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  1. Yes @Ray888 water is a friend. AND so is the restroom after water and I become too friendly. I recently learned best to sip slowly which is hard to manage in the few seconds between songs. A straw works great to prevent swallowing extra air. The summer isn't quite so bad as winter. I require lots of water all the time in the winter due to dry air (forced hot air), colds, coughs, etc. I can empty a 16 oz within minutes and wish I had more. This year I kept a cup-sized humidifier next to my bed at night--usually empty by morning and a larger one in the living room. It helps. Summers are quite humid in my area, so helps some, plus the heat prompts one to drink liquids. About August one could drink the air . All great and helpful information you provided above. Thank you!
  2. Servus, I've looked at the lyrics a few times now and haven't really been able to critique as it seems to zoom from one thought to another. Ray888 pinpoints a key point: you have more than one song in these lyrics. My suggestion would be to take one of your main points and focus on just that point and build around that. You should have a key refrain or chorus that ties this all together with a clear hookline--that most memorable part of the song, it's so obviously key to the song and so important, it's usually your title as well. Then you can do the same for your other points you've made in this song and make a separate song until you're satisfied that you've said what it is you wanted to relay. You'll have to do it in more than one song because as Ray888 mentions above, it needs to be simple and have a single focus. By the time you've done a song for each main point you want to make in the song above, you may just have the start of an album or collection of songs. So, for example--let's look at verse 1. I hope the above breakdown gives you an idea of what makes this song hard to critique. You've just got to corralle your topic into one simple, clear idea and cover it from every sensory angle using sight, sound, smell, touch, what your guts are feeling inside. Use emotion to help. Try to express them with concrete expressions. Use metaphors for interest and to support the sensory expressions.
  3. I write lyrics and sometimes vocal melody. I rely on musicians to create the music to go with it. I can help you, I think. PM me.
  4. Hey, rickyd123! You seem to have a knack for words. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your poetry here on SongStuff! PPlaid
  5. I think that is the first name I've seen that has more vowels than consonants in it! Welcome Eoin!
  6. Welcome to SongStuff! This is a great place to hone your songwriting skills. If you love songwriting stick with it! Participate in giving feedback in the forums. That in itself is a great learning experience that will sharpen your skills. Read what others say when they give feedback on others songs as well as your own and check out some of the awesome articles here. I think you'll find this to be a warm, creative community! Enjoy!
  7. Hi Undersnow :)  Welcome to Songstuff!  I only know about you from reading another newbie's intro, so thought I'd swing by and welcome you here!  So much to see here when you're new.  Hopefully, I'll see you in the fourms!

  8. Anxious to hear you play bass and see/hear some of your songwriting. Do you start off with a riff and write to that or do you start of with lyrics and start with that or a combination? I'm a lyricist, so start off with lyrics unless of course I'm putting lyrics to someone's already composed music, which is fun, too! Lots of discussion around songwriting here, so I hope you find what you're looking for! Welcome!
  9. Thanks for sharing what you've learned from your vocal coach, @Sreyashi Mukherjee . I may not be able to invest in vocal lessons at this stage, but the posts here will be great for reference until then. I tend to be forgetful over time, so nice to have this resource. I know I can come back to this topic and be reminded of all these wonderful vocal tips!
  10. Again, you've got such great tension in your words. You make a person feel it in the pit of their stomach. You've GOT to put this stuff in song form. Can you imagine the impact with music behind your words?!! I can try to help you learn lyric form, though I've never had to teach someone before, so it might be rough going. However, I learn best by doing. Maybe you will too! There are lots of people here who can give effective feedback and the feedback can also help you learn. I say, plunk one of these poems in the lyric section and let them know you want to learn. I'm sure people will respond. You might need a number of attempts at revising, but its a good way to learn. Also, it is a bit different from poetry in that you might need re-phrasing, word elimination, etc. --Sometimes early on, you might find it difficult to part with your original ideas. It'll come eventually as you see how things unfold.
  11. I love the tension in this theme. I don't usually hang in the poets corner because I'm a lyricist/melodian, so, I see the potential of a song here. You've got great tension, which is admirable in a song (I know, its a poem, but I see through the lens of a lyricist). If it became a song, an apparent title might be, "Should I?" I would likely want the structure to be unstable which, if you're a poet, you may or may not know what that is--its about number of lines and rhyme scheme and how that can feed tension in a song. Have you any songwriting background?
  12. Killer ending!
  13. Yeah, Rudi, did you find anything that works or helps? Got a guy who goes to my church. I feel bad for him. He has MS that causes lots of problems for him and now on top of that he has the shingles.
  14. I love the guitar picking intro and how the song varies in key places. However to me the bridge instruments have some sort of vibration irritation thing going on when introduced. I don't know alot about sound production, so hopefully someone who does can better identify what it is. There are a couple places I thought it would be really cool to use combined DEEP male voices for the backup just for isolated words (kinda like the voices do for "Teacher, Leave them kids alone" line in that Pink Floyd song. I think it would create a nice contrast to the high notes. Those particular words are: "Woke him up" and "to a spark" and have it be just spoken (or semi-yelled). I'd comment a bit more, but I'm being torn away----------.
  15. Yeah, I buy those yellow legal pads, so I don't bump my hand into the binding of a spiral ring notebook. But I also grab whatever's handy. I have scraps of songs, revised and re-revised lyrics with scribbles and scratches until I can't stand it anymore, then I write it neater on the legal pad. I like the portability and availability of the paper. I don't have a laptop and what a bugger to write lyrics on an ipod, so eventually, its entered on the computer (usually hogged by my husband). I usually print themost current version out and keep it in a three ring binder. I also start out on the computer typing songs if I've got a good chunk of time I know it will be mine, so I use both. I record my melody ideas on a handheld recorder and lately a little on my ipod--just melody ideas on my ipod though, not things I post. I keep some discard ideas/lyric lines in a folder, thinking I might use certain lines in other songs, but rare that I revisit them.