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  1. Hey All, I've just started writing an April Audio Blog and have just published the first article: "5 Reason to Record Your Song Today". I hope to continue writing articles on various aspects of song-writing, music, recording etc. What sort of topics do you feel would encourage you as you seek to grow and develop as a song-writer? Are you interested in music tech, recording equipment, songwriting techniques, music promotion etc? Any feedback is much appreciated. You can find it here: https://www.aprilaudio.com/5-reasons-to-...ong-today/ Or on the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/aprilaudiomusic/
  2. Hey Juin, what a voice! This is very haunting and beautiful. Very Sufjan Stevens. I feel like you have a great idea here and you just need to tease out the rest of the song! Well done.
  3. Great work - lovely tune!
  4. I can't see any issues really here. I have co-written several songs with an artist who is signed with a major label and it is the same circumstance - his share of the publishing is signed over to the record/publishing company and I am in control of my share to do with what I please. The thing to understand is that the record company has a relationship with the other writer/artist and this relationship has no bearing on you - they have no obligation to offer you a publishing contract in order to get control of your publishing rights. In my case it works out just fine and I actually do better than the artist: I co-write a song with the artist. The artist records the song on his album. The record company pays me my mechanical royalties directly and I get it all without having to share it with anybody! It's a win win situation.
  5. Some people just find it hard to write drifferent styles of music - for me I tend to write slower tempo more serious music as oppsoed to the uptempo/energised music. I have tried to write faster, more energetic music but, as you say, it doesn't come from an honest place and turns out terrible!
  6. Welcome Tim. I am mostly involved in Christian/CCM music - what's the name of the band in Colorado you are producing? Would love to hear some of the tracks sometime. Andy
  7. That's the trick - getting the sounds in your head out into the real world while still sounding like what you imagined!
  8. Here is a finished track of mine. Instrumental only but hopefully it will take you on a journey. Thoughts appreciated.
  9. Very interesting....and weird?! A classic example of how music can be one thing to one person and another thing to a different person. For me, I found it hard to wrap my head around what was going on in this piece and yet others are able to really enjoy it! I found it a little unnnerving trying to listen to it the whole way through. Anyway, the important thing is that you are writing and recording and you are being yourself and for that I say "Great Work!".
  10. Yeah I should look into the Rex player more but I was so impressed with Superior/EZ drummer that it would take a lot to make me switch!
  11. I will! I just joined yesterday. I'm actually Northern Irish....just living in Canada!
  12. Ah, that explains it. Thanks so much!
  13. Hey, I have looked there and it's not there for me - beneath "Overview" there is Email Address, Password, Facebook and Twitter. Seems strange... Maybe it's becasue I am new. Is there a certain number of posts you have to make before you can access it maybe?
  14. Nice video & song. Good work.