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  1. still in a learning curve doing vocals and recording but will keep working on it. thanks Sreyashi
  2. It helps that I can hear it first in my head so I now what I want to set up on the keyboard. then I start to play not always knowing all of how it might change while I'm playing as extra nuances come to me at the time. The down side of this is that I only play these pieces once while recording them then I move on to something else. I like doing them live as I really can get into it then. I plan on experimenting with a DAW program sometime in the future but there is a learning curve with this and I need more time than I have now.
  3. Had a dream about this music and did it quickly one night. Like to hear comments about this one. It was a spontaneous piece. I did rename It as you can see.
  4. Did this one half hour before work as most of my stuff is spontaneous on my keyboard. Trying to sell downloads but I don't know if this sounds good enough! I like it as i only played it once but should I even be trying to sell downloads?
  5. Electro sounds right. Good job with creativity. like your voices and ending seems right. Maybe a little hangover at the very end of some appropriated sound drifting away would be nice. overall very good!
  6. a catchy title and a catchy rhythm. I think you could bring up the volume of the lyrics a bit. Make it bigger. It's a very good creation and performance
  7. A Sad song inspired by my work in the hospital and my faith. This came after talking to a 90 year old man who was about to lose his wife. He didn't want to go on which is reflected in this song but after talking to him he realized it wasn't his choice and he had to go on. Watched my mother go through this as well. The lyrics came quickly as well as the melody. 63 years or has it been 64 I really can’t remember anymore holding her hand when they came through the door Telling me she isn’t here anymore I held her hand long and I sang her our song Her hand was so cold and it seemed so wrong I stood to go and I bowed my head to pray Take her away ..take her today Jesus take her hand Take her all the way to your promised land Where she will have no more pain Have no more fears Have no more needs And she’ll have no more tears Jesus take her home where she’ll never be alone Take her home today I pray Loneliness and sorrow Don’t make a good companion This place I’m in this pain I’m in I’m so tired I can’t go on without her I don’t want to go on with out her Take my hand today I pray Take me away Take me today Jesus take my hand Take me to your promised land Where i will have no pain Have no fear Have no needs And I’ll have no tears Jesus take me home…. I don’t want to live alone Take me home today... I pray Not my will be done but yours Can you help me make it through another day Is this a better way To live my life and when it is through I can call on you And say Jesus take my hand Take me all the way to your promised land Where I will have no more pain Have no more fears Have no more needs and I’ll have no more tears Jesus take me home Where I’ll never be alone And I won’t have to live another day without her No not without her Not another day songchristiandoccrax
  8. I enjoyed listening very much and that is what it is all about. Your style is right on with your voice. the arrangements and creativity are very good!!
  9. Hello my name is Dennis. I play keyboards and try to sing at times. I do write original music and songs. Since 2006 music comes to my head and I try to reproduce what I hear live. Most of my music is spontaneous and live. Started playing piano at 3 or 4 years old. Joined a band at 18 for a couple of years then worked in a music store. Went back to college and stopped playing for many years to make a career. Started back into music seriously in 2006 and a couple of years ago started writing. Currently working in a hospital and have for years. Hoping music can help me retire so I can work from home with my music. If possible? My music is on soundcloud and you can search by typing in doccrax. I am also on you tube. have recently hired Tunecore.