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  1. Sreyashi- Together

    Thanks Sreyashi - it will be interesting to see where this one goes. I was going to contact you to see if you wanted to do a track with me. I have a piece I wrote about 3 to 4 years ago, but never liked the lyrics or vocal for it and always felt a female vocal would go better. After hearing your vocals on this track, I think it would go perfect. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you a copy when I get home on Saturday. ---- sorry for hi-jacking this thread.
  2. Sreyashi- Together

    Tim - I started to listen to the new drums version and stopped after 10 seconds. To my ears they don't fit with the style of the song. I hear something like I posted, the vocals call for that type of song. I think using a more electronic kit or loops would help, but keeping your previous idea in mind when you are looking for the right ones.
  3. Hi all, started mucking about with a couple of ideas tonight, but nothing was taking my fancy. I started this and couldn't work out what to do with it, so thought I would post it up and see if anyone would like to collaborate on it - in particular lyrics and vocals if you want. The track kicks in on the verse from the beginning and the arrangement isn't complete (it could still do with some extra parts added to the mix). At the moment it is a rough guide, so if you would like to do something, just let me know. Cheers Richard https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/new-track-13072017-2147/s-hdnx5
  4. What are you listening to at the moment?

    If you like Interpol - try listening to The Editors, White Lies and early (although their new stuff is good as well) Kasabian. Then if you want, go listen to some early 80's bands who you will find Interpol and their friends have all got their sound from. There are some good bands out there that you probably haven't heard of - try B Movie asa band who should have had more success, but didn't. Remembrance Day and Nowhere Girl are just two of their songs which are excellent. There are different versions of both, but the later versions are the best once they had started to refine their sound. and here is another great song from the 80's that popped up as I was searching for B-Movie. hope you enjoy.
  5. Hi all, just wondering what everyone is listening to at the moment - music wise, before someone says their other half or kids moaning at them!!! - I just thought it would be interesting to see the diverse mix of music and whether you feel inspired to do your own music when you are listening.... I started listening to the Ultravox back catalogue again yesterday. I have done this as I feel this is the best way for me to think about my own music, as this is my favourite group and they influenced my style from a young age. You remember how good the music is, but really, until you listen again with the ears of someone hoping to create and do something with their own music, you really don't realise how good the music actually was. The arrangements, the mix, the production, all of it. If I could emulate only a fraction of that, I would be happy.
  6. Band Auditions

    And ..... How does an online based band work? Is it just creating music, or looking to do gigs?
  7. This is something I need to start looking at and have pinned a few ideas from creative market, that may go nice on the website and album covers. I use apps on my phone to adjust/manipulate the artwork and add the wording. At the moment the artwork is more for me as I hate seeing a blank square in iTunes. I will probably pay for a licence for some of the ideas I have found, but will add/adjust the parts I need using apps. I think I have an idea for the website, but will be moving to FourSquare as the cost of all the other things I want to get the look will cost just as much or more using WordPress. Once I feel a bit more proficient with the site, I can look at where I want to host it.
  8. IsoVox 2 Review

    Good review John, I see you made comment on the points you mentioned previously. Sounds like a good piece of kit.
  9. One Minute Song - member challenge

    Hey all, so after posting a song that I imagined being used for background music and a recent topic Steve Mueske posted with a 60 second track, I wondered whether anyone would be up for a 1 minute track competition. It can be anything, instrumental, vocal, whatever, but it must be 60 seconds long (think of the tracks at the beginning of most TV programmes nowadays). Would anyone be up for this?
  10. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Dek - this is a really nice track. To my ears the mix sounded fine and all instruments seemed to be in their rightful place, including the vocals. I always preferred when you sang this way (just don't do it with a Manc accent - it will date the track). My only nit was the first intro into the chorus didn't seem to gel as well as it does later in the song, it seemed to be abrupt and it made my ears prick up, where as it didn't later on.
  11. All In Vain

    Nelson - this sounds like it could be a lovely piece of music, but like the others have mentioned it is too loud. The backing instruments are too high in the mix, especially the string parts. You do sound like Matt Bellamy in a lot of parts and it has a general Muse feel to the track, so I would look at a couple of their tracks to get an idea for the musical mix side of this. I don't think it is boring like Fernando mentioned, but it does need a mix overhaul, especially to make it more dynamic sounding. Good start though.
  12. Sreyashi- Together

    I agree Sreyashi's vocals sound excellent. I don't think they sound out of place in the mix. They sound like they need to sit just above. For me Tim, I would turn this into a full on dance orientated track now. Listening to the vocals it calls for this. The organ sounds out of place as my mind hears a lot of the dance tracks I liked from the 90's, that's what the vocals conjure up for me. I don't know what you think, but listen to this:
  13. Arrogance

    Thats why I broke it down into the two - ignorance is just arrogance gone too far.
  14. Arrogance

    The only thing you have to remember is there is a difference between arrogance and ignorance. Ignorance I cannot stand, arrogance is just somebody's make-up and most of the time shouldn't affect anyone unless they let it. I like to believe I am neither arrogant or ignorant, but I know that my tolerance levels have greatly reduced the older I get and I now get fed up with far too many conversations. I normally just smile and nod along, but inside I'm screaming that the person is boring my head off.
  15. Hi all. Okay, I said I wasn't going to start any other tracks (that was blown about 2 minutes after I posted that!!), but I started this one today and I'm just looking for feedback on what is there so far. There are only 5 tracks and a vocal so far and the lyrics are duplicated for the second part, as I wanted to try and sing it slightly different to see which I preferred. I won't be able to get anywhere near the studio for a couple of weeks (feeling withdrawl already), but I am hoping to start picking songs to work on for an album, so that should start to focus me. Anyway, any critique is much appreciated. Cheers Richard https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/the-other-half-of-me-14072017-1907/s-OdqPK THE OTHER HALF OF ME (music and lyrics by Richard Tracey) As the day turns into night As the clock is ticking I know our time has come All that we were meant to be How we find each other I know we are our destiny And as we hold each other tight I know we’ll have tonight Before our lives will fade away To search for another day Cause you are The other half of me Cause you are The other half of me
  16. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    Cheers Will - yeah, it needs an intro and bridge and a bit more instrumentation. The drums will be changed up a bit when I get back, as I only had about an hour earlier and wanted to get the vocal idea done so I wouldn't forget it. I am going to ask for the members opinion re which tracks to work on. I will compile a playlist of the tracks I think are furthest along and post it up in a couple of weeks, so hope you can have a listen then.
  17. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    'Cheers Randy... I quite like this one, so hope others see the potential. Away on hols for a couple of weeks, so no access to the studio.
  18. Poem in Radar Poetry

    They are really good Steve - nice visual wording. You could write some decent lyrics. The bottom two poems are screaming out to be in a song.
  19. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    So should we be looking to remove so our music from SoundCloud in case it's sold and the new owners put a disclaimer in saying they own anything that's already there I'm sure that has happened before.
  20. Songs To Recommend To 15 Year Olds

    I'll have a think on this one, but I think all kids whatever the age should be made to listen to classical music to get an understanding of how music works.
  21. What does it mean to succeed?

    John and I were talking about this a few weeks back and we had a conversation with a couple of the other admin last week and we are thinking about promoting the members music (with their agreement of course) and using the Facebook page to do this. The only criteria may be how finished or polished the song is, but we didn't manage to speak about the finer details. I am going to speak to John tomorrow if we get a minute, so will mention it again.
  22. Yeah, I can totally relate to this. I walk about singing lyrics and ideas all day. My wife and kids think I am mad, but they will talk to me and inside I am humming and singing the song over and over till they stop talking and then I start again, till I can find a quiet moment and then sing it into my phone.
  23. What does it mean to succeed?

    For me, I think you need to start off thinking small until you see some traction. I would look at blogs that devote themselves to the kind of music I am doing and send them a free copy of an upcoming song or EP (for example) and hope that they will post about it. If their blog is decent, it may already have a decent following. If those followers listen to your song, they may like it enough to buy it or stream it. They may also re-post it to their friends and family, who in turn listen etc.... Without selling your soul to the devil and hoping they offer a contract, most people do not have the funds required to do what is necessary. When you look at how much it costs to have a decent producer work on one song, the mix and master, it becomes a frightening prospect and it is no wonder that most artists rely on a record company to foot that bill and then become indebted to them for a very long time. I know I have spoken to John about this a lot recently and it is maybe something the SongStuff community could do to help each other out. Reposting and liking each others songs out there in the interwebs. There are around 16,000 members on SongStuff (not all active though), but even a small percentage of that could help to kick start a song. SoundCloud is fine for posting songs on here for critique, but terrible if you want to be found by others. I know not everyone will agree with this sentiment, but given the community feeling on this site compared to others, it is probably a more friendly and helpful place, with people willing to help each other. Just my 1/2p......
  24. What does it mean to succeed?

    There was a really good set of programmes on either Sky Arts or BBC Four. They spoke to a lot of people who used to be in the business and especially A&R and some of the things they used to get up to was incredible. The money that was thrown about was insane and it is no wonder things have gone to the dogs for the music industry. There were too many artists getting paid far too much upfront and the costs involved in studio time for one album, would be enough to feed a family for life. I think the the only way musicians can make money now, it to all get together and do it all themselves. They might have to crowdfund to start with, but it would pay dividends in the end. There are too many artists who have 'made it' and have more money than sense, but it isn't enough and they put out sub-standard crap that gets hyped to hell and the sheep buy it or download/stream it. Most of these artists are over hyped garbage. Rant over.
  25. Need Microphone Help Right Away

    Jenn - Blue are a good make. I have a Blue Spark microphone and it is the one I use for nearly all of my vocals. It can be quite powerful and pick up everything in the house, so you might want to watch the gain volume.