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  1. My latest song. Opinions needed.

    Thanks! And yes, I try to make my songs enjoyable all the way to the end. I'm glad you listened to it too!
  2. Eternal Sorrow

    I know you didn't ask for opinions at any point but I'm going to give mine anyway. I really like the melody and the rhythm of the song. However your pitch is not on point but that can be worked on. Also in the chorus I would have wanted to hear some contrast to the verse. Maybe long chords or something. On an ideal level this could really get somewhere though.
  3. My latest song. Opinions needed.

    Thank you! Those kind of words are also really inspiring for me too as a composer.
  4. I'll try this and see if it works. Thank you!
  5. Does this song make you feel something?

    Thanks guys! And yes my composing software is ancient lol
  6. Does this song make you feel something?

    The broblem is I have practically no connections to anyone that's good with music. I just sit on my computer and make songs haha. I joined this site partly beacause of the connections too. Maybe someone needs a composer who knows. But I'm very honored to hear that and yes, I would kinda like to see how my songs would do among bigger crowds.
  7. Does this song make you feel something?

    Thanks for the feedback! Really glad people like it! The volumes of different instruments are always tricky since the sound balances vary so much with different devices. And it's so far just a single song. Will see in the future, maybe I'll create more songs like this.
  8. Does this song make you feel something?

    Wow, thank you! I've had this melody lying around for a while and finally figured out how to use it. I'm very pleased to hear you liked it! Is there anything I could improve on?
  9. Orchestral piece - Dalmatian Nights

    You just sent me to a little village in Italy or something. Very interesting. I like the rhythm and the kind of unstoppable feeling of the song. No complains really.
  10. Since it said "shameless promotion", here it comes. The genre is somewhat orchestral and I really tried to capture a certain feeling to it. Just wanted to try something new and now was a good time for it. Any feedback is welcome! thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js0xLrJ_knE&app=desktop
  11. Hey guys! This time something different. I just wanted to enhance the atmosphere so I kept it very simple. (There's a personal reason for this) I can't name the exact genre, guess it's kind of orchestral. Any feedback is appreciated! In your opinion, is this the direction I should be going or do you dig my rhythmic songs more?
  12. I'm Utopia

    Thanks guys this seems like a real friendly place
  13. Hey guys. I have a weird issue with my electric guitar intonation. The B string is perfectly in tune on every fret except when played open it's too flat. If I put the open B in tune, all fretted notes are too sharp. Here's the weird part. The sharpness doesn't increase when going up the neck. So I guess the problem is not in the saddle position. (Plus it won't go any further from the neck, damn you tune-o-matic) I wonder if the string slots are not deep enough? But I don't want to ruin my guitar before asking the professionals here. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
  14. Let's Play A Game

    Im in! (If we get other people too and I don't have to sing)
  15. I think it came out kinda nice Tell me what you think. Any feedback is welcome! If you like it, check out the other songs on my channel. Utopia - Surf the clouds: Thanks for your time!