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  1. 'That's my plan, but I might have to bribe my daughters to sing this on one of my songs, as they hate everything I do hmnnn, I hear it as a chorus, probably because I hear the song as a kind of disturbed feeling..... and I really like the itsy-bitsy spider bit, I felt it added to that disturbed feeling, which is why I went with the nursery rhyme at the beginning. I feel like I've gone and changed the song's all over feel now. Might have to give it a couple of days and see how I feel about the new parts. I need to record the vocal again though as it's picking up everything on the microphone!!!
  2. Hi all, decided to give this one another go and see if I could add something. I redid the vocals and seem to have a bit of interference in the background that I don't hear in Logic through my headphones, but I can when I listen back on my iPhone. So please ignore that and I'll fix when I record the vocals again. The vocals are still a temp to get a feel for the new parts added. Let me know what you think, especially if you think I have ruined the track with the new parts I quite like the new parts, but then I would https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/talking-to-spiders-25062017-2249/s-ytgBN TALKING TO SPIDERS (music and words by Richard Tracey) "The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout Down came the rain and washed the spider out Out came the sun and dried up all the rain The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the spout again" - anonymous This Is the place Where you fear to go A no man's land You must Try again To fight through this I know you can win Hide In your cave From the rest of the world Be all alone Are you Talking to spiders Or are you Going out of your mind There's an itsy-bitsy spider Crawling around in your head What does he say to you Why is your life so cruel How Many times Must you lose To pick yourself up You must Try and try again To be the best That you can become There's an itsy-bitsy spider Crawling around in your head What does he say to you Why is your life so cruel
  3. Will this sounds much better and even the vocoder didn't bother me this time. My only gripe is how loud the drums, in particular the kick was. I like to listen to music on headphone loudly and this was rattling my brain. If you are still tweaking this, you may want to look at the drums. Other than that, the mix sounded great and the instrumentation and vocals were solid for this style of music. It had a nice summer vibe to it and kudos on the promoter reposting it.
  4. Hi Jenn. I think the music is almost there, some nice instrumentation and the arrangement to my taste, seems solid. There was one particular synth I felt ruined the music and it was the one st the beginning that sounds out of tune. I know you are going for unsettling with this song, but for me that sounds doesn't work. I think the vocal in the verse is really good and I like the way you sing it there, but I am not a fan of the high pitch singing. You have a nice sound to your voice lower down and I would use it where possible. This is apparent near the end of the song when you sing low and high; for me the lower scale worked better. I think if you sang it with the lower scale vocal and add harmonies further back higher, then that might make the song gel together better. I like the lyrics and I don't always believe every song needs to tell a story or be about something, sometimes imagery and a nice tune is all you need. Really good start and I am looking forward to see where you go with this one. cheers
  5. 'Hi Jenn... wow, thanks for the compliment on the vocal. This is just a temp, so hopefully the proper recorded one (when I get round to doing it) will sound much better. I'll look to reduce the string part and do something for a chorus. Ive actually toyed with the idea of a oo's type part at the beginning, floating in and around the piano. It sounded nice, but I didn't record it, so I will revisit it when I get a minute and look to add something to the existing vocal idea. The vocals will be cleaned up when I record them and get them right, so will look to add the weight then. Heart-throbbing is kind of how I hear it as well. Just need to make sure the vocal reflects that. Cheers
  6. Cheers Dek... I wanted to put more power into the vocal and it felt like it was there, but wanted to keep the windows intact. The sung echo is just to give me a feel for how it would sound with the echo there, so wouldn't remain when I record the vocals properly. Yeah, the bit in between is something I'm not sure of and it does feel like it leads into a chorus, but I didn't want one in this song, but I could do an instrumental thing I suppose. That could be part of the reason, but I do know when I am sitting at the computer trying to fix up a track, that I start coming up with something else. This track started from trying to come up with a section for another track I started last night, but didn't fit and became this. I may revisit that other track and see if I can take anything from that as a chorus part.
  7. Cause I'm a pain in the arse and walk about all day singing new songs and I'm easily distracted when I'm at the keyboard. I need to focus and do something with all the other tracks, but still don't know whether to try and work with a producer who would force me to focus. Now I'm thinking about writing a song about boycotting something or somebody
  8. **** UPDATE BELOW IN THE COMMENTS **** Hi all, Started this one last night, but came up with the lyrical idea today so decided to record some vocals. Still not sure if this works, especially the bits in between the verses. This is not a typical song structure and will not have a chorus. The bits in between need more work and some extra things going on as does the verses. The ending will not stay the way it is, I did this just to have something there. I'm just wondering whether it is working at the moment. I think the lyrics need a bit of work, but does the general feel of the idea seem okay? Is the vocal delivery okay, does it work? I have an idea for something floating around the solo piano at the beginning of the track, so will probably keep it the length it is. Cheers to anyone who has a listen. https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/talking-to-spiders-24062017-2032/s-YE881 TALKING TO SPIDERS (music and words by Richard Tracey) This Is the place Where you fear to go A no man's land You must Try again To fight through this I know you can win Hide In your cave From the rest of the world Be all alone Are you Talking to spiders Or are you Going out of your mind How Many times Must you lose To pick yourself up You must Try and try again To be the best That you can become
  9. Hi all. I was watching Radiohead at Glastonbury on tv last night and I forgot how good some of their songs are and how many unusual instruments and soundscapes they used. So I downloaded the new remastered version of Ok Computer and immersed myself in what has to be on of the best, most seminal albums of the 90's. Almost every track would probably be the best track on other artists albums and we have an album full of them. What it did do, was make me want to try and write something as haunting and beautiful as some of the tracks on the album. Has anyone else listened to an album recently and got the inspiration to try and compose a song in that style? Oh, and to clarify, I haven't started the song idea, it is still that, and idea in my head.
  10. I bought the M-Audio BX5 monitors as they got a decent review for budget speakers. The sound is good and you can hear the separation when you are mixing, although I tend to do all my music using my Sennheiser HD205 studio headphones as my daughters don't tend to appreciate my music Budget equipment is fine for me at the moment, as I always thought about moving up to working at a proper studio for mixing etc when the time comes.
  11. Ray - the reason why 'Come on Eileen' has survived the test of time, is due to its singability and dancebility. The story in the lyrics is a very much used idea, but that is why it appeals, as a lot of people can put themselves in that position. Oh, and also weddings..... weddings are a reason why it's prevailed.
  12. Jenn - I've had a listen to your music idea and it sounds like a nice start, although you may want to pull back on the cymbals, or push them back in the mix when you start to add more to it. It will be interesting to see how you put the lyrics to this piece, if you go ahead with it.
  13. I don't think so, but I'll have a look. I am using Analog Strings vst so there may be something going on in the back that I am not seeing.
  14. Cheers David - god, you have really good ears, there is a stereo wide plugin on the drums. It was put on a different sound, but I changed it to Battery 4 drums and forgot to remove it. Can't believe you picked up on that!!!! What do you hear as the log drums? I have a synth which is a wood block sound, but I don't think it is that. The drums are a 909, so shouldn't sound like a log. There are 2 pizzicato string synth parts, one playing the higher 1 2 1 2 and one a bit lower on the scale playing on the 1. There is a plugin on the second one which creates a kind of reverb thing, so is it maybe that you are hearing? I'm really not happy with the drums on this one, as I used Logic's virtual drummer and I can't get it to sound the way I want, so will give your idea a try. There is a harp synth in there at the moment, but I think it does need a bit more of something to give it body, but I don't want to overpower the simple song I imagine this to be. Thanks for your input.
  15. That was deliberate - I felt the song suited more uniformity as it is a simple song and wanted the 1 2 1 2 and vocal to drive it. Maybe add some harmonies and that might lift the chorus section. You will not believe how many changes I tried to make to this - especially the bridge, but it kept coming back to this, as it sounded off with too many changes and the feel of the song was gone. maybe a couple of more background sounds going on will add something.