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  1. Death by Chocolate

    Superficial ties to an existential kind, Pervaded near the midst of those castigated minds, Enticing the renegade senses atoning to the colour blind, Without reverberation through the resigned hope left behind.
  2. Death by Chocolate

    When the devil drives, their needs must, But I leave to them that deadly lust. F**ked up the quota and we blow smoke, Don't forget that our spirits broke. Selective backstroke trolled our brain trust, Smelt the gun smoke and said "Watch my dust." Old timer, little strokes fell great oaks, But we bite the bullet and stay woke.
  3. The Tale of the Player

    Paragon - perfect example. So by saying "paragonize" I'm basically saying "exemplify" as in I'm the perfect example of excellence in bravado, which is what the "player" thinks of himself.
  4. The Tale of the Player

    The lyrics posted are for the bridge of the song. Sorry for any inconvenience caused
  5. The Tale of the Player

    Paragonize (and staturize) me excellence in bravado Others took heed and ceased possession of this deadly motto Hearts bled on the floor, snitches swingin' at the door That old itch said "Hi" Monogamy goodbye St. Trip said "Good night" MY demons look tight Woke a steely gaze up to the light Swollen egos' (and bruised ethos) like "Die" Pay no mind to reflection, no "Why?" Bloody soles feel this heat Straight in the deep end in these sheets Baking this high-grade, low-faith blind Blinder than those foolish to think I'll ever waiver Blinder than the pimps and high ballets tryna bribe favour And fornicate with the melanated While I procrastinate with all my haters Through this prance and black ties Still tryna unswallow these lies And encounter these tall highs Deferring my red eyes Echoing, departed's word But disillusioned, unheard Mom faded in deep hate For the son bore in cheap fate That I can't deny, no debate f*cking up through the nights These sweet, sweet, sweet vibrations On their beds and in my head (DAMN, player!) This moniker clouds my intuition And derides my glazed vision
  6. Earthbound

    **verse** I see your presence defying The inhibition inside of me Crank the lighter, ignite in me A passion riding on fallacy.
  7. Green Pacifier$$$

    Pacify the cries of this African gem, Full of moral opulence, unbeknownst to him, And blinded from the brightness of his intellect, But fast-approaching his long- sought relief. Green pacifier, pacify his whines. Oh pacifier, where art though? Black and blue, his spirit endures, But hit and miss, his goals remiss. Stinging flesh his mother wears wearily, Aboard her, he treks into a deep haze, The effortless harmony of rhythmic chirps and bellows Being the lullaby to his turbulent slumber. Green pacifier, the depths of you unattainable, But the caveat of elders past unredeemable. His relevance in his story never outweighs your own, And his wisdom is yet to be awakened, In the darkness of his immature oblivion. How cruel your game is, But how necessary it is. A climb without downfall is a failure in and of itself. The leaves fascinate his fledgeling mind, Hallucination of money they serve to him, But yet to be scaled is the tree of life, And the pain of his untimely fall, Yet to be realised. The blacker his skin , the greater his hunger. The greater his hunger, the more sonorous his cries, Cries to which the green pacifier responds, Leading him into a dark abyss, Void of any redeeming qualities, Abound with melancholy in wealth's clothing. Fantasizing the harvest of his toil, He awakens to a ruined figure, Blacker than his sun-kissed mother's hide, Torched by the relentless fire of burgeoning greed, Rather than the blistering heat of the African sun. The symphony of reflectant wails and sighs, Evolves into the telling echo of his swan song. Morally impoverished for eternity, Monetarily rich for 15 minutes. Green pacifier, revel in your accomplishment. Another victory in your midst, Another soul added to the tally, Another casualty of imperfect human nature. How wondrous is your power. African hydrangea defiled irreversibly, Devoured by the ethos of the bewildered masses. Ready for disposal, At the hands of a fabled horned adversary, Beside himself with glee. Green pacifier, your destiny fulfilled. A crying nuisance silenced for good. His mother's premonition, Come true in ruthless fashion.