music with arrangement, drums and vocal, as well as mixing. And just for Dek, he said he really liked the tracks I played him, especially a couple in particular that he was really keen on
  6. In From The Dark

    Jenn - I haven't listened to your sample yet, but if something doesn't feel comfortable, there is normally a reason for that. A good way to get rid of writers block is to just lay a quick beat down. I know you use GarageBand, so pick a drummer you like, lay out an 8 bar beat, tweak it till it has a nice groove going and adjust the bpm until it sounds and feels right. Then put an audio track on and just hit record. Stand in front of the mic with your eyes closed and let the beat take you. Start singing anything that comes to mind. Before you know it you will start to sing something that makes sense and might actually sound really good. You can refine that into a lyric, as it should give you a starter for ten and possibly a subject matter. Don't worry about the looping as it will just keep adding a new audio line for each loop and you can cycle through them by clicking on each one. The other thing we can look at it picking a subject at random and putting lyrics to that. I know John does the challenge with lyrics, utmi had originally thought about once a week, picking a subject and the members using that as a starter for their lyrics.
  7. A Concept...

    Or it's a Norman Bates type of thing
  8. A Concept...

    Reverb Jenn - lots and lots of reverb
  9. Not being a massive fan of new rap music, can you explain what conscious rap is? and how it differs from other types of rap? We have a few rap members on the site, so they be willing to listen and talk about your music if that's something you would be interested in...
  10. No problem, the members on this site are more than welcoming, but there are rules for posting in this section. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself....
  11. My Name Is David

    Maybe his favourite movie was 2001 A Space Odyssey and it was his aim to get to that many likes and then sign off.
  12. Live or Die (Serve or You're a Slave)

    The best time to sing is mid-morning. Have a cup of lemon and ginger tea with a touch of honey before you sing and it should help to open up the vocal chords. I should start taking that advice myself, unfortunately I hate tea
  13. Blushing Satellite - High

    Mahesh, I kind of agree with John on this one. It is fine watching a video if you know what the person is trying to achieve, but that would be a small minority of who you should be trying to sell your music to. For me I watched a lot of lovely visuals of locations, with some disjointed art. Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the art part and felt the video would have been better, or even stronger for just having the art as the visuals, they could still incorporate the message you were all trying to get over in the music. As I say, the art was a pleasant surprise and I would definitely think about using the artists for further endeavours. I think John hit the nail on the head re it sounding a bit like Jamiroquai and since I really can't stand the man or his music, I am not the best person to comment on this song. I personally don't feel it's as strong as your other music and didn't feel the vocals blended with the song, again, I am probably the wrong person to comment on this, so please don't take it the wrong way.
  14. New Keyboard

    Jenn - I wish it cost that much, wouldn't have felt so guilty buying it.
  15. New Keyboard

    Hi all - decided to treat myself yesterday to a new keyboard. This is one I have been wanting for a while and decided to bite the bullet. It's a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25 - so far so good and anything I do on this, maps to my Axiom 49, so I can place an arp on, alter scales etc, change individual parameters on the presets so easily. Just trying to get my head round what it can do, but very impressed.