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  1. The End Of The Skyline

    I haven't been able to be around here much lately and and so missed out on most of the evolution process. So, my observation is based on the very first post you'd made and the latest that you've put up... and the transformation is... WOW! I remember the halting style of playing the piano in that one and how it's changed into a fluidic one here (very pretty!). I also remember that there was a bit of an issue with a few lines that sounded wordy but that's all gone now (did you change them or is it just better phrasing?). That high note sounds perfect now. The whole song sounds like it's been produced just right... it has all these sounds going on but still comes across somewhat stripped down (in a good way). I feel that the pulsating synth sound starting somewhere around 1:24 and leading up to the second verse was a little sharp in texture.. but maybe that's just me. It's a pleasure listening to this
  2. Do you believe in talent?

    Do you believe in talent? Hmmm... How does it matter if I believe in someone else's talent? I have no control over the level of success they can achieve with it. Do I believe in my own talent? Now, that's something to deeply ponder about... because in all probability, I don't (the "I" here is referred to the average collective "I" across billions of people who are born with some unique abilities). I'm either ignorant about my gifts or - more likely - I know I have them but I take them for granted. Just like I take all the good, steady things in my life for granted and start valuing them more once they're gone. Precisely why there is so much of support for the not-so-gifted ones who work ten times harder to achieve perhaps only a certain fraction of what the gifted ones can easily bring to realization (Of course, I'm not against hard workers... but it's an interesting observation). If only all the talented people in the world would wake up...
  3. The Making of an EP

    Wish you all the very best with this! Keep sharing your learnings with us 😊
  4. Looking For Inspiration

    I tell you... It's the T.M.R. effect
  5. Surviving in Memory

    Wow.. nice guitars! Tbh, I got a little scared looking at the length of the song. The intro seemed to be same-ish and from then on, I started to skip forward in bits, to understand the essence of the song. And it sounds quite nice, really... but just too long to hold my attention. There'll surely be others who'll love it and will critique better. But I just wish I had a concise version of this to listen to...
  6. Something To Hold On To - updated vocals

    There's a lot of sass when you speak.. but it sounds softer/lower in volume than the sung part.. need to hear you better! Also the part where you're giving the speaker sound effect sounds a little muffled (which is how it's supposed to be, I guess), but now it's low + muffled... so a little more challenging to the listener I don't mind if it's a pretty song.... it has all the pretty, pop formula with the added lyrical theme about pretty girls fed up with pretty boys The claps can be a little bit crisper.. the way I hear it. And yes, pitch please... you already know which parts they're in
  7. Looking For Inspiration

    I get the feeling of going out on a long drive into the sunset... windows rolled down... feeling the breeze. No worries but just random thoughts... generally feeling relaxed and happy.
  8. Website

    Richard, I went through your website again.. this time on a P.C. The idea of a website is always very interesting for me because it can take up so many different directions! So, visually, it seems clean with not a whole lot of content. The black background looks nice, the white font as a contrast make sense but the font style itself appears a little dated (I know, this is subjective). But more than dated, I feel that it takes some effort to read it, especially in the "About" section - which is probably a combination of the font style and the excessive black-white contrast, which tends to scatter the attention. Perhaps using more muted shades of the same colours along with a simpler looking font can help address this issue. Just as an example, check this out : http://www.u2.com/band. It's using the same black and white theme (inverted) but it's very easy on the eyes in spite of being text-heavy. Now, going beyond the looks, if I were to create a website for my music (I just did a LOL to that ) these are the questions that I would I ask myself: 1) Why am I putting out a website? Is it because it feels good to have one and additionally I can park all my finished work there? If my answer is yes, then I'll be damn happy to have a website like this.. it's just great! If my answer is no, then I would dig deeper and ask further questions like : 2) Do I want to seriously showcase my craft to the world? If yes, then all that is written in the website has to look less amateurish. It needs to show that I really know what I'm good at. So, to cite a specific example here, the "About" section can't be as humble as it is appearing currently . Next, I'd have to worry about the other big thing... 3) Building my brand. For that, I'd first have to identify who my target audience is. Which demographic? Which genre? Accordingly, the entire look of the website can change. If it's the younger lot, then it has to look a lot more "pop". Also, to repeatedly be known only by my stated/artist/band name and nothing else. And to have every one of the images, audio & video clips and other social media posts tagged with that stated/artist/band name. 4) Also, if I'm thinking more along the lines of 2 and 3 than 1, then I would also think about how frequently I would like to update my website. Once this clarity comes in, I think it'll act as a blueprint and will help in mapping out the whole look and content better as per your desired goals. But yes, the goals need to be defined first. Now let me start daydreaming about the day I'll be launching my website
  9. I Fell Apart

    PP, This is a very beautiful one What kind of music do you imagine going with this? Two small observations: 1) Even I felt that the "mold" line isn't as strong as the others. Maybe you can consider another option? I just thought of one - "I used to hold my own". 2) Towards the end, after "No strings attached", you wrote "I fell apart". But you're pretty much talking about present circumstances in the last few lines.. which appears to be status quo. So maybe it should be "I fall apart" instead?
  10. Don't Make Me Say I Love You

    I don't know... but some parts of your songs (especially the piano versions) sound like old French songs... with a sweet charisma. I agree with CapM in the sense that I find the verses here more captivating than the chorus... I think it's the way the words serenade with the piano in these sections that immediately grasp the attention of the listener (the piano sounds wonderful there, too). The chorus sounds tight and more dramatic which is what the song also needs, I guess... But I confess to looking forward to hearing the verse again . But as usual, a very pretty song and wish you all the best in all your endeavours because it's interesting for me to follow them. Oh... and the video didn't bother or excite me... because I'm one of those oddballs who don't get distracted by visuals (no matter how pretty they are) when they hear something captivating
  11. The End Of The Skyline

    Wow.. this is such a lovely song! Even I like it the way it is... simple, with maximum focus on the melody, voice and lyrics I can definitely hear some cello, though, in some parts of the verses. And some soft violins during the changeover from chorus to verse or even as a musical bridge. Yes, some of the sentences run a little longer but they can still be worked out to fit better rhythmically, without chopping off any words (I think... I hope). Really like it, even as it is right now!
  12. Website

    I'm checking on my phone. First draft looks decent, though the newsfeed fonts look oddly big to me. We'll get a better idea when you load more matter. To me, there's some confusion regarding the name you're referring yourself with. Are you Richard Tracey or Little Monuments of Jigsaw Sequence? Perhaps just limit these to two names - one being the self/band name and the other the name of the album/EP?
  13. Website

    David's able to view the website details? I'm still directed to the login page.
  14. What does it mean to succeed?

    I seriously wonder, Chris... how many words do you utter in a single day.. verbal and written put together? You'd win any extempore competition hands down.. simply on the grounds of spontaneity.. without even having to listen to the matter You're damn amusing!
  15. Something To Hold On To with Vocal Demo

    Waiting for the punky, rocky version, Jenn (in your own words ). I know this is an early draft. Haven't been able to go through other's feedback in detail. Here are a few points, if you aren't already aware of them: 1) The song needs to sound more energetic. If it's a pure synthetic pop sound that you're aiming for, then it's fine. But if you're wanting a more edgy feel, then something is lacking. 2) Your speaking section sounds cool. Just give it a little more I-don't-care oomph. 3) Pay a little more attention to the pitch when you're singing car/far/hard etc. I like the way you're stretching them but one or two of the notes are sounding off there. Also a suggestion - when you sing "little", how about actually stressing the "t" rather than rolling over it? It would sound funkier and also space out the line "give me a little something" better with the beat.