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  1. Bon Jovi - Dead or Alive
  2. Emily, I listened to your song just now and you completely made my day! This is the most beautiful work of yours' that I've listened to, till now I could probably play this one on a loop! I, too, feel that the music in some portions were overpowering your singing a little bit. Also, to my ears, the part after the chorus (somewhere around 3:25 onwards), didn't sound as rich in texture as the beginning of the song. Wonder if you also observe this.
  3. For a greater part of the verses, you do sound quite like Lengendary Bowie I, too, feel that something more interesting can be done with the "I know" part... It needs more punch. First thought - instead of stretching the "I" while singing, you could shorten it - which would automatically bring in a kind of a pumped-up rhythm to the hook. Second thought - as you progress with the chorus over the verses, you could break out into harmonies which could be Enyaesque in nature or even gospel-like (And yes, female tone/s would work great here). And if you do think of going for such big chorus effects, I can sort of imagine the song fading out instead of just coming to an end.
  4. I've gone through a number of your videos and quite liked them. Btw, where in Bangalore is this place? I may just bookmark it I don't know much about song writing... but I wonder if it's the sad incidents that first bring out the songwriter in a person and over time they write about different things - some personal and some fictional.
  5. I have a rough vocal melody coming to me... with a somewhat broody tone. No lyrics, though
  6. You make really catchy, current music. I don't know why but I'm reminded a little bit of Bruno Mars I felt however that your vocals didn't sound as clear as the rest of the music - everything else sounded louder. Perhaps you can revisit the mix.
  7. Just sing is out loud, Jenn.. it'll sound great. You've got some nice, snappy music a basically nice vocal tone. Looking forward to a FULL RELEASE from a FULL DEMO
  8. Hello David, I really like everything about your song, from the lyrics, to the melody, to the vocal delivery... can really feel the lament when you sing "What have we done"... that one line is a powerful message to your audience. Just had a small comment regarding your backing vocals - it sounds almost as forward as the main vocal. Maybe you could push it back a tad bit, and add another higher harmony (can specifically picture that in the "when will we learn" line). Could up the desperation/exasperation factor... Sreyashi/Sumi
  9. The problem is that we worry way too much about what others think about us. And the truth is that there's nothing that can be done about what they think about us (singing included) If you take a moment to think about it and just relax, your natural confidence and singing will take over. You can't please everyone but you can start with pleasing yourself, which would be the most difficult if you are your worst critic (I struggle with this, too). And this is where acceptance comes in. There's an audience for every kind of artist... you have your place, too. Just work on yourself and have fun along the way
  10. Moxey? Too many Johns?
  11. Turns out, these next door neighbour stories are very uniquely interesting! Thanks, Steve... loved your storytelling. I felt transported to a different era complete with a grandfather-like figure for a salesman (wonder if we get them these days)! Jenn, you are so young; it's great to see the awareness you already have and the active steps that you are taking towards it Tom, it's fascinating how shock or trauma, when given the right outlet, can manifest into magical creativity that one never thought he/she possessed! It's even more fascinating when we realize that creativity is the one thing that can never dry up. So, once this journey starts there really can be no looking back! I had no idea when I started this thread that so many of you would be sharing your stories and nostalgic moments. The flavours may be different yet the underlying passion is very similar. Thanks a lot, people!
  12. Thanks, Rudi and Starise.. appreciate it.
  13. Hi Takoda, thanks for your kind words You're right, "Continuing Continuum" does have a more natural flow while attempting a recitation. I guess I had liked the idea of giving a little elongated pause between the reiteration, which seems to work with the word "continuum" considering the way it rolls off the tongue. And so it got stuck in my head, as I pondered over the simple ironies of life
  14. Uhhh... I got lost trying to find answers to the original question in the thread.. philosophy certainly has a way of sneaking in, in every topic I use the headphones provided by my phone... And I use it to jack it in every other device that plays music (oops). Would someone here be kind enough to help out this noob regarding what kind of earphones to choose from, for regular listening? P.S. : I don't like much bass, and my ears actually can't tolerate much volume (I listen at lower volumes than most others). Any special consideration based on these points?
  15. Keep going... you're definitely getting to a good place!