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  1. April Audio Blog

    Hey All, I've just started writing an April Audio Blog and have just published the first article: "5 Reason to Record Your Song Today". I hope to continue writing articles on various aspects of song-writing, music, recording etc. What sort of topics do you feel would encourage you as you seek to grow and develop as a song-writer? Are you interested in music tech, recording equipment, songwriting techniques, music promotion etc? Any feedback is much appreciated. You can find it here: https://www.aprilaudio.com/5-reasons-to-...ong-today/ Or on the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/aprilaudiomusic/
  2. Original song rough draft.

    Hey Juin, what a voice! This is very haunting and beautiful. Very Sufjan Stevens. I feel like you have a great idea here and you just need to tease out the rest of the song! Well done.
  3. My original fingerstle and percussive guitar song.Thoughts? :)

    Great work - lovely tune!
  4. I can't see any issues really here. I have co-written several songs with an artist who is signed with a major label and it is the same circumstance - his share of the publishing is signed over to the record/publishing company and I am in control of my share to do with what I please. The thing to understand is that the record company has a relationship with the other writer/artist and this relationship has no bearing on you - they have no obligation to offer you a publishing contract in order to get control of your publishing rights. In my case it works out just fine and I actually do better than the artist: I co-write a song with the artist. The artist records the song on his album. The record company pays me my mechanical royalties directly and I get it all without having to share it with anybody! It's a win win situation.
  5. Depressing Songwriting Funk

    Some people just find it hard to write drifferent styles of music - for me I tend to write slower tempo more serious music as oppsoed to the uptempo/energised music. I have tried to write faster, more energetic music but, as you say, it doesn't come from an honest place and turns out terrible!
  6. Tim V, One Ear Productions

    Welcome Tim. I am mostly involved in Christian/CCM music - what's the name of the band in Colorado you are producing? Would love to hear some of the tracks sometime. Andy
  7. Hello everyone! Introducing myself

    That's the trick - getting the sounds in your head out into the real world while still sounding like what you imagined!
  8. Coldbrook Chill

    Here is a finished track of mine. Instrumental only but hopefully it will take you on a journey. Thoughts appreciated.
  9. Very interesting....and weird?! A classic example of how music can be one thing to one person and another thing to a different person. For me, I found it hard to wrap my head around what was going on in this piece and yet others are able to really enjoy it! I found it a little unnnerving trying to listen to it the whole way through. Anyway, the important thing is that you are writing and recording and you are being yourself and for that I say "Great Work!".
  10. What Is Your Main Daw?

    Yeah I should look into the Rex player more but I was so impressed with Superior/EZ drummer that it would take a lot to make me switch!
  11. Signature

    I will! I just joined yesterday. I'm actually Northern Irish....just living in Canada!
  12. Signature

    Ah, that explains it. Thanks so much!
  13. Signature

    Hey, I have looked there and it's not there for me - beneath "Overview" there is Email Address, Password, Facebook and Twitter. Seems strange... Maybe it's becasue I am new. Is there a certain number of posts you have to make before you can access it maybe?
  14. I've Lost My Mojo

    Nice video & song. Good work.