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  1. Let me briefly introduce myself

    Hi Mikael, very nice to hear from you. I live in Flensborg, it's a plenty of travelling minutes from Puttgarden. I seldom have enough time to travel that much. So to meet in person has to wait. But let's talk about songwriting for a while. Your post in the neighbour forum sounds very interesting. I admit I don't understand one word of the danish language, but I put it in Google Translator and so I understood the meaning of your lyrics. Is it a proposal to your partner? Did you perform it already? I think it's very unusual to put a love song in the envelope of a rap. What do other people, especially your family say about this? If you have already an idea how to perform it musically I could help you by recording a little guitar track? Have you got any idea for an emotional chorus? I'd say you should look at the partial rap song "Eraser" of Ed Sh**ran (SBTV Version). Maybe this could be an inspiration. If you are interested in my musical style: I don't really know if it's permitted to post links in this part of the forum, so I will try to send you a PM with links to demos of my first self-made two songs. I wrote them about the current "zeitgeist" and to clearup my thoughts. The next song is on its way, it will be a story about a failed love affair of two very young people - a very old story I got to know about in the past... All the best to you Michael
  2. Introduction

    Hi Mikael, a warm welcome from a newbie to a newbiein this forum. Have you ever been to Flensborg? It's sometimes almost denmark ;-) Flensborg has a big and diverse music scene seated in many small locations and its likeable backyards. See you
  3. Hello everybody, my name is Michael and I loved music ever since I can remember. Nowadays I even try to write it by myself - just as a hobby. I live in Germany near the danish border. Please excuse my poor english - I learn to use it more correctly day by day. I am an IT-professional / software developer, but back in my youth I already made music with a Commodore Amiga, a sound-digitizer, a very small audio mixer and two tape-decks. Then "career" came... A few years ago I started to learn playing the guitar and step-by-step I collected all these little things like a couple of microphones, an amplifier, an audio-capturing-device, a DAW etc. Now, being nearly able to use these utilities and to play some chords and picks on the guitar, I am looking for an entry in songwriting just to create my own stuff and to tell some of the stories that I'm thinking about. My musical tastes are from the singer/songwriter genre, names like Loreena McKennit, Tina Dico, Milow and yes, Ed Sheeran. And last but not least all these evergreens like Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Cat Stevens. I love these songs in which song content, music and emotion go together and make me feel like I experienced the story be myself. In my own songs I am currently working on issues like merging song structure, song content and emotion - how to arrange a song to make it interesting. And of course I often try to use the english language correctly. See you...