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  1. That Night You Danced With Me

    Hey Patty, This feels very country to me! I have been following your lyrics for a while and find a certain charm in its easy-going style Had a quick look at this one and there's one part - actually the ending chorus - which seems to be meddling with the flow. You moved from the past to the present, where you (the protagonist) are holding out hopes for your son in finding a loved one similar to the way you found your's. Then you moved again back to the same chorus line of the past. I was thinking that you could probably wrap the new chorus around your wishes for your son with only a reference to the line "the night you danced with me"... Good one! Sreyashi/Sumi
  2. Format Change Today?

    No complaints... I'm super happy with the different "reaction" options!
  3. All In Vain

    Hey Nelson, welcome here Well, you've already got the unanimous verdict regarding the mix... Will look forward to your repost with a new arrangement/mix.. because I really would like to hear you better as there's a bundle of great talent lying under all those layers of instruments
  4. Sreyashi- Together

    Thanks, everyone, for your very kind comments I know... the drums are tricky... had a bit of an issue feeling the rhythm myself, while recording. But there's been a lot of change from the time we started out with the arrangements. Tim and I had discussed about the drums and I'm hopeful that he will figure out something that will help create a finer blend. But I'm really grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to collaborate... it was a great learning process for me
  5. Highs and Lows

    Hey Gary, I didn't listen to the previous post of your's but this one sounds nice! It's got a sweet melody seems to give off a Take That vibe (the lead singer's name was Gary, too ) I think your vocals can be brought forward just a wee bit in some parts (like the first verse & chorus and the third verse). Perhaps bring a little more variety to the ending (?).. the song ends a bit abruptly. And, oh, I can't hear the "s" in "lows"
  6. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    I remember that extended piano intro that you had used in the spider song (please excuse me for not remembering the exact title)... it sounded lovely. This song reads like a ballad and you'd probably like to sing it like a ballad... piano pieces would fit well here, I think. The synth sounds a little loud in the current arrangement. There were some small portions where the tempo and your singing were not matching.... but I guess you're figuring things out at this initial stage. Wish you all the best with your album.. sounds exciting!
  7. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Hello! Working on a tune but the words came to me first. Suggestions and feedback appreciated: Rose tinted glasses You see candy floss up in the sky Rose tinted glasses It's far from grasp as you reach high Strawberry on your lips Cherry gum on your fingertips Till the stickiness brings you back To the mess made on the fresh tarmac Rose tinted glasses You order some sparkly for two Rose tinted glasses Do you really think she likes you? Swimming in a pool that's sweet As your favourite pancake dip But then you wake up Gagging on your old cough syrup Why do you just stand by? Why are you so colourblind? Like a fly buzzing in circles You're never far from trouble But oh Your rose tinted glasses Are all you wish to use A reel of different flashes That's life, but you choose
  8. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Thanks, PP. It's playing in my head like a stuck record Will look forward to feedback soon..
  9. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    This sounds more early 90's than 80's to me (but in a good way). There are so many songs that I'm reminded of but I can't specifically recall any one of them at this point.. LOL Good one.. I was taken back to the party music of my school days
  10. One Minute Song - member challenge

    How do you keep coming up with songs so quickly!!
  11. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    Lol... and you had to search for only "Another one bites the dust" to make your point Oh well, I think I'll just go and do a random search on "It's all about the money"
  12. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I guess the people using SoundCloud have a specific agenda while those using YouTube don't necessarily have one... or even if they did, they'd get distracted. Even if someone wanted to listen to music on YouTube, their eyes would start wandering after a while.. another kind of "idiot box" under the garb of knowledge provider? If only Google lent a helping hand to the likes of SoundCloud... but they're very smart
  13. Losing out on you (previously repetition)

    Hey Leo, This is a very interesting style! I like it as it is in almost all the places. Just a few suggestions for a few lines, if they seem to make sense of to you: 1) "Clown, what have you done now" - Clown, I turn myself into now 2) "Avoiding my request" - Of/You (any one) avoiding my request 3) "So bright it hurts the eyes" - So harsh it hurts the eyes 4) "It is I’m losing out on you" - I’m losing out on you 5) "Up, to those vultures circling, above" - Closer, to those vultures circling, above Best of luck!
  14. Caught in a moment

    What a baritone! Wish the vocal recording was clearer, though..
  15. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Haha... I was frantically looking up various types of uses of the word "grasp". I know that it's common to use a pronoun before it but hadn't thought that it would be incorrect to drop it. I'll research more on it (Have to for my own sake, since I teach Spoken English at a slum school on Sundays... don't want to end up teaching the wrong stuff to the kids!). For now, by a count of majority, I'll switch from my line to your's. Philjo will be happy, too Oh, and Peggy, thank you!
  16. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Honestly, I don't quite understand which part of the line you find grammatically wrong. It bugs me if I do go wrong with grammar.. but I'm not seeing it here, unless you clearly point it out Regarding your suggestion for rephrasing and the logic behind it, I get it. I don't have a particular problem with enunciation with the original line either... but both flow differently. I did a quick recording of the line in both the writing styles. If you have the time, perhaps you could listen and let me know which appeals more? Line 4-Sample.m4a
  17. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Thanks, folks, for your inputs. I tried to keep your suggestions in mind and apply them where they felt more comfortable. Made a small change to the lyrics... just 1% bothered with them... (oh, and I also seem to like insects!) Rose Tinted Glasses Rose tinted glassesYou see candy floss up in the skyRose tinted glassesFar from your grasp as you reach highStrawberry on your lipsCherry gum on your fingertipsTill the stickiness brings you backTo the mess made on the fresh tarmacRose tinted glassesYou order some sparkly for twoRose tinted glassesDo you really think she likes you?Swimming in a pool that's sweetAs your favourite pancake dip But then you wake upGagging on your old cough syrupWhy do you stand by?Why are you so colourblind?Like a moth with a flame, dancing prettyYou keep on flirting with realityAnd ohYour rose tinted glassesAre all you wish to useA reel of different flashesThat's life, but you choose
  18. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Thanks, @ImKeN, @Philjo, @Peggy Really appreciate your comments. Philjo, what you suggest sounds smoother than what I've written. However, to use 'It's out of reach as you aim high' feels like the person has a plan/goal which they are trying to reach. Our protagonist is rather happy-go-lucky.. not someone with a great plan. They do what they like and they see what they like. So, my line 'It's far from grasp as you reach high' was from the point of view that they are instinctively reaching out for the "candy floss" simply because they like it without bothering to check if it's achievable or not. I hope I could explain myself Peggy, I know where you're coming from And how I wish to explain this is : our happy-go-lucky protagonist would rather be an ignorant audience to an act of injustice because they can continue to be in their little world which is rather "perfect". Did that make sense? Ken, that's a huge boost to my confidence. I'm pretty shaky about the idea of writing songs because... well, I don't ... just been trying out new stuff. So, if you say that reading the lyrics alone brought a tune to you, it means a lot to me.
  19. Rose Tinted Glasses

    @scotsman89 Hi John, Thanks for your comments. Well, the whole song could be about the singer or listener.. actually anyone, who seems to have an "eyes wide shut" approach to life. The same applies to the lines "Why do you just stand by?" and "Why are you so colourblind?". Regarding the next two lines "Like a fly buzzing in circlesYou're never far from trouble" , what I'd meant to say was that just like a fly that's swatted away keeps returning to perch at the same place, this person is always skirting around but not quite far away from trouble. But you've helped point out two things to me in these lines: 1) it's a vague interpretation in this couplet and people won't really understand what I'm trying to say 2) suddenly, I've become very specific about a person while the rest of the song is pretty generic And so, I agree that these two lines should go. I'll try to think up another trippy phrase.. and if I can't, I have your suggestion

    Very high on energy, especially that build up... this looks very promising!
  21. Rose Tinted Glasses

    Thanks, Leo, for taking the time to read and review. I think I get what you're trying to say.. it's a tighter arrangement of the words. But I'm just going to hold onto this a bit and see if I get other ideas. I have a somewhat jazzy theme coming to me and had imagined an irregular/trippy style of phrasing with the longer sentences... while also attempting to provide some comic relief with this type of writing/phrasing. I could repeat "rose tinted glasses" in the end. Open to this idea... will firm up as I proceed with the melody. Thanks again!
  22. "Give Love, Get Pain (That's The Trade}"

    Hi David, It reads well to me... But there's one particular line that's leaving me with a question mark - the title itself. Somehow, it seems to suggest that if one gives love, all they get back is pain. Is that what you're really trying to say? Or is it more along the lines of "life is a mixed bag.. you gotta deal with it"? In that case, would "Get love, get pain" make more sense? And if it does, is it really a "trade"? Just some food for thought... if you consider it edible enough
  23. Highs and Lows

    I really like the theme but I liked it more when it was less wordy... just a glance and it sang very easily... the words reverberated well, too. Except for the need for a few minor changes, I liked that version more.. Personal preferences
  24. Mr. Fox

    You have great melodic ideas Looking forward to you polishing them till they gleam... they'll be really worth it
  25. “Won’t Be Your Tool” 

    Hi Tom, This is the first time I got to listen to your work... and I found it really nice! Pretty smooth running... not high on dynamics but captivating all the same For some reason, the initial part of the song with the soft solo guitar reminded me of the song "Carnival of Rust" by Poets of the Fall... which I personally like a lot. Plus you have a nice voice Apart from what has been pointed out by our friends above, there's something that I thought I'd suggest... though ultimately it comes down to perception. Your verses sound gloomy/ominous while your chorus sounds more cheerful. Someone could argue saying that the person is feeling more optimistic with his new found realization.. but the idea feels like a stretch to me. I would have actually like the chorus to be angrier... that's how I imagine the person to feel in such a situation. Just my two cents