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  1. @Timbre Yeah, I've been told that the melody isn't uplifting/urgent so I'll have to re-work that. And yeah, I know, the music sadly doesn't support the lyrics and neither do my vocals. Haha, no way I could compete against a classic like Sam Cooke's, it was just a coincidence that they had the same title. I'll consider having V2 as the bridge, but then I dunno what I'd write for verse 2... Maybe I'll end up changing the structure... Thanks for the advice, appreciate it , Anonymous9
  2. @JH Michaels Yeah, I wasn't singing as loud as I could've been, I'll try that to improve the melody. I'm glad that you thought I improved - that's the most important part for me. Thanks , Anonymous9
  3. @emilyandersonmusic Haha, no you were right with what you were saying and I agree, the uplifting feelings is not brought through in the song like I wanted. Thanks , Anonymous9
  4. First of all, really good effort, I liked your vocals and the instrumentation as well - it gave a nice chill eff ect. But I couldn't fully hear what the vocals were - they might have been just a bit too low. But if that was intentional and you were going for the "Low Volume Vocals" effect like many singers do, just make sure not to have the vocals too low. Also I liked the static noise at 0:25, dunno if they were intentional or not, because it gave the song a good kick. However after that, the static noises didn't work for me. Apart from that, nice song keep it up, Anonymous9
  5. Yeah the lyrics are really depressing and self-criticising but that's what I was going for in order to make the bridge - which isn't as depressing- more uplifting and powerful due to the contrast between the bridge and the rest of the song. I also wanted to display the feeling of wanting to change (in the verses) and actually changing one's state of mind (in the chorus). However I don't think I pulled off this effect well enough because the bridge didn't sound as uplifting as I hoped it to be. And yeah, I'd like to appeal to a greater audience in general but I also like to switch things up a bit sometimes, but in my next songs I'll do something more topical. Haha, I was actually listening to Sam Cooke's "Change is Gonna Come" while I was writing this song and I realised how different the two songs were as well. I might try display the "Woe is me" aspect differently like you said as well. Anyway thanks for your advice , Anonymous9
  6. I loved the refrain - seems very emotional or at least the way you said it. By far my favourite part. My only critique - and it might just be me- but I felt that you could've cut some of the smaller words out of the verses. For example : "It's you I find I...I really need So that my heart won't continue to bleed". You could cut out the smaller words like "That" which aren't necessary. I know it's a small thing - and I'm nit picking- but it's just easier on the ears. But anyway, good song, I quite enjoyed it, so thanks Keep it up, Anonymous9
  7. Instrumental's really cool and overall, the song has a good vibe. The guitar is catchy as well. Dunno what else to say - everything has been pretty much said already. But anyway, good work, keep it up Anonymous9
  8. @HoboSage Haha I guess the song could be about being stoned (but I didn't write the song while I was stoned just FYI ) Thanks very much for what you said about the lyric "With my head in the clouds". I actually never realised that mistake at all when I was writing the song - I'll definitely fix it so it's consistent with the theme. Thanks anyway , Anonymous9
  9. @Simon Darveau Sorry it was so low, I'll make sure to increase the volume next time. And no, it wasn't intended to be a rap, haha, so I guess I did a bad job on the melody - I'll work on that. Thanks anyway , Anonymous9
  10. @ImKeN Thanks for that. Haha yeah, I did the vocal melody on purpose - I was feeling inspired by Amy Winehouse - but the vocals still didn't come out exactly like I hoped. I'll post the lyrics and try work on them more - I know they sound a bit boring. Thanks anyway , Anonymous9
  11. HoboSage Sorry I didn't realise I made that mistake
  12. JH Michaels Thanks very much for commenting. Yeah I agree, the song does sound quite bland now - I'll try come up with more of a melody. I'll try re-work the lyrics as well, they're quite telling and not descriptive enough. I'll also aim to add for the music now to make it less repetitive and add some depth into the song. Definitely, I'll keep working at it and add emotion into it. Thanks anyway for the encouragement, I really appreciate your input too - I don't really care if it's negative because at least I can improve from now on Thanks again, Anonymous9
  13. Hey guys, This song is about going through a hard time and knowing you have to change what you're doing if you wanna feel better. I'd appreciate it if you could comment on what you thought, and be as cruel as you like : I really don't mind negative comments Here's the link (lyrics are below the video): Lyrics: [Verse 1] I’m tired of living like this And feeling like shit And telling myself lies Like I’ma be alright With my head in the clouds And the rain pouring down my cheeks And legs glued to the ground Oh I’m feeling weak Oh I’m feeling very weak Now I’m feeling very tired Now I’m feeling very sad And now I’m mad that I’m sad [Chorus] A change has gotta come Sooner or later A change has gotta come One way or another Cuz I’m tired of living like A life but not the good life And boy it’s been a while Since I’ve worn a smile So, a change has gotta come Sooner or later A change has gotta come One way or another [Verse 2] This ceiling’s getting dark No light, no shining star Hope seems too far And it’s driving me apart I’m forgetting who I am I’m forgetting what it feels like To love myself Soooo [Chorus] [Bridge] Ima do what I need to Ima change my life for good Yeah Ima turn my life right around Ain’t nobody gonna get me down Ima fight for what I believe in Dreams I’ll soon be living in With endless possibilities And endless inevitabilities I might find myself again Yeah I might be happy once more So a change is gonna come Sooner or later A change is gonna come One way or another Cuz I’m tired of living like A life but not the good life Boy it’s been a while Since I’ve worn a smile So, a change is gonna come (Oh yeah a change is gonna come) Sooner or later A change is gonna come (Oh yeah a change is gonna come) One way or another
  14. This song is about, well, basically being friendzoned. And then the girl you like turns out to be a ho, or more accurately: a gold digger. Haha, I had a lot of fun making this 'Amy Winehouse inspired' song soooo.... Please tell me what you think of this song - whether it be good/bad, it doesn't matter, I'd love both. Anyway, here's the song (lyrics are below): Lyrics: [Verse 1] We’ve been friends forever Maybe a little too long Whenever we’re together This feeling it won’t go away No this feeling it won’t go away So I stay up at night Thinking do you feel the same As I stare from afar Thinking maybe you feel the same But when I asked do you love me? You said “why, of course I do” But I know exactly what you meant Ye I’ll always be a friend to you But all I want is you Oh all I want is you [Verse 2] You with your sky blue eyes It’s hard to say when you’re telling lies So the next day I had to call you up To see who you really love But you said “No! Stop right there. Before you jeopardise what we got” So I said “I was just messing” And you said “No you’re not!” So I said “Just forget this happened” And you said nothing at all But I know I’ll never forget this ever Because all I think of is you Because all I want is you Ye all I want is you [Verse 4] Happy times, oh happy times for you You’re going off to Hollywood Told me you got a record deal From your new man who owns the label Oh I see the games you’ve been playing there Oh I see the games you ain’t playing fair I told you I was happy so, You told me I was the bestest friend I almost said it, oh ye I almost said it That I didn’t want you to go Cuz all I want is you Ye all I want is you [Verse 5] Do you know how I feel Or how I hurt I feel like a fool For ever loving you This unrequited love Is killing me slowly Because you’re all that I want But you’ll never love me Because you’re all that I want But you’ll never love me Love me Love me love love
  15. Thanks Janeva