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  1. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Did you remove this? The SoundCloud link isn't working for me. Edit: works now, thanks
  2. JAREK - Shore

    You might get a few more responses if people can see that you've commented constructively on other songs. It helps keep the forums moving, and other users are more likely to take the time to listen to your stuff. A couple of brief notes anyway: good track - the singer has a really excellent voice, and really makes the ethereal echos and harmonies work. I often love things in 5/4, and it fits the mood very well here. I also like the tempo shift at the end, and the wind-like texture that starts around 2:50. I like the overall sound - although the drums seem a touch loud/bright to me personally, I'm a fan of the "big" feeling they're going for.
  3. Album "Paper Thunderstorm" (cinematic songs)

    Thanks! 😊 This was the first time I had other people mix/master my music instead of doing it myself, and it made a pretty huge difference. Well worth the stress of running a Kickstarter. Geraint
  4. Kickstarter Promo Advice

    Thanks! I've posted the finished album in the "Showcase" section, if you're curious how it came out.
  5. My album Paper Thunderstorm was released today! It's a collection of epic/cinematic songs and music. It's also a 2-disc set, where the second disc has cello versions of all the songs. You can hear it on Spotify, iTunes (Apple Music), Amazon Music or CD Baby. The lyrics are up on my website. I'm really pleased with how it came out, and I hope you enjoy it too. Geraint
  6. “Won’t Be Your Tool” 

    (For some reason from the title I expected thrash-metal or something! This was a rather pleasant surprise.) In terms of lyrics: I don't know if it's how you intended me to read it or not, but I really liked the last line. It's a bit of a turnaround from the rest of the song which is about feeling undervalued and sidelined - and then the last line which sounded to me like maybe near the start of the relationship there was a bit of excitement there (like maybe you were a trophy rather a tool - not great but kinda fun at the time) and you miss that bit of it. I think it makes the emotions a bit more complex, adds a bit of depth. But then, I tend to like my lyrics slightly bittersweet, so maybe I'm reading too much into it. At 1:05 when the laughing comes in, it seems a bit sudden, because up 'til that point it's been (1) voice and (2) guitars, and then just for two bars there's (3) creepy laughing. I like the extra atmospheric elements (which you use in other songs as well), but something about this one surprised me. I don't know whether some extra atmospheric bits would help (could just be rain/fireplace/leaves/whatever), or whether the laughing can be made to blend slightly more by fading in more slowly, or some other effects, etc. Also: the arrangement is pretty much the same throughout the whole track (similar rhythms, same register of notes on the guitar). It could maybe change a bit for different sections, as an extra hint to the listener about the structure of the song. You have quite a strong example with a whole new instrument, in "She's In Love" (which played automatically after this one, which is why I listened), where a harmonica comes in for "I'm so tired of being lonely", and it helps separate that section from the rest of the song. It wouldn't need to be as drastic as that to have the same effect, though (I'm not a guitarist, but like, maybe a different register of the guitar, or rhythm, or a couple of chords instead of a picking pattern?). But really: really solid song! Plus, I let the web player continue through your stuff (as I did a few other random tasks) and enjoyed it, so I hope there's more coming.
  7. Kickstarter Promo Advice

    Hi! Sorry for taking a while to reply. Yeah, it was OK in the end. I should have promoted it a bit more, but didn't really know how. There were a few contributors I didn't know, but for the final stretch it was basically friends, family and coworkers who came together to put me over the line. It felt more like when you do a sponsored run and hit up all your Facebook friends for money, rather than "hey, this internet stranger is great at music, let's fund them" - and that's kinda OK, and being supported by friends and family is good, but it's not what I'd expected when I decided to do it. I'd set my goal based on approximately 75% of what I thought it would actually cost (for everything including printing CDs), but afterwards some friends more familiar with Kickstarter said that they would have chosen a lower goal. Even so, in the end the Kickstarter covered less than half of the expenses. (It might have been fully half but I went for a couple of extras, including hiring a cellist to play the instrumental versions which now make up Disc 2). A handful of people kept checking in because I'd said 6 months and it took a year and a half instead (my fault, I got stuck in a loop), but most people either forgot about it completely or told me that year-long delays are common. I am pleased with how the album came out, though! Getting someone else to mix it was really good, they gave it a fresh and clear sound, but they also made very different creative decisions which were sometimes at odds to what I wanted, and that took a lot of back-and-forth to sort out. I paid a little extra at the end to have individual stems for every track, so that I can dissect the mixes and learn from them. Mastering also made a big difference, but I don't understand mastering myself at all. I think my ideal future setup might be to get better at mixing so I can do my own to release quality (I once had an amazing 3 days of work experience with Mike Senior, but don't have any training/experience aside from that), and then have someone else master it. A couple of weeks ago I finally mailed out CDs to all my backers, and it should be on Spotify/iTunes/CD-Baby in a few days' time (Saturday). It's good to have it finished, but now I'm trying to spread the word around on Facebook and Twitter, and while it's not quite as awkward as promoting a Kickstarter, I'm a bit lost there as well. So overall, I definitely would have done it very differently, but as well as a pretty decent-sounding album, there were also side-effects (from experience to mixing stems) that should be useful in future. Geraint
  8. Hi - so I have a Kickstarter currently active, to raise funds for mixing/mastering my album of epic-cinematic songs: http://kck.st/1UiqZpe There are 8 days left now, and I'm looking to drum up some support for the final push. Any advice on more ways to spread the word? Geraint
  9. Looking For Un-Mixed Tracks

    Ah-hah! Found a bunch at http://mixoff.org/ I can test on. Still happy to be directed towards more, if anybody happens to know of any.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm in search of "un-mixed tracks" - that is, tracks that have been written and recorded, and all the parts are there, but they haven't taken the final leap into being polished, well-balanced pieces of audio. What I'm actually trying to do is to write a software tool to do a hacky approximation to mixing/mastering. I've been using the prototype myself and it's been working OK (although my tracks are kinda half-mixed anyway, because I get them to "sound good" as I go along). To see whether the idea has any legs, I'd love to be able to try it out on some more "raw" stems from a completely different setup. So, does anyone have any un-mixed tracks/stems they might be prepared to let me play with, or know where would be a good place to find such things? In return, you will either get a fairly-OK-sounding mix or a horrible mangled mess, but definitely my thanks either way! Geraint
  11. Always Be There

    I second that. I'd also like to add that the tune you're singing seems to be pretty similar in the verses and choruses. Also (and I know this one's not always easy - it's something I have to practice when I sing and play piano simultaneously) I think in future you could experiment with having the tune running on a rhythm that wasn't duplicated in the guitar part. The rhythmic interplay would give it a bit more of a sense of motion and help pull the listener in. What you're doing works very well right at the end (past the 3:00) - the complete "rhythmic unison" does a great job of winding down the song. However, I got slightly lost in the second verse because of it. It's good stuff though - I hope I hear more posted on these forums.
  12. It's A New Day

    It would have been nice to have more detail about the song when posted. It seems to be a sort of fantasia on a phrase from Muse's "Feeling Good", but your post didn't give much away. Where did the vocal sample come from? Is there something in particular you want feedback on? I listened to the track, and some of your other stuff, and I think there's some good music there (and you're kind of rocking an interesting tribal/Moby vibe). Some thoughs: 1) I like the fact that the vocals are slightly further behind in the mix. It emphasises the use of the vocals as a texture instead of a melody. 2) The crackly vinyl noise is nicely atmospheric. +2 points for that. 3) This track fuses natural/acoustic sounds and tight, processed ones quite well. However, the echoey tune that appears first at 0:56 didn't seem to quite fit for me - if there was some dynamic expression in there, it would bring it to life slightly more. P.S. - I tend to click on your profile and see what other posts you've made before replying if it lists you has having less than 10 posts. People are more likely to be generous with spending their time replying to you if it looks like you've done the same, even if your feedback isn't very deep - I think the guideline is 1-to-1?
  13. Angles Fly With You

    Your voice is amazing, and it really carries the emotion of what you're singing. It's a wonderful performance. I'm not expert on lyrics, but I thought they were good. It's a subject with a danger of sounding cheesy, and I think you avoided that because it's about a personal struggle instead of the cause. It ends quite suddenly, and is only 1:24 long, so I'm assuming this isn't a complete song. However, I really like what you have here. --G
  14. Everyone Is Different

    First off, I'd like to say that for a first song, it's good. It's good that the different sections have different chord sequences, and you're using the standard 'verse - chorus - verse - chorus' pattern which is a good starting point. I think you have some good chords for the 'verse' parts - there's a nice feeling of movement and resolution in each phrase. The harmony at the chorus is less clear, but that will come with practice. Another thing that I noticed is that the whole song seems to only use one type of percussion, which sounds like a kind of bass drum to me. I apologise if you already know a bit about programming drums, but if not, here's a quick starting point: the most common parts of a drum track are bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. A common pattern is to have the snare on the off-beats where you might clap your hands, and the hi-hat filling space over the top. I have attached an mp3 file that starts with just piano and a heavy bass drum, then adds snare and finally hi-hat, as an example. Of course, keep experimenting, and do your own thing - it's not a rule, it's a recipe. I hope that's helpful. G Drum Demo.mp3
  15. That was fantastic. Wonderful lyrics, and a nice tune. I also liked that the phrases weren't all stuck to 4-bar intervals - there was a good sense of freedom. The end of the first verse didn't quite flow for me, though. The rest of the song has some lovely half-rhymes (like "grows up"/"in a rut"/"like us"), but "fault" seemed to not quite fit for me. Awesome stuff, keep making more.