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  1. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Your confidence is coming through well now I really like it... very catchy music and a steadily blooming voice. Did you actually play the trumpet here?
  2. What are you listening to at the moment?

    I'm stuck on Anne-Marie right now, especially her stripped down live or recorded versions. Here are some samples:
  3. Words Away

    Haha.. I think we're all crazy.. okay, maybe not you
  4. IsoVox 2 Review

    Hi John.. this looks interesting! I tried to use the shortcut by watching the video instead of reading the article to save some time The audio, however, seems low in volume and a little muffled (the sections with music sound pretty clear, though). Could you look into this and possibly fix it? Thanks
  5. Alone In This

    Hi there! I definitely felt something in your performance. It's very raw but it has all the right elements to make an impact, according to me. Just keep working on your stuff, as GBN has mentioned, and make it better Lot of potential in your writing, too. But you're so young.. why delve so deep into despair already? Life will throw up plenty of instances to feel miserable about (and hopefully learn from, too) as the years tick on. In the meantime, why don't you try using your great writing talent to write happy, uplifting or even goofy songs? I know I'd like that
  6. Words Away

    How long have you been performing, Nelson? Is music your full-time pursuit? You sound like a pro It's true that I couldn't make out the words in the song (not that I pay attention to them anyway, in any song in my first listen ) but the power in the song and performance was enough to hold my interest... for a while (I, too, confess that this kind of music is not my preference). The energy is great and the vocal power amazing and I guess this kind of a song requires such a dynamic, which you have delivered. Regarding the melody, I'm sure some people will absolutely love it but the first impression I get is that it is difficult to grasp. It actually takes a great amount of skill to pull off such a tune confidently but it's also not something that is likely to have a top-of-the-mind recall. I'm learning this aspect of music making myself and realize that on many occasions, a less-is-more approach works better - which translates into simpler tunes that might ultimately turn out to be more memorable because at the end of the day, you're making music for the listening pleasure of others (right?). You state The Beatles to be one of your influences/inspirations. Maybe you could take notes from the kind of melodies (easy-feeling and catchy) they created and try out different melodic styles... see what other dimensions you can add to your offering. Just my thoughts, though
  7. That Night You Danced With Me

    Hey Patty, This feels very country to me! I have been following your lyrics for a while and find a certain charm in its easy-going style Had a quick look at this one and there's one part - actually the ending chorus - which seems to be meddling with the flow. You moved from the past to the present, where you (the protagonist) are holding out hopes for your son in finding a loved one similar to the way you found your's. Then you moved again back to the same chorus line of the past. I was thinking that you could probably wrap the new chorus around your wishes for your son with only a reference to the line "the night you danced with me"... Good one! Sreyashi/Sumi
  8. Format Change Today?

    No complaints... I'm super happy with the different "reaction" options!
  9. All In Vain

    Hey Nelson, welcome here Well, you've already got the unanimous verdict regarding the mix... Will look forward to your repost with a new arrangement/mix.. because I really would like to hear you better as there's a bundle of great talent lying under all those layers of instruments
  10. Sreyashi- Together

    Thanks, everyone, for your very kind comments I know... the drums are tricky... had a bit of an issue feeling the rhythm myself, while recording. But there's been a lot of change from the time we started out with the arrangements. Tim and I had discussed about the drums and I'm hopeful that he will figure out something that will help create a finer blend. But I'm really grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to collaborate... it was a great learning process for me
  11. Highs and Lows

    Hey Gary, I didn't listen to the previous post of your's but this one sounds nice! It's got a sweet melody seems to give off a Take That vibe (the lead singer's name was Gary, too ) I think your vocals can be brought forward just a wee bit in some parts (like the first verse & chorus and the third verse). Perhaps bring a little more variety to the ending (?).. the song ends a bit abruptly. And, oh, I can't hear the "s" in "lows"
  12. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    I remember that extended piano intro that you had used in the spider song (please excuse me for not remembering the exact title)... it sounded lovely. This song reads like a ballad and you'd probably like to sing it like a ballad... piano pieces would fit well here, I think. The synth sounds a little loud in the current arrangement. There were some small portions where the tempo and your singing were not matching.... but I guess you're figuring things out at this initial stage. Wish you all the best with your album.. sounds exciting!
  13. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Thanks, PP. It's playing in my head like a stuck record Will look forward to feedback soon..
  14. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    This sounds more early 90's than 80's to me (but in a good way). There are so many songs that I'm reminded of but I can't specifically recall any one of them at this point.. LOL Good one.. I was taken back to the party music of my school days
  15. One Minute Song - member challenge

    How do you keep coming up with songs so quickly!!