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  1. You have a nice, smooth voice, Eddy
  2. Hello... came across your thread and listened to your pieces, which has piqued my interest. I'm by no means a seasoned singer but singing is very much my passion, and am open to collaborations if we find a sync in styles and interest. Here's a little sample of my bare vocals that you can listen to : If this suits your musical taste and needs, then we can see where to go from here. Sreyashi/Sumi
  3. Hi Daryl, This is an interesting sound and arrangement and definitely appears to have great commercial appeal. A lot of people have discussed about the bridge here, so that's something you could look at. Apart from this, I feel that the chorus - which is the real game-changer in this song - can have more punch by sounding bigger, bolder and a little crazier. Another thought that's coming to me is that you could probably add a little pre-chorus which leads up to that big chorus moment... currently, the change-up between the verse and chorus is sounding a little too sudden. Just my thoughts
  4. The contradiction in the sentence itself is very catchy (guess I'm odd, too... so don't mind some eccentricity ) So, no, for me, that phrase works.
  5. Lyrically, "Haunting Me" is much more appealing to me but "Rescue You" sounded better. As many are suggesting here, you could retain both versions... just some more polishing, that's all
  6. Great stuff! Yes, we build our own walls... and pay for it, too
  7. Hey Leo. I like it... it's a theme that's well identified with A few pointers/questions: 1) "and here is the end" - You probably mean "and here in the end" 2) "I used to pretend,To miss all the blues" I thought it would be "I used to pretend,To not miss the blues" (theme of denial followed by acceptance... am I thinking differently here?) 3) "To wake every day,With out letting go" I felt you meant "To wake every day,By letting go" (again, am I thinking differently here?)
  8. Hello! I understand that a lot of members here are very serious about their music, whether they are in it professionally or as a hobby. I’m really interested to know the story behind your drive to pursue music in the way you are. Was it an obvious thing all along? Or a light-bulb moment? Or a case of “I don’t know.. let me give it a try.. viola, it’s working!” Or something else? I’m not trying to be an interviewer here But as I search for more clarity about my own place in music, it would really help to know your little stories. It could possibly inspire some others, too. Thanks Sreyashi/Sumi
  9. Wow... JH... that's quite a story! Amazing stuff!
  10. Wow... this sounds amazing! And it's very clearly a visual song... so good luck with the cool video production I'm totally getting the Coldplay vibe here but can also feel the song supplying quite some air
  11. Emily, you have such a nice voice! With an eclectic touch, too I just felt that your voice stood out and the rest of the music fell a little into the background... maybe the sounds can be made a little sharper, so that the song sounds a bit more cohesive. Also, the backing vocals you provided at the end are really soft.. maybe you could turn up the volume there?
  12. Hi TC... liked the song.. and its easy-breazy feel. If that's the way you wanted it to be conveyed, it's cool. Otherwise, I feel the drums can be a little louder/stronger to give some more power to the song. Currently, to my ears, the guitar is the dominating acoustic. I also feel that vocals can be made louder/stronger, with a special punch when you sing "gone gone gone"... I can kind of picture retro commercials where the punchline is sung with a repetitive rhythm and minimal instrumentals (If you can picture what I mean )... it might just work with the mood of the song
  13. Hello, J I think, this song has a nice laid-back tone. My suggestions usually come more from the performance/delivery point-of-view than recording/mixing standpoint, since I'm quite inexperienced in the latter. So, here's what I thought: The tune is nice and has a nostalgic feeling to it. However, it tends to get repetitive. One of the places where I feel it can be made tighter is at the bridge sections. You could probably club 1 and 2 to make one composite bridge. The third one is basically the ending, which is fine as it is. I also felt that the bridge sounded too similar to the chorus, so maybe you can play around with the notes to create a little more drama. Also, a little more focus on the pitch can help lift the song further. My two cents Good luck!
  14. Hey TripMX, That's an interesting viewpoint of your's.. but doesn't it sometimes feel like one needs to listen to what's "out there" that he or she can measure their music against? Not from a competition-point-of-view but more from that of greater awareness or inspiration?
  15. That's really cool. I identify very well with the issue of not being able to effectively study music in its traditional sense; and would face these hiccups while taking training in Indian classical music, too. But my learning has predominantly and extensively been through the ear. Not sure if that's the best technique but it obviously seems to have worked quite well for some people Thanks for sharing your story!
  16. Please do
  17. I listened to the whole album and was floored! So many songs felt like movie scores to me. And there were so many things being conveyed by the music - drama, fantasy, humour, satire... wow! Oh, and the Windows music? Epic!
  18. Very nice pieces! And I do enjoy old school
  19. My idea of the next-door neighbour story was something similar to that of Mary Jane inspiring the "superhero" in Peter Parker... please feel free to clarify
  20. It's very difficult to choose one definitive song. Different situations make us approach the same thing differently. But a song that does pop up instinctively in my mind is U2's "One". It just feels good on many levels.
  21. That's what matters in the end, doesn't it, Rob? The ability to stick (to anything). And music seems to be a very good adhesive for everyone here Thanks for sharing!
  22. mix

    LOL... Ask ask (I'm game)
  23. I don't write regularly, but on a few odd days, I ride a poetic wave Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Sreyashi/Sumi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pain served me doubt Doubt served me solitude Solitude served me space Space served me hope Hope served me peace Peace served me happiness Happiness served me greatness Greatness served me greed Greed served me vanity Vanity served me selfishness Selfishness served me downfall Downfall served me pain Pain serves me more confusion Oh! Why this endless cycle? Surrender creeps in, I take shelter The weight magically lifted Tears fall but I smile I grasp a tiny speck of the simple truth None of this is mine, anyway So why did I include myself in the show? An abyss of new realization I relax a little more I know I can slip into murky waters again But tonight, I'll sleep in peace
  24. mix

    I do like this a lot. Would probably have liked "won't be long" to be repeated just once more, to make the ending a little less abrupt.
  25. Thanks, David and John... that was prompt