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  1. This is really dope. I like the funky vibes. The drum pattern could be improved by changing the mix around. The low end isn't clear and sounds muffled. But good track!
  2. Cheers, thanks man!
  3. This is really good. The vocals sound really good and the whole song has a dope vibe... not usually into this kind of thing but this was really nice. The only thing is the harmonica overtaking the vocals a bit -but that's been mentioned. Overall a really cool song man
  4. Thanks man! Will fix the distortion for sure. cheers!
  5. Cheers for the advice I will definitley change up the instrumental in the future to keep it engaging. When it comes to the vocals, perhaps it's the accent? I know a lot of people from the US state how they find grime difficult to understand because of the accent. But that being said, i will try get more clarity in my delivery in future, thank you. Thaks man!
  6. Thanks for the input. I Will do more than a couple takes in the future for sure, hopefully will get better verses that way. and will definitely switch up the instrumental more to keep it exciting. Perhaps could've changed the beat up through the song. Cheers : )
  7. Yeah bro for sure! What do you think of these two?
  8. Yeah I can hear it in my voice now, will definitely do more takes aha. Yeah we'll definitely work to keep the instrumentals exciting and engaging. I think you've got a good point with the devellopment to be fair, i tink we sometimes work too fast and don't spend enough time perfecting each song. That's something we'll definitely change. Thanks a lot for the feedback it's much appreciated
  9. As a raper myself, this went hard... especially for a freestyle. You sounded confident, but at times your flow went a bit off like at 1:21 but given that it's a freestyle that's understandable. The wordplay and backwards rap was really cool quite unique. Overall I thought it was great, I listened to it a couple times just because i thought you went in aha. Nice work man
  10. Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated! I actually started rapping first, I mean I've been doing classical indian vocals since I was little but I guess it's different to western styles.I think you have a point on the confidence thing this was the first track I released where I'm singing, i'll try sounding more full next time. I did the bars in a couple takes, I'll do more next time and try blend them to get the best one. Do you mind letting me know whereabouts I messed up the flow? (It can be difficult to find stuff like this when you've done it yourself) cheers. The music is mainly a sample looped, for some reason we (me and my producer) found it really difficult to find a melody that was in key that we could introduce so we added a bass line and drums in.
  11. Yeah it's such a great feeling making music. Thanks for your kind words - Wish you all the luck with music too!
  12. Thanks! yeah recorded in a home studio:)
  13. Hey guys new song! Any critique would be appreciated. Went for a chill/cloud rap vibe. Lyrics: Right now this hot beat keeps me company;In a few I want the top seat at a company You see I got big dreams in my sleep I see things;Wake up I'm writing got the bright lighting;That's the sun shining watching me succeed;I stay strong not weak cause I'm grinding every week;Got the timing on the beat so of course I bring heat;I'm the son of jah... Jehova that's my father;Wont be a martyr but I'm smarter than half ya drunks;Amongst the best I never rest avoiding arrest from the boys in blue;Oh and TSA wanna get me too;Young yout with a turban got a target on my back;Wanna see me with a cap in my back;Cause they cant stand the fact that their kids on crack;Or smack;Sorry;Which ever one they be one.. Or both; Nize it nize it nize it;You need to shut up and leave it;Leave it leave it leave it believe it I'm leaving my mark on the season;Like red leaves falling;Sorry I'm rising;Shouldn't be surprising;You're waiting for my demise man;I see you on the side lines;Sad times;More alive than last time;I age like fine whine;With each rhyme;My music will be vintage in due time;Rolling with Beatles and lions;They're feeble they're lying;They'll keep on trying;Spying;But they'll find nuttin cause I'm cleaner than a white t;But im meaner than you're wifey;You might bleed or freeze if you walk at night g;Probably wearing you're nighty;I'm too mighty just let me succeed;
  14. Okay was unaware of the "showcase" section will link in there. Thank you
  15. Full song can be found on spotify, by following the link - it's free