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  1. Simply drift away

    In the chorus, the lyrics are giving me a "Bedtime Story" (Madonna song written by Bjork) vibe... I don't know if that's the kind of musical style you want to go along with the lyrics. Compare the chorus: Let's close are eyes And drift away Dream together Like we use to do Let's close our eyes And drift away To the chorus of Bedtime Story (which it stylistically reminds me of): Let's get unconscious honey Let's get unconscious Let's get unconscious honey Let's get unconscious So, when I picture the music going along with the lyrics for the chorus, I'm thinking a kind of electronic-ambient-trip hop kind of vibe However, when I see verses like this, I don't get that vibe - rather, I imagine the lyrics being played to more of a folksy/acoustic-rock backing: Somewhere, Girl somewhere Could you be laying awake Thinking of the times we shared Wanting to drift away too And then (lol) this verse gives me a Florence+the Machine (cover of Candi Stanton song) "You've Got the Love" vibe, so I'm thinking euphoric disco/soul music-esque: Sometimes , Baby sometimes It's so hard for me to dream I want to close my eyes And simply drift away Compare to the opening of "You've Got the Love": Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air I know I can count on you Sometimes I feel like saying "Lord I just don't care" But you've got the love I need To see me through So, I am curious... which of the three "vibes" was right? Trippy ambient-pop, folksy/singer-songwriter or euphoric disco/house/soul music? I enjoyed the lyrics, so would be interested in hearing the music
  2. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    Thanks for the advice :-)
  3. They Look Like Angels

    I like the rhythm of the song and the instrumentation... especially the "funky" bit at the beginning, which sounds like it could be the backing to the verse of a Top 40 chart song. Overall the effects are well-laid and I like the general free-flowing composition of the piece. The one little issue I personally have (just taste) is I am not able to get a clear "vibe" from the song. I.e. with most songs or instrumentals, you can get any kind of vibe (euphoric, melancholic, nostalgic, romantic, gloomy, angry, energising, etc). I am not able to get a "vibe" from the piece to the extent that I'd know what mood I'd want to be in to play it. That's not a negative thing per se, it's just that personally I wouldn't know what mood I'd want to be in to listen to it. But again, that's just personal taste Well done with the composition.
  4. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    @MonoStone thank you for your response. I see what you mean about the vocals. I have done training since this point but I do still feel the vocals are the thing I need to work on the most. I do think (but maybe you will disagree) that my vocals actually sound better in the acoustic song as opposed to my 2 studio tracks, which is a bit unusual given that most people tend to sound better in the studio. Maybe it's because of the synthesizer effect? I don't know what you think. One thing I would really appreciate is if you (and people in general) could give me some critique on my vocal abilities per se. Do you think I have a good enough voice that with vocal training could "cut it" for a professional singer-songwriter, or do you think it's not good enough? The thing is that I'm primarily a songwriter, and singing is the second part of my craft. I personally think I have a passably good voice, albeit not an amazing one, but am unsure if it's "good enough" for the music industry or if I should just sick to songwriting.
  5. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    So just to clarify, even though I have specified that I'm working on other music atm, I would still appreciate critiques on the things I have just posted The purpose was to get an idea of what you think of my songwriting/production/vocal style.
  6. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    @Richard Traceythank you for the welcome and the advice!
  7. If She Heard This Song

    I really like the lyrics and the message of the song. Especially these 2 lines are brilliant, in my opinion: I dismissed her like a servant Now I'm a slave to misery Personally, however, I think this line is a little cheesy and a bit Disney, but then again, that's just my personal taste! I want to say; "Sorry I was a fool" Tell her; "Nothings worth losing you" However, overall, it's definitely got a very well-written and effective message
  8. Chemistry Of Calm

    I think you have a real gift for lyrics and the poeticism is beautiful. If I have to be honest though, I'm not TOO keen (but just personal preference) on phrases like "she gave me reason to live", I think they're a bit over-used in romantic songs and can come across as a bit cliché. Generally speaking, in love songs, I would avoid phrases like "x person is my life", "x person gave me reason to live", "x was my everything", "x is the centre of my universe", etc, since they've been a bit hackneyed over the years. But that's just my personal taste. I imagine the needle and spoon is a reference to drugs, which is very effectively done, but then again, somewhat overused in romantic music I think (anything which compares love to fire or drugs, pretty much). However, these are just small things and personal preferences. Good job! PS Also, I will confirm what McnoughtonPark said above me about the second verse, the first few lines seem to be a bit iffy in English but they can easily be corrected
  9. Down To The River

    Yeah, I think the lyrics are really great Very poetic, I especially like this section: Hammered in the coals of a fire lost Shot from the age of Homeric lust The tip of loves arrow pierced my lung But missed my heart, for I had none, it went The imagery is very effective, especially with the "pierced my lung/but missed my heart" section
  10. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    In response to cutaia, the reason I asked your opinion was because I wanted to know what you thought of my songwriting/lyrics and vocal abilities. The song "At Times" IS the direction I'm going in, as opposed to the other 2 songs I posted that aren't but highlight my voice without the use of synthesizer. I'm basically asking "hey everyone, this is my songwriting style and this is my voice, I'm thinking of going in this direction, what do you think?" I didn't come here to promote myself but rather to ask the opinion of fellow musicians, given I have no musicians in my family and amongst my friends and wanted some "expert" advice. I mean yes I've had people critique my music and give me feedback, but none of them were musicians. If I had come here to promote myself, I would have probably posted links to my social media or iTunes page, which I haven't done, so I don't know how it could give off that impression. I will be sure to check out music here on this forum, I mean I only joined a few days ago... give me some time
  11. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    Also, the lyrics for "At Times" (the song at the top) At times, at times it's just like it's so real At times, at times it's just like it's surreal No reality At times it's like you're out of control nowhere to go At times it's like you're about to take off for the moon At times it's like twirling around in a fantasy At times, at times it's so hard to breathe Hard to define One mustn't confine one's emotions To lyrical notions At times, at times it's best To forget poetry's test For a simple line At times, at times it's like you're falling down At times you feel supernatural At times seems like Kafka wrote the sound Roses fall into gutters Houses peppered with shutters Gargoyles gaze from the spire Sinking higher These notes fly above so high I might touch the sky Can't sigh the air is gelid Might die But don't put your hands into water Art's progression will simply cease Don't dare go a little farther Harder after and you'll freeze (Italian interlude) Onestamente me ne sbatto Se dicono che sono matto (x2) (Translation - Honestly I don't give a damn, if they say I'm mad x2) At times, at times, at times At times, at times, at times At times, I'm feeling it coming down
  12. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    Thanks for your response, I'm actually not pushing this song out to the industry, it was something I recorded 4 years ago as a kind of early project. It was just an example of the kind of musical sound I like (sort of classical-mixed-electronic pop music, kind of like Clean Bandit type stuff). I'm currently working on entirely different records with different producers. The issue is I have nothing to post here right now that is contemporary because it isn't finished yet. Hopefully in a few months I can I didn't actually use Auto-Tune in the song, but a special vocoder/synthesizer effect intended to create some slight distortion in order to render the vocals more "eerie" in a way. If you listen to the original pre-synthesized/mixed demo, my voice is pretty much the same except it doesn't sound as synthesized. The off-key moments were intentional in order to add to the "eeriness", in a sense. This is something I did more recently (2 years ago), where my voice is less distorted and where you can hear it "more clearly", so to speak. I would appreciate feedback on this as well. However, this is a kind of ballad-y song that is not really my current sound at the moment. Lyrics: Hush now, the hour's arrived Get up there's not much time Don't hide away in folded sheets Don't cry pearls down your golden cheeks Comb your hair and let it loose It's yours forever, yours to choose Forget the makeup it veils away The beauty of your eyes and face (Chorus) Don't sleep through the morning Your moment's just arrived Don't fall down They're waiting for your tresses all the time Be proud to show your colours gleaming through the sky Because your beautiful smile Wakes up the crowds brings them to life (x2) (Middle-8) Like a rosy-fingered dawn Brought life to Odysseys Guide men through harsher seas Shine light through plants or trees Like a rosy fingered sky Glides far above so high Above laments petty Of those who cannot see What's inside of you so fair (x2) (Chorus repeat) Also here is an acoustic song I recorded 5 years ago, where you can hear my voice without ANY effects/etc. However, do note that I was 15 when I was singing this, before I had done any vocal training, so a lot of my techniques (i.e. breathing, use of diaphragm, etc) were off. However, you can hear my type of voice. Lyrics are on YouTube page description:
  13. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    Sorry, I've just gone and done that (introduce myself)! The song should work, I don't know why you're getting an error message. Have you refreshing the page? Sometimes I get error messages that are just glitches.
  14. Hi, I'm Andrea

    Hi everyone, My name is Andrea and I'm a 20-year-old English-Italian singer-songwriter based near London, UK. I've been writing music since I was 14, recorded acoustically at 15 and self-released my first singles aged 16. I have thus far released 3 put of 4 singles of my album "Aurora Borealis". I would describe my style as "violin pop" - basically pop music (with electronic/dance beats, often) mixed with classical instrumentation. Nonetheless, my style is eclectic, and I have songs which range from folksy ballads to uptempo EDM tunes. i am about to graduate from university and am aiming to start a career in music afterwards.
  15. 16-year-old's pop/electronic song

    Hi everyone, my name's AndreaCarlo and I'm an English aspiring singer-songwriter/producer. I just wanted to showcase you one song I wrote, sang and co-produced around 4 years ago, when I was 16 years old, called "At Times". I'm 20 right now, am about to finish my degree, and am looking to work in music after I graduate. Obviously this was just a start for me since I was very young and I've evolved in my sound/voice/style now. However, I was wondering if you guys could give me general feedback and tips on the production, the song/lyrics, my voice, etc... If I had to describe the song's style, I would say it's kind of an eclectic fusion of baroque-pop/trip hop/d'n'b/ambient. I don't know if you guys could be better at classifying it genre-wise than me. I would say that the sound is along the same lines as something Clean Bandit, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana del Rey, Florence + the Machine or Lykke Li would produce (i.e. indie baroque music mixed with electronic and urban beats). Vocally, I would compare myself to artists such as Adam Young from Owl City or the Pet Shop Boys. I've done other songs as well but this one is my personal favourite, as the others were just kind of projects I did for fun: Any feedback/critique is highly appreciated!