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  1. Hi CT, what kind of music are you into? Any samples that we can listen to?
  2. This is a great, practical post! I found a nice article on guidelines to choose the right vocal coach, since vocals are my interest area, so posting the link here : Many of the fundamentals are similar to what you have stated. Since this is related to your topic, I have kept the post here, in case it helps someone.
  3. It's a nice one. Creates an uplifting environment even when old, happier times are reminisced. It may not sound original enough but the arrangement itself is very smooth and pleasing.
  4. It's very nice, Steve. You know, my interpretation of the window in your poem was our own self - we tend to see everything on the outside, many a time even ourselves. With a little more awareness, the feeling of inclusiveness comes in and we are always home
  5. Hello people, I was going through this website called I guess there are many more such websites; can see one such entity sponsoring songstuff, too. I wanted to know if anyone has tried any of these services and if you have, what kind of results have you gotten. I understand that there are certain variable factors which decide whether one will want to go for such services, like: 1) Is the person interested to try a more commercial route instead of aiming for more niche audiences? 2) Does the person want to outsource those parts of song-making that he/she is not that proficient at, instead of doing everything in-house? 3) Budget (of course) 4) Others If anyone has given this kind of service a try, 1) Did your finished product turn out the way you envisioned it? 2) Did you have any creative control over the process at all, in terms of feedback and reworking the song? 3) Could you actively reach out to your targeted fan base? Apparently they have services for that, too. 4) Overall, was/is it a worthwhile stint? Just questions from a curious Jane J Sreyashi/Sumi
  6. Hello, David. I'd found a song of your's posted somewhere on the forum which I'd listened to but haven't been able to find since... maybe you've taken it down. It was "If I were You". Haven't heard softer sounding songs of your's before and just wanted to say that I liked it a lot :)


  7. Yes, could get it from your SC account. It does sound quite promising.. Will hold on to comments till you have a full draft completed.. you may yourself make changes along the way towards your song completion. I do agree on one point with bakerusc. The piano chords during the chorus sound robotic and somewhat affect the song's flow. Maybe you can use keys instead of chords which sound like somd of the notes when you sing "apart".. just an idea.
  8. This is so different from the kind of music I listen to but I'm still very intrigued by your style
  9. Hi Jenn, Would have liked to listen to your piece but for some reason your link provided isn't opening. Could you paste it here again along with the default player option?
  10. It's a nice one, ALO. Looking forward to hearing the rest
  11. I guess the same fundamentals apply anywhere - not just in music. Have talent, know it, hone it, then show it. If these things are in place, crowd funding can be a very powerful tool. People see your worth and support you - just like John said about Songstuff Also, stories of "late-bloomers" aren't totally unknown either, in a world where ultimately everything is a measure of relativity
  12. Hi Alex, I have heard a number of your songs and they all have a sweet, folksy feeling to them. You have a nice tone, too I would like to point out a couple of things which, I believe, can be a value addition to your overall song quality (which is already pretty good!) for this song as well as others 1 - Sometimes, a few parts of your music pieces appear a little rushed. Specifically in this song's case, I find that happening somewhere in the chorus. Of course, you're maintaining the overall rhythm while singing them but the flow doesn't appear smooth. So, you could work on your phrasing in such sections or on the length of the sentences. 2 - You have a nice way of playing with the notes while singing. And as Oswlek has mentioned, your's is a radio-friendly voice. With so much going for you, it would be great if you pay a little more attention to the pitch - which, you may have noticed, falters sometimes. It may not have to be perfect (though I'm my harshest critic, in this category) but it shouldn't waver to the point that some hooked listeners get a little distracted. And the only way to deal with it is by keeping up the practice, with special focus on this aspect Hope you don't take this otherwise. But I say these because I see you with a lot of potential. Sreyashi/Sumi
  13. Very interesting song... this kind of sound reminds of the work of a certain contemporary singer named Melanie Martinez (maybe you've heard of her?). As usual, your voice is the clincher Maybe it can be made to sound a little sharper against the music (there's a little bit of edge that this song can build up on... not sure whether it's the voice or the musical arrangement or both)? I also feel that a little more punch to the phrasing technique can take this song to a different level.
  14. I like the way the song opens and also find the chorus pretty catchy. Just feel that the chorus can be made to sound a little bigger, especially after the second verse. Also, maybe you can repeat it another time before ending the song (or make it a fadeout). Currently, the ending appears a little bit rushed.
  15. It sounds really nice. Good, clear vocals (with very clear enunciation) and good, clear instrumentals... everyone's getting their due. This has the potential of sounding like a commercially produced song with bigger sound effects and what not, but I like the simplicity involved here - which goes well with the theme of the song and has a way of connecting with the listener (me, at least)
  16. This looks hard.. but it's an interesting challenge. Don't know if I'll be following the correct format of metaphors, but I'll give it a try A life of gold traded for one of haste By a true seeker who wouldn’t waste A single moment drenched in disillusionment Save for a few touching memories of entanglement N - Flavour V – Trudge A - Plentiful
  17. I think, by default, music is meant to be a right-brained activity/engagement. For most of us, it will come naturally as a means to de-stress or escape from the ho-hum routine of life. Personally, for me, it's like a life-saver. I listen to music a lot and my mood decides what type I listen to. But, yes, even though I listen for enjoyment, I realize that my biggest motivation is good vocals and melodies (lyrics take the backseat for me) which I'm always on the lookout for. So, maybe in a way, I'm not completely relaxed when I'm listening to vocal pieces - which probably comprise of 95% of my curent music library. Then again, there are those moments when I suddenly realise that I've just shed a few tears.
  18. Hi, Richard I like it... reminds me somehow of Modern Talking... so that's a trip down memory lane You're obviously building up this song more and my only suggestion for now is regarding the "huh-huh" hook. It sounds very catchy when the song starts, but when you start singing the main verses, the hooks seem to clash a little with them in some sections. So, you might consider playing around with the volume so that these are more of a background effect. I also feel that as the song progresses, you could have the hook branching out into 1-2 harmonies. Looking forward to hearing the full song! Sreyashi/Sumi
  19. Heya So, before someone more experienced comes along, I thought I'll help you out for the time being. Members here seem to prefer to listen to songs that are posted via links instead of being uploaded as files. SoundCloud is a popular medium used to upload one's songs. You can open an account with them (if you don't have one already), upload your work there and simply share the link here which can be streamed online by the users. Hope this helps!
  20. Whoa... super excited to see this list! Some I know of and some I don't. But will check them out in detail and revert with my observations. Thanks a lot! Oh... And I just loove Tracy Chapman.. been a while since I've listened to her songs. Will definitely go back there again
  21. I haven't heard this one but will check it out. I keep searching for good female voices to draw inspiration from Coming back to duets and specifically Dixie Chicks, I do like them a lot (though technically, it's a group) and happen to recall a song of Stevie Nicks that they had performed together with her - Landslide : I'm not sure if this is technically called a duet format, since they all basically sing together but still feature two different individuals/entities. Maybe you can enlighten me on the same
  22. I love duets! Perhaps that’s because they aren’t as common as solos and group or band performances. Most are male-female combinations, so love/heartbreak would be the main theme. I can currently think of one non-romance themed duet song that has been covered by many opposite gender artists – The Prayer. As a reference, here’s a link of one such version: Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer Somehow, I like the male-female combinations more due to the complementary nature of the singers’ voices. When it comes to duets by singers of the same gender, there’s an element of comparison that tends to come up as to who did it better (my thoughts). Some examples : Whitney Houston - When You Believe Whitney Houston - When You Believe Whitney Houston's official music video for 'When You Believe' ft. Mariah Carey. Click to listen to W... Michael Jackson - The Girl Is Mine ft. Paul McCartney Michael Jackson - The Girl Is Mine ft. Paul McCartney Michael Jackson - The Girl Is Mine ft. Paul McCartney But then, there’s no formula. So, anything can work The other day, I came across a duet which was actually a competition (if you follow “The Voice”, you would know the format) but it sounded like heaven! Here’s the link : The Voice 2017 Battle - Ashley Levin vs. Casi Joy: "How Blue"
  23. I wish I could give your post multiple likes, Randy. This means a lot. Thank you
  24. Hello! I understand that a lot of members here are very serious about their music, whether they are in it professionally or as a hobby. I’m really interested to know the story behind your drive to pursue music in the way you are. Was it an obvious thing all along? Or a light-bulb moment? Or a case of “I don’t know.. let me give it a try.. viola, it’s working!” Or something else? I’m not trying to be an interviewer here But as I search for more clarity about my own place in music, it would really help to know your little stories. It could possibly inspire some others, too. Thanks Sreyashi/Sumi
  25. Quite enjoyable! You have a nice voice