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  1. I like the idea of this post. It gets me listening to songs I've forgotten about and hearing artists I've never heard before!
  2. I like the emotion in this one, the contrast of gentle vs. intense and Has a great outro. Plus there are times I can totally identify with the lyrics.
  3. I get lost in this Gabriel Yared composition, which was featured in the movie, City of Angels. Its my absolute favorite to listen to on earbuds or speakers that pick up the most delicate of sounds. This is the one song I can completely immerse myself in.
  4. Hey Leo, I took your song and rearranged some things. I thought it might make it more singable. It was a wee bit difficult to know exactly how it would sound because my timing coming in was different than yours and I had to sort of "hear" how it would sound through your vocals, so I might be off a bit, but ....fun all the same. Leo's song, Got To Got to, got to make it ri-ight Got to, got to make it ri-ight Got to get throu-----gh to you by morning li-ight Breathe in, though you wanna shou--out Breathe in, Don't freak ou---out suppress impending doubts Breathe in, breathe ou-out Here's a little something to ease your thumping something to ca----lm you down to calm you down, yeah Breath in, breath ou-out Got to, got to make it right Got to, got to make it right Got to get throu-----gh to you through to you by morning, by morning light
  5. Hey Leo, I like the rhythm. The guitar playing has a cool vibe to it. I could have a lot of fun playing with this song. I don't know yet what I would do with it, but I really like the groove. I'd certainly tweak the lyrics a bit and vary the vocals a bit--play with them, just because that's what makes it fun!
  6. Welcome Edson! I'm looking forward to seeing your lyrics. Its a great exchange of feedback around here. I hope you find what you're looking for here.
  7. I find this site amazing! i love it here . Great model you got there for the T-Shirt. The only thing missing is his smile!
  8. Hargh! Boy did I ever get things confused here. Sorry Timbre. It's all Ray's fault. Haha! Just kidding, Ray. I can manage to get mixed up all on my own 😜
  9. What I was thinking of is not so much a stand alone sub melody because it would be only a few key words, not an entire lyric. For an example (making this up here): lead vocal = black support vocal = blue (He took) A turn on Reid Street (She looked) toward the band with the smoke screen (They shook) Thunder rumblin' down the back beat However, the vocals would overlap a bit.
  10. Laughing is good! I love to laugh! Yes, I got all mixed up thinking you were the poster of the song and EVENTUALLY I caught on, but didn't have the chance to reply, so all the above was meant for @Skin, though I'm sure is irrelevant now due to timing, but I knew you were fairly new here, so when I thought YOU wrote the song, figured it was recent. Doesn't take much to confuse me! lol!
  11. This is all very much what I was looking for. What you describe, @HoboSage, is closer to what I was asking, but I also needed all the information that @tunesmithth provided. I'm eating it all up. I've heard people refer to call and response in regard to my lyrics and I had a completely different idea of what that was, so Tom's got me straightened out on that one. I always thought it was a format of writing, while suspecting by the title, "call and response", that it might encompass a secondary vocal because that made sense to me, but I never had any clarification on it, so this is great! All of it! I love the way you guys broke it down to show how to place it in a lyric, too! I would love to also hear about the "many different forms of this concept:. Educate me!
  12. Not something I've learned to cook, cause no one else in my household would eat it because of the veggies, but I like a broccoli and ham quiche a friend of mine made. It was goooo-oood! It had more in it for veggies, but hard to remember what now. Also, I like my eggs to be baked in a cheesecake (which I'm not supposed to have) with coffee (which I'm not supposed to have). An occasional cheat with lots of lactaid and decaf.
  13. Got a question..a few actually.... when you have one vocal going--the main/lead vocal and then WHILE that main vocal is singing the main theme, a support vocal is introduced highlighting certain words or carrying a separate chorus as a support, what do you call that? AND how do you notate that in lyric form so it's understood that they are being sung at the same time and how do you notate when it's introduced within the main lyric lines?
  14. Ray, I think the repeated line of your chorus, "Again and Again and Again" would be an option for a title. Granted, it doesn't seem to give any clues as to the song theme, but I'm sure there are plenty of hooks that don't. I think that "I'm tasting life for the first time" gives a nice imagery. That line instantly puts me in the emotion of someone "waking up to life" after just sort of meandering through it. This and your second verse led me to think what woke this person up was finding/being with a person who contributed to that waking up. I wasn't really following that it was a first-time sexual experience until I hit the bridge and even then to me it wasn't obvious as I was still in the mindset of waking up to "life". It took your explanation below it to make it clear and that sort of took away from the exhilaration of "feeling alive" to me, mainly because it changed my mental course from it being an inner experience to being a physical one. I took the meaning of the bridge to say that you had a weakness for this very special person and that person could affect you in a way others aren't. Personally, I was liking the theme that was flowing through my mind, perhaps my gender plays into that. I don't think it would take a whole lot of tweaks to change it to that theme, but I think there is so much more that could liven up a theme such as tasting life for the first time. For example: New experiences like 1st ride on the back of a motorcycle (for ladies), a kiss, playing a contact sport in the rain, waking up to the early morning sunrise, especially on the water (Hey--just got a kayak, so hopefully will be an exhilarating new life experience for me--yay--can't wait!), but that's the idea. Words you've used that really play into that are: taste, savor,take this leap, breathing, can't catch my breath. I also think the theme would be far more marketable.
  15. Yes @Ray888 water is a friend. AND so is the restroom after water and I become too friendly. I recently learned best to sip slowly which is hard to manage in the few seconds between songs. A straw works great to prevent swallowing extra air. The summer isn't quite so bad as winter. I require lots of water all the time in the winter due to dry air (forced hot air), colds, coughs, etc. I can empty a 16 oz within minutes and wish I had more. This year I kept a cup-sized humidifier next to my bed at night--usually empty by morning and a larger one in the living room. It helps. Summers are quite humid in my area, so helps some, plus the heat prompts one to drink liquids. About August one could drink the air . All great and helpful information you provided above. Thank you!