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  1. 10/19/2016-Alone

    Yeah if you didn't already guess, this is kind of inspired by Twenty One Pilots. Like it has those kind of qualities. But anyway. I partially forgive My personality disorder Because in some ways it’s brought order And in some ways it has not It has created a border Between what’s real and what is not I am a hoarder Of the really messed up thoughts My brain is never sober And I really ought To bring in a cover Because this war cannot be fought Alone I can try to spawn An assistant Just in case I become a pawn of my own mind I’m being chased By the human race And their major expectations And that has led to the creation Of an unstable train station Bound by an enormous nation Of challenges I must face I need to pick up the pace “You’re a huge disgrace” The world has always told me (Always told me) From behind my shoulder That is just another boulder That I must pick up And I ought to call for help Because this war cannot be fought Alone
  2. 10/19/2016 Match

    You are my match And I’ll light you up brighter than the city Then it won’t just be me The whole world will know you’re so pretty You’re brighter than the stars You catch fire to my heart Your glistening lamp lights the Earth You’re the epitome of magic When you leave it will be tragic Then finally the world will know your worth
  3. 10/19/2016

    And if you ever miss me Don’t say you wish to kiss me Just look up to the stars in the sky And maybe you’ll see A constellation made of roses In a million different poses Know the door will never close So just repose Even though you can’t transpose it Just know my heart will never close For anything May your eyes forever open Oh my soul will never be sold And your heart can never be cold And you can never be told That I’ll be gone Anything they ever tell you Saying how I never met you Or gazed into your eyes of blue Is only fool’s gold