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  1. Lyrics written, just now, to a melody I'm working on for the past couple of days. Thanks for listening, thanks for commenting, Brand new What ever I found, I tried to forget, To wake every day, Brand new, It was easy that way, To keep up the pace, Not dragging around, What's over, I used to pretend, To miss all the blues, That's how I have failed, Again and again, and here is the end, and all I will say, I hope we will meet, Brand new, And time went on by, But I stayed the same, I tried to change you, I couldn't, You kept it all, No matter how small, Rolled it up in a ball, To play with, I used to pretend, To miss all the blues, Thats how I have failed, Again and again, and here is the end, and all I will say, I hope we will meet, Brand new, So I take my turn, Trying to learn, To take but a piece, With me, To wake every day, With out letting go, Of worries or foe, But feel them, I used to pretend, To miss all the blues, That's how I have failed, Again and again, and here is the end, and all I will say, I hope we will meet, Brand new,
  2. Hey Alex, I think your song is pretty good. It's not really my kind of musical style, but I'm hooked. You got a very nice singing voice, and I like the overall structure and story of the song. While I can't really offer much advice about arrangement (except that I would keep it light, drum and base), I have a few small remarks regarding the lyrics. I would suggest replacing the word 'love' with 'be'. I think it's wrong to say it that way. The scene you describe of 'being with out him' feels unrelated to me. I just don't understand what's going on. I would suggest telling about regular day to day life, but it's not the same 'with out him'. I would drop the soon, the line feels to packed to me. I really enjoyed your song, Good luck,
  3. Hey folks, Our a little dated internet radio interview with a radio legend. https://www.sparemin.com/myrecording/2681/_branch_match_id=367472620246596598 Thanks
  4. Thanks Rudi, I think they had a lyrics once. But, if you choose an individual song you will get the lyrics for it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hey Blitz, Do you write/play/record music? Not that you have to. Welcome
  6. I think in art there shouldn't be any rules. Also in life, but that is a different matter. Sure, some might find the change in lyrics or structure annoying. But others will appreciate the continues growth. In other words, you can't please everybody, unless you get them all drunk. I say, play the song the way you feel it should play.
  7. Origional post edited again.
  8. Hey scotsman, Thanks for your comment, it's a good point. Do you think it might work if the line will go "I feel lonley" instead of being? Getting a little intimate. I feel lonley when I have a big fight with my partner and were not talking. Evenn though technically im not alone. Thanks again
  9. Thanks for your comments Arty, I think I understand your remark on 'limitless'. I must admit instinctively i likr the way limitless rolls of my tongue. It might be a getting too used to domething sort of thing. So, I will try and play the song with "life had not limits back then" for a bit and see if I can make it work for me. Thanks a bounch for your critique. I will fix the link, thanks.
  10. Hey Jenn, Youve got a nice singing voice. I can only offer the following amature advice: 1. Relax your shoulders. 2. Be aware of breading in between phrases. 3. Don't drink and record. 4. I'm sure there is better advice online. Happy hangover
  11. Hey Gecko, Sounds interesting. Cant wait to hear your music mate.
  12. I wouldn't mind writing lyrics for this... if you are interested. Send me link to download and Ill send you a draft for your thoghts.
  13. Hey rudi, Thank for your comments. It's not a typical sound for me, perhaps its the result of my cercomstences. My only available instruments are my guitar and vocals. So I use those to remember melodies when recording scratch demos. I write mainly bluesy folky stuff, trying to find a distenctive sound. And working on being aible to record more professionaly. And get closer to a full production. I am in the process of recording guitar and vox for a future album with a rythem section and arrengments. And writing new stuff all the time. Some, like this one, sounded interesting enough, to me, to put out as is. I agree it's got a weird vibe about it. With the vocals coming from all direction. To do that I recorded them seperatly with out hearing the other back vox tracks. So, I wouldn't try to replica one when doing another. There was no editing done on the piece, other then a few buildin fx in the 4track app i use (some delay, compression and reverb). I'm happy the song made an impression on you. Thanks for listening.
  14. Hey Mat, Im not a pro. But I have been studying the matter lately and Im gonna add an AT2035(con) to my SM57(dyn). Both have very good value for money, and are considered an industry staple. As far as i managed to find out. Also, more information about what you are planing to record(vocals, guitar, drums, trumpet...) and how, will help you towards getting you a better answer.