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  1. Sorry to know about your loss. I hope these two have more than warmed up your home and hearts..
  2. My dad's touching 70 next month... he doesn't leave his singing practice for a single day. I'm amazed by his stubbornness
  3. I love cats! Where's the real Jessie? An did Bowie really have differently coloured eyes?
  4. Very nice article, Tom! I just wonder how one can keep feeling creative when there is so much pressure to remain business minded. The bigger names have their business managers, so maybe there's some offload. What about the independent artists? How do they manage it all?
  5. Hi Max, A few suggestions highlighted in blue : Verse 1 Call me, please call me, haul me out of the jail I'm in I'm so tired, tired of watching time, while darkness grows within Play me, like I have no name, frame me with your game Lie to me, lie but stay with me, you know, I'll never complain Refrain 1 I try again... to get to you but you're starting to play, you're starting to play And though there was only one who won in this game I'll play all the same I try again... thoughts are flying with no sign of regret with no reason to stay Want them to break free and get out and not care if you're still around Verse 2 Days stretching, days getting longer, I'm longing to catch sight of you The feeling like storm grows stronger, its wrong and it's past due Bridge Out of my mind! Truth or lie? I have no clue. Are you on my side or am I left behind? It's so uncertain. And I can't get close to you Refrain 2 I try again... to get to you but you're starting to play, yeah you're starting to play I know there was only one who won in this game but I'll play all the same I try again... thoughts are flying with no sign of regret with no reason to stay Hoping to find a firm ground. Will I be lost or found? Ending Call me, I want you to call, my spirit burns, it needs to know I'm tired of being tired, I'm tired of sitting here and just watching time Forever seasons change but I never say never I don't want to know the score, I wanna be your game just once more It was painful to read this, honestly, as I don't like dark lyrics. But as a songwriter, you seem to have etched out the character's dilemma and helplessness pretty well. Kudos!
  6. Sure, I'm always open to options! I'll keep an eye out for anything that I can imagine contributing constructively to. You can nudge me, too
  7. I kind of like the verses as they are... sounding subtle but smooth against the New Age-y vibe. It might not sound interesting as a stand-alone piece but it seems to be doing very good teamwork with the music arrangement... just my thoughts If you're still looking, I can send you a clip of me doing the singalong for the chorus. Do you prefer a full voice or falsetto for that?
  8. A few additional things that I learnt from my teacher (though it was a short-lived training session and she had to return to Germany abruptly): 1) A trained singer ALWAYS sings from the gut. Even if it's a head voice or a chest voice, the source is the gut... but the power and the texture of the sound produced changes. 2) While practicing, produce the vowel sounds clearly. That would mean opening one's mouth more. The head remains straight but only the jaw moves. Carrying this technique to regular singing also creates a big difference. This is one half of creating an effortless sound. 3) The other half of it depends on the placement of the tongue. If it's suspended "mid air" while singing, then there is an obstruction to the sound that is being produced... which is more noticeable when we go for the high notes. The voice starts to strain and the throat gets sore. However, by keeping the tongue rested gently behind the few front teeth of our lower jaw, we can again create an easy passage for the sound to flow. 4) If at any time the throat feels sore or croaky, apart from giving it rest, it is best not to clear it - this creates more friction and hence further throat irritation. Rather, one can give out small, light coughs.
  9. Okay.. so when I heard it the first time, I didn't get it till I reached almost the end of the clip. So, I played it again... and this time I got it. It's tricky, yes, but it can work. The choice of chords for the chorus is relatively a lot better blended than what is happening with the verses. But I can picture tweaking just a few notes in the vocals at the verse sections, which can help in creating a smoother blend. I hope you're planning to keep a longer intro before the vocals start; it can build up some tension. Will look forward to the bridge. I guess once you have the song fully structured and are comfortable with the notes and phrasing, we'll hear a more confident vocal delivery. Also, currently your voice is too forward... but maybe this is just a rough draft. Like we agreed the other day, this song is challenging but also holds a lot of promise. Looking forward to you rising up to it splendidly
  10. Wow... that's a world of a change! And I guess the tweaks that brought about this were minimal. I'm definitely listening to you singing now and as I soak up the rich musical arrangement, I also take notice of how obscure your lyrics are (yup.. that much of a change)... the trance is working well Another thing that I notice is that out of the many percussion sounds you've used, the tabla has been kept to the left. It has a sharper timbre than the others so along with the now less-than-icy-and-better-sounding synth, there seems to be a little more stress on the left side (especially when the vocals are not running). Wonder if you hear the same thing...
  11. Hello, T-hugger. I like singing, too I think it's probably better if you post a link to your singing voice here, so that we can try suggesting something. It's difficult to describe every aspect of one's voice with words... so might as well go to the source? You would, however, need to keep in mind that suggestions - even the most well-intended and helpful ones - are just a small part of one's effort to discover themselves. That's a lifelong process Sreyashi/Sumi
  12. Hi Steve, I, too, feel that this is has the potential to become a song. In fact, all of your poems do.. considering that they centre on the popular theme of heartbreak. Also, since you use almost perfect rhyming sequences in all your poems, it will be easier to convert them to songs. If you are not sure about how to do that you can observe others who post their lyrics in the "lyrics critique" board. Or maybe even post your altered poems there for feedback. There are a few grammatical issues that you might need to look into. For example, it's not "shined" but "shone". But keep following what your heart wants to do... it usually leads us down the right path
  13. Hi TT, Actually there is plenty of participation here.. but what I have noticed is that there aren't many visitors to the "Poets Corner" section. Just like there's less traffic in the "Covers" section. It's just that some sections are of greater interest than others. If you have only stayed in the poems section so far, I would suggest that you interact in the other boards because it gives a greater chance for others to know you (and vice-versa). For instance, if you like writing poems, maybe you're also interested in song writing? Lyrics section for you, then. Etc etc. Once the familiarity sets in among the other members, they will be more inclined to take a peek at your work even in lesser-visited boards. I was very new here just a few months ago but have stuck around to observe others and interact with them.. which has and is still contributing to my learning in a big way. I still have few views and comments to my poems but that's not stopping me from from picking up some tips from other people's work. Just give it a little time and focus on your learning which this site has plenty to provide. Meanwhile, I'll go and check out your poems Sreyashi/Sumi
  14. Oh... this sounds very interesting! Psychedelic, to say the least. The transition from verse to chorus sounds huge but it's too early to say whether that's good or bad. Looking at the words, I'm very curious to see how you mesh these two together. A fun and interesting challenge!
  15. I like the chorus.. though musically, it sounds more happy-happy to me than melancholic. I wasn't so sure about the verses. Then again, it could be because of the 1 2 1 2 pattern which starts off right from the beginning. It's like the song is already out on a march but the verses are trying to play catch-up (apologies for the terrible attempt at giving a comparable example ) Apart from this, it's too early to give a full feedback as the song is yet to be fully constructed. But it's going in an interesting direction...