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  1. fake vs real people

    A little tweaking and I think you're on to something. It could be just me, but the way it reads to me is kind of rappish. Is that your intent or did you even consider it the makings of a song? Whatever the case you're on your way somewhere with it. Good luck! Robert
  2. sexy

    I sense some old school Britney kind of stuff going on with this one! funny at one time she was the latest rage. Anyway that's to be taken as a compliment! I can see a Young Britney Spears doing the little slut thing. I usually don't go for pop, but this one definitely struck me as that kind of pop! Good job on great use of sexed lyrics! Thanks Robert
  3. officer delaney

    This is a very interesting take on what has supposedly become an American epidemic. I think with a little tweaking, you could have a serious hit just based on subject and content. As far as I know, no one is writing about this kind of stuff. Depending on how did this, you seriously could have something going on. Thanks Robert
  4. As the crow flies

    I read your little side bar with this, and I think you got your something with a bite to it! It reads like some metal with depth to me. Had a great flow as well, and a good rhyme scheme. Is this to be a song? I think you have the workings of a great one at the moment.
  5. Songwriting Collaboration For Lyricists

    Summer Days: I think that might've been a Van Halen song with Sammy at the wheel, I'm sure you didn't need to hear that, no offense intended. I just read what you wrote, and understand where you're coming from. I understand the frustration and the dreamer thing as well. I play a little bit, but can't play what I hear in my head. When I write my lyrics, I know how they're supposed to be sung, so I guess you could say I'm writing them with a melody in mind. If you keep poking around long enough, something will eventually fall into place, never rule out the 3 chords and the truth approach. Even if you're non musical, you can teach yourself 3 chords from a guitar or piano, and then just sing it the way you hear it. It may not work for getting a publisher, but it could for getting someone to play it. Most musicians have good imaginations, so one could probably get the vibe of what you're trying to convey. There's a fellow I think goes by Zwann, he did a scaled down acoustic version Of Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast", check it out sometime, that's kind of what I mean about 3 chords and the truth. Just thought I would mention it, I hate to see someone give up, If it makes you feel any better, I published my songs in ebooks with Kindle, they may not get heard, but maybe someone will read them. Then I got perturbed and wrote one, which is about the word that gets written and never read or heard, I understand your frustration, channel it in to your writing. I'm not sure, I'm new here, but I think you're on the right site for the collaboration that you're after. I've been cruising around this site this morning, and liking what I see. I even got a peek into this sites future goals, and was impressed, ever hear of Hill song? it may be Hill song United, any way check them out, look up the song Oceans (where feet may fail) it's on youtube. What makes them unique is they are a church youth ministry making their own music and recording it, and acting as their own label, and the whole 9 yards. To me that's what you do if you really want to make it in today's music industry. I'm pretty certain I read that somewhere this morning, that those are the goals of Songstuff . My little book thing allowed me publishing for now, anyway you get the message, I think you're in the right spot. Throw your flag up and see if you find a musician to work with, I got so wrapped up in the book stuff I forgot I was writing songs, I'm getting ready to start pitching them again. Didn't mean to write a book here, but I hope it got your attention! Raise your flag, and write on! Thank You R.A
  6. New today!

    Hey Patty: I'm new here, and kind of fumbling my way around. For me to have gotten this far says a lot for this site! I saw where you write lyrics, that's kind of my bag as well. Congrats on the awards! I wouldn't know where to go for that. What really piqued my interest though, was the mention of Gordon Lightfoot! I've been hearing some of his stuff on a 70's station down here, I was always a fan, but didn't realize he may've played an influence on my writing style. I write what I've dubbed storytelling lyrics, I heard The Edmund Fitzgerald for the 1st time in years the other day, and it dawned it on me I kind of write in that style some. I found that kind of interesting, by no means am I comparing myself with him, just noticed a similarity in styles. I'd be more than happy to critique a few for you, which reminds me I'm probably not fully set up. I was just out for a morning stroll here and stumbled across your post, I'm guessing I might want to go check on my status. Take Care! Robert
  7. My introduction to Songstuff

    Thank You very much Peggy, there's a chance that other Robash is me as well and I don't recall it. According to the staff folks I became a proud member back in February. If the other Robash happens to be me, then I might need to consider getting checked out for dementia or something worse. Robash is a fairly uncommon name to sport, I know how I came up with it, I wonder how the other fellow came up with it? Anyway thank you for the welcome, and hopefully I will enjoy it here, it will probably take me some time, seeing as to how I didn't know about the time I've already had. Thanks Robert
  8. Hello Songstuff people: My name is Robert, and I'm new here! First of all I would like to thank John and the rest of the staff for setting this up, so I could do this. I'm not a very proficient person when it comes to computers, and anything digital for that matter. With the obvious stated, I'm probably otherwise similar to a lot of you. I have a passion for music, and I hear much better than I play, meaning I don't consider myself much of a musician or a singer for that matter. I do however love to write what I call storytelling type songs, and have gone as far as publishing a couple of e-books with nothing but the lyrics, I'll discuss that insanity later if anyone is interested. The reason for the format of books was kind of a two fold deal. I was wanting to get them out there, and couldn't afford to record them, and it was a way of publishing without spending a fortune, and maintaining my ownership. I more than likely joined this group because I ran across it while looking for something else, it happens to be right up my alley. I still don't remember joining this group, but that doesn't surprise me, I was pretty busy there for a moment, and have a tendency to drink too much coffee, does coffee affect one's memory? What I would like to do is find some folks to work with on making those stories in to the songs they were intended to be. Most of them are written as rockers, but there is a few country's and pops as well. Maybe someone hears something differently than I do, maybe my stuff isn't as good as I think it is, or maybe it's written in a manner that someone might have difficulty working with. Those are questions for other people to answer, hell I wrote them, I'm more than likely going to be biased( there is a few I know suck), but you can probably get the gist of what I'm stating. I am wanting to do this seriously, I'm approaching it, like I would a career, I'm not exactly a spring chicken. I went to school for Music business 30 years ago, and wound up in the construction industry for 28 of those years. Now I'm slightly disabled and in a biblical sense back to my first love, that would be the music! I could sit here and write a book on this, but I'll spare you that. I hope I've given anyone reading this enough information to make a fair assessment, I am serious about trying to do something with the stuff that's been written thus far, and if you're one needing or wanting collaboration with some lyrics, maybe I could be of assistance, no one knows until they try. What I went to school for 30 years ago was nothing like this. This whole business model has changed, I'm not sure for the better either, but it would've been tough making it worse. So I guess you roll with what you've got, and hope you've got something that stands out a little bit from the masses. I look forward to hearing from someone. Thank You Robert