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About Me

Wife 25 years, mother of 3, in the field of E.C.E.  and loving it!  I've been writing for about three years.


 During those three years I've been working to hone my songwriting skills and now I feel like its time to start learning a little about the business side of music.  


I LOVE songwriting so much that I would rather be doing that than anything else, but if I want to keep writing, I must make it useful to more than just my soul.  The process of creation is my favorite part the enjoyment of the process is its own reward for me.  I like to experiment with different ideas, sounds and genres.

I need to learn how to protect my songs, how to work with contracts, how to wisely promote what I do and get it out there for performers and listeners to enjoy.


 I like to make connections with others in the music world, particularly musicians since my strength is lyrics and I know what I like when I hear it and I can envision a certain sound, but I don't have the background to implement what I would like to hear.  


For that reason, I'm in a semi-no hurry observational state hoping to happen upon potential complimentary creative musicians to develop a long-term collaborative relationships with, but the right ones would have to come along and be a "just right" match.


 I imagine that would become apparent as the collaborative relationships develop.  However, for now I'll be observing and not actively seeking collaboration.


 I enjoy relationships with other writers as a way to sharpen my skills.  I know a few trusted ones we mutually bounce things off from without requiring unnecessary credit of each other for suggestions/minor changes.  


 If I make suggestions in your post, even specific wording, I do not expect to share the copyright, nor expect credit if you use it (unless of course I specifically state otherwise and that would be prior to sharing my thoughts).  I don't know if that needs to be said here, but I think it does in some places, so at least the clarification is there.