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  1. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    That's awesome, Symphonius! a bit of a recommendation regarding that--research the recipient causes--make sure the larger percentage is going to the cause you want to support and not toward high administrative costs and advertising. 50K is reasonable for a family of five to live off from--tight, would still have watch grocery billt too but can be done--well, I suppose that might depend on the cost of living for where you are, too.
  2. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    If you do something with itunes, I'd make a purchase there. People buy itunes cards to purchase music that way--I've purchased non mainstream songs that way. There was a really great Christian Band call, (I think) Red Mountain Band or something like that--who had a song their website that I liked and fortunately, I purchased it through itunes, because they took down from their site after awhile. I don't really know how well it adds up. Maybe someone here knows. The tip jar seems a good idea--didn't know you could do that. Wouldn't that be something if you got a good response! Sorry to hear of your money struggles. We've had some, too, but things have gotten better and we've had more outgoing than incoming many times and I awed at how we ever managed through it, (not recommending you set that as a standard on purpose). We always had our needs met, even when it seemed impossible that we'd ever break even, but we did. If you looked at the figures, you'd say, "No way...", but---Hey only one explanation and you know what that is!
  3. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    So can I share this with my daughter and her friends on facebook?
  4. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    Well--If you're looking to make money off it, probably NO because that would give it to listeners for free---"NO" would be a bummer for me because I tend to listen to my soundcloud likes through my ipod as a sort of playlist, not so much the other avenues of music sharing. However, if you're wanting that message to be shared freely out of the river of your heart and want as many people to enjoy it as possible, then YES, YES, YES, put it out everywhere. I am not so much the business-type. My only definite suggestion is, register your song as a means of having evidence that it is your song, then you know whatever happens with it will be absolutely your decision.
  5. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I think there are certain songs it matters on. Also, maybe in your original, you weren't so off in just the places that would be obvious to listeners who aren't trained in that sort of thing. I know that in some Celtic music I've collaborated on, certain things really DO make a difference, but I also think the instruments and the tempo, vocals, etc come across differently in different styles of music. What you can get away with in one, you can't in another. Then again, you could have equalized things very well in your original, so the changes really seemed minor and unnoticeable. I DO think its always good to understand the articulation whenever possible, especially with a good message in a song. It would be a shame to miss something critical in the message if you ARE paying attention to the words and I was. I had the lyrics to read in front of me and that REALLY helps, but the general audience won't have that--they can only rely on their hearing. Side fact: I now watch close captioning on my television because I have a family member who needs it and now when I don't have it, it drives me crazy because I don't catch everything audibly. I hated close caption when I first started using it. Now I hate not having it. I think its similar with unfamiliar songs. You don't miss anything when you have the lyrics to follow along with. Having said that, there are a few songs that I've recently listened to on here that I like the music so well, I could care less what the words are--but that would be settling for less as a songwriter who would accept that for themselves. I am the one who wanted to share when it was ready, so excited to have the go-ahead! Thanks!
  6. Words Away

    I know you do your own vocals, your own mixing--if you are creating your own melodies and music--you've got amazing variation and interest. It kills me to say it, being a lyricist, but the lyrics seem to hardly matter here. I love the voice and the sound, BUT-- as someone else here mentioned, you would do well to refine your lyrical skill. You could so get somewhere with your talent.
  7. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I didn't catch them either--maybe if I compared them, but I won't, cause I like it either way and sometimes if its more like homework, it takes the hot air out of the balloon and doesn't float as freely as before. I'm going to simply enjoy this one. Oh! BTW, my youngest loved the video, too!
  8. Persona

    Do you think in pictures, Rudi? I think there's a connection to how a person processes information. Not always and with everything, but I tend to have a movie of sorts running through my head while I'm thinking on something.
  9. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    Love the video! Very fun! Love the song, but I did before, so...
  10. That Night You Danced With Me

    It was more seamlessness in the dancing--you know when the dancing is so elegant and smooth that the people dancing move as one--that's what I meant. For me, the willow illustration alluded to that in how I pictured the dance in my head.
  11. Note By The Moderator - Read This

    Thanks again, Tom
  12. That Night You Danced With Me

    I took the willow line as though the dancing was so seamless that the two appeared as one.
  13. Note By The Moderator - Read This

    Thank you, Tom. What I meant was restricted/members only.
  14. Note By The Moderator - Read This

    Couple of questions...by collection do you mean a sample or do you mean post unlimited lyrics under the original post (using reply)? Also, is it necessary as in other forums to give critiques for each song posted under lyrics collection? Also is it possible to restrict to M.O?
  15. Lyrics Writing Challenge #8 - The Pop Song

    Whoa, ALO, you're speedy on the draw, I'm still in the "thinking about it stage" trying to figure out the charity and what would be of interest to the age group and considering the form for a pop song--I'd be dead by now if we were old western gunslingers. Seems you met the criteria and speedy quick!