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  1. I realize I'm late to this conversation and likely inserting some serious thread drift by quoting from several pages back, but I wanted to respond to this comment. I recently picked up Miranda Lambert's new 2 disc release, and there are maybe 4 to 5 songs out of 23-26 (can't remember which, but it was a lot) that I wasn't immediately happy to hear. That handful of songs has also grown on me after a few plays, so I'd say this whole collection is a home run. In all honesty, I've never owned a single CD with so many good songs on it. Now onto the first topic, I almost never purchase physical music anymore. This is my first purchase in a very long time. Some of those reasons are because I don't have the equipment at home to enjoy playing them. I am slowly moving up in the world that way and now have a vehicle with a CD player, but at the same time have a smart phone that connects with the stereo system. Here's the real problem. I do have a Google Play subscription, so can download and play anything I want from their catalog. But, on my hour commutes to school, the car drops the connection to the phone, or the phone drops connection to Google, and then I find myself mid-song and mid-commute not being able to get back to it while driving. It frustrated me enough times that I said, "forget this nonsense," and went for the physical copy of something I'd heard enough times digitally that I knew was worth paying for the hard copy. On top of that, it's a far better quality sound. Double bonus. Just wanted to add in a perspective that hasn't yet been noted. Also, radio doesn't really take care of the commuter market that well. I'm in the Chicago area, and while we have some great radio stations, there is music here you never hear on the radio that gets played to death elsewhere in the country. I can think of a few rock bands that qualify. For one, I almost never hear anything from Yes. They stick to mostly top 40 rock or pop or country, and that's all you get. It's very limiting for everyone with musical tastes that span the many genres available today. This is why owning the CD is still most attractive for anyone who does drive long distance to work or school. A niche market to keep in mind, and potential way of targeting those customers.
  2. I like it, too. And I like the word race used as the second "place." It gives an interesting contrast to the next line, where you say "slow down" to my time, and makes you think. Or even better, you could switch the two, making race first and place second, which would make more sense with the third line.
  3. I like it. Would love to hear it put to music. I could easily hear this on the Top 40 charts with a dance beat.
  4. Hi. This is my first post, and I'd love to hear some feedback on my first song-writing attempt. It was inspired by how my husband says goodbye to me in the morning. I'm hearing it in the style of Miranda Lambert's "Gravity is a Bitch," with that old-timey saloon player piano. I Ain't Your Mama As the sun was coming up, he said goodbye To our son and to someone I didn't recognize It sounded like mama, but his mama is dead That left one women and she was still in bed. Now this girl here is the household prima donna That doesn't share her crown And is prone to psychodrama So I set off on a quest to fix this now Hearing something that just ain't allowed I flew out of bed as he walked out the door Cause this is something that can't be ignored And I grabbed his jacket as he got in his Honda Listen up bubba, I ain't your momma I ain't your mama You gotta get this straight Well, I might look like a feather weight But I'm gonna hafta beat you over the brow If you don't knock off this mama stuff Right now Having mama on your mind might help explain Why I've been feeling so mundane From planning all the dinners To trying to look slimmer It's no wonder why I've failed to deliver It's become such a drain It's driving me insane I’m your wife not your mother Your one and only lover While I don't mean to complain It's been a real pain Picking up all your messes And still having time for caresses At 4 am when I've barely slept An your pistol wants to stand erect If I had some help like a partner should I'd have more time to chop that wood So come and lend a hand Like you really are my man Let's tackle this together It's our shared endeavor I ain't your mama You gotta get this straight Well, I might look like a feather weight But I'm gonna hafta beat you over the brow If you don't knock off this mama stuff Right now Note: This works good in the key of A with A, E, D, G and there is one more that needs to go lower than E, but I'm not sure what it would be. All I can find that fits is the low E note.