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  1. John - if you want more people to listen and comment, I would advise posting to SoundCloud and linking it here, as not many members will download a file to listen to. Just to make you aware.
  2. Welcome to SongStuff Alex - this was a nice, pleasant song and I enjoyed listening. I'm not going to comment on the lyrics too much, but they suit the song. They are a bit overused in songs, but I can't talk, as I have used a few of them in some of my stuff. Your guitar playing was really nice and your voice and harmonies were very well done. What did you use to record this?
  3. Dek, I got Ozone essentials off of plugin boutique last week and it was £58 if I remember correctly. It was reduced for a short period of time. I've tried it on tracks I am working on and you can really hear the difference. If I was you, I would think about using another DAW for mastering. Pro Tools is meant to be the best and I am sure you can get a free version, as I downloaded it when it was.
  4. Hi Emily - damn, I find it hard to pick which version I like, but I am going more towards Haunting You. I think your piano playing and singing are lovely and have a lot of Tori Amos and Kate Bush going on. I love that kind of weirdness that they are known for and I can hear that in your songs. It is very much a niche, but one that is liked by a lot of people who are fed up with how every female singer nowadays sounds the same. The lyrics are are really nice as well and you use some lovely descriptive words, that set this out from the norm. Well done.
  5. Hi Emily - still like this track and your vocals sound really good, but could be a smidge higher in the mix, not a lot, but it would send better just above the music a bit more. I think the drums during the verses are really good, but don't think they suit for the chorus part. Did you put them to follow one of the instruments on the chorus part? If not, I would maybe give that a try The mix sounded really good and there was a lot of spacial depth going on.
  6. Steve - I tried to have a listen and it said the video was unavailable...
  7. Simon - this definitely has a Travelling Wilburys feel to it - I take it this is what you were going for? The mix sounds excellent, very sharp and clear. For me, it sounds complete for the style you are going for. It would interesting to know who is on this track, as I was trying to see if I could identify the vocals....
  8. rock

    Ricky - this has a kind of XTC and ELO feel to it, did not expect where it went at 30 seconds. I think this has the makings of a really good track, but I'm not feeling the chorus, it might need something else in there to push the dynamics of it. The pre-chorus part and the bridge are really good and with some extra instrumentation will really shine, but the chorus is just to samey. I think you should stick with this as it certainly has the start of a really good track and the way you sing it is a bit off kilter, but really adds something to the song.
  9. Dek, this is brilliant. I am so glad you went back to the beginning part for the end, cause if you didn't, I was going to hunt you down!!!!! This is by far the best thing you've done and is probably ('in my mind) the best thing I have heard on this site (sorry everyone, again my mind) and I would definitely buy this. Haunting, beautiful and your vocals are excellent. All the sounds go well together and it just makes me feel something when I listen. With a good master on this track, it might take it further. I bought ozone 7 elements, so if you want me to fire the song through a master chain, just let me know. I need this song, so hurry up and finish it, so I can buy it.
  10. Hey, TC - this sounds much better and has a lot more depth, you really hear it in the chorus. Still find this a really cool track, but my only nit now is the sound of the guitar at the beginning of the track, it sounds quite distorted until all the other instruments kick in. It detracts from what is a great progrock song. Would sit nicely up there with some of the best.
  11. Cheers Rudi - yeah the lyrics are meant to be like that. The first part is, you can't say you're sorry, if there is nothing left to say. It's a statement. The whole song has one line and then a contradicting line after it. It was meant to be a play on how we can sometimes feel like we are two or more people, being pulled in different directions. That is why The Midnight Hour means something to the protagonist - that is when they can be theme selves, when they can be free. I hope I have explained that correctly. I know in my head what I am trying to say and felt that was reflected in the lyrics.
  12. Hi all.. inspired by HoboSage's recent video posts, I decided to try one for the latest song I am working on. It is made in Adobe Spark on the iPad. Hope you enjoy.... this is just a bit of fun.
  13. Hi Rudi - thanks for watching and listening. I've spoken to John about this song and he also mentioned about the repeating in the chorus. When I originally came up with the song, I thought it worked, but now that 2 of you have mentioned it doesn't, I might have to re-think that part of the song. I like moving from major to minor chords all over the place... it's part of no training and no music theory, but I go with what my ear likes. Can you detail a bit more about what spoiled the song for you, as I would like to have a look at that part to see what works and doesn't. The words were a 5 minute thing and mostly ad-lobbed at the time of writing the song, so will need to go back and look at them, but what part was contradictory, as it may be that I meant that (I tend to like screwing with people's perceptions in lyrics)? Thanks re the voice, I'm still working on getting it back to what it used to be, but don't get the time to practice that I'd like.
  14. The Edge circa 1978 sounds the same as The Edge circa any era. The guy hasn't changed his style or sound.
  15. contest

    ALO you are the only one who has shown an interest, so again if you want to do something with this, but would like some changes, just let me know.
  16. contest

    Okay, here is an idea I threw together this morning. If you want to use this as the basis for another contest, then please comment below and we can start it later this week (give Dek a chance to get his finalised). If there is anything needing adjusted or changed, just let me know and we can get the track fixed before the contest starts. Cheers
  17. Hi all - I started this yesterday morning as I was going to do a hip hop track to post up for Aloproductions. It kind of took a different route and then I thought about the track @Steve Mueske posted recently with the short different parts woven together and decided to try something like that. It's not as technical as Steve's track, as I am so far away from that level, but felt there was something interesting in this. So, looking for some feedback on all aspects of it - I feel like it needs something else in there, something big near the end, but any suggestions and critique would be welcome. Cheers Okay - I purchased Ozone 7 Elements today and wanted to do a quick comparison of the same song, but with one of the master presets. I tweaked it slightly and this is it - it was the Electronic preset. Let me know what you think of the difference and does it feel like a mastered track? I should add I lowered the stereo out volume by 5.5db prior to mastering and reduce the threshold in Ozone so that the Loudness wasn't ear splitting, which is why they both sound about the same level. There are other plugins on this track, which help to boost the volume of the overall track - this is more for the clarity and whether you can tell there is a difference.
  18. critique

    Cheers Jim - I feel the track is something you could put on and it could just be there in the background. I've been listening to a lot of piano type music again recently - like Ludivico Einaudi, Nils Frahm and Max Richter - who all at some point do minimalist, but with nice little melodies floating in and out. It's the kind of music I can put on and fall asleep to (Max Richter even composed an album just for that purpose named.... Sleep). That was the kind of thing I was going for, it could be used to open up an album, or could be used for background music elsewhere. I think it needs something else, but I can't put my finger on what it needs.... I could probably make the whole track a lot more dynamic, but in my mind to do that would mean extending it by about a minute or so. There are actually 4 different parts going on, all with varying parts of the same chord structures. I tried varying the instrumentation on the last part, which is the longest part, but I may add a different instrument to the other parts to make them feel different.
  19. critique

    Re the hi-hats, I'm sure I put swing on the drum, so that could affect the hi-hats and the way they interact with the track. I can remove that and see if it fixes the issue. Thanks for your kind words. I know this is a tricky composition for people to like or get, as it's not everyone's cup of tea.
  20. critique

    'Cheers Randy - I tried to do it as a backing track type of thing. It needs something more, I'm just trying to work out what though. I want a bit more dynamics going on. I'm glad the second one sounds better, as that means Ozone is working. I just wanted everyone's opinions to see if it done the job or not.
  21. critique

    Cheers Dek - I'm going to keep this as an instrumental. Was trying to do something different, a bit like Steve Mueske posted recently. I feel it needs something bigger coming in, just trying to work out what. You think its it's a long track, for a short track - I feel it needs to be longer, but didn't want to go there.
  22. critique

    Cheers Calum.
  23. mix

    Dek - listened to the new version - nice stereo separation on this one, but I still feel the vocal is too loud at the beginning. At the 1 minute mark it is fine as a louder guitar comes in and then for the rest of the song the vocal feels at the right level. As mentioned above, you could raise the level of the guitars at the beginning to compensate, so you don't have to lower the vocal. The bass blends into the background, but you can still feel there is a lower end to the song, so that feels okay. If you want more of a bass sound, it may need to raised volume wise, or EQ'd for the lower end. I think it feels fine the way it is though. I'm in the camp that likes the end and the way it trails off into nothing. Good job.
  24. mix

    The new version is really pleasant Dek - kind of imagining lying on my back in a field looking up at the clouds as the world passes by. I also feel the vocal is just a tad too loud, especially at the beginning, but the mix sounds fine otherwise.
  25. Dustin, for what you are trying to achieve, I think you have succeeded. Apart from some of the instrumentation, the general feel for a fantasy game soundtrack is there. Some of the instrumentation could do with a bit more body to it, maybe try doubling/tripling up with a slight bit of delay to give it more depth. What are you using for recording? Which DAW/instrument packages?