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  1. Amazing!
  2. Liked it a lot! One thing that I would change for myself (as it always happen to me when I hear it) is the "bitch" word. I would replace it with a more distant analog word. I do not have any good substitute. The first thing that comes to my mind is 'beast' but I am not sure if it fits in meaning wise. Other than that it is great for me!
  3. Great work and I liked the story (Dylan like story ) and would not change anything. The only part that I wanted to alter was: "I was home with our newborn; so I didn’t read the signs" I am not sure if music allows it but I would remove "so" holding words till "I didn't" kicks in. Something like : "I was home with our newborn, ..... I didn’t read the signs" If you really need to squeeze in something instead of "so" use "and": "I was home with our newborn, and I didn’t read the signs"
  4. TY John!
  5. Hello my name is Max. I play guitar, bass (very little piano, drums, harmonica). I am self taught. I write songs mostly in my native Russian language but would like to do it in English. Since English is my 2nd language I hope to find help on my English lyrics here hopefully from native English speaking people or anyone who has a good feel on it. I will try to do my best and provide a feedback on other people work. I play sometimes with my band. We do some cover songs as well as some of mine. Here is the link to our channel: I also released an album a few months ago. It is mostly in Russian with just one song in English. Here is the link to the album on iTunes: Here is the link to my fav song on the album on youtube: