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  1. Crawling

    First of all, really good effort, I liked your vocals and the instrumentation as well - it gave a nice chill eff ect. But I couldn't fully hear what the vocals were - they might have been just a bit too low. But if that was intentional and you were going for the "Low Volume Vocals" effect like many singers do, just make sure not to have the vocals too low. Also I liked the static noise at 0:25, dunno if they were intentional or not, because it gave the song a good kick. However after that, the static noises didn't work for me. Apart from that, nice song keep it up, Anonymous9
  2. Missing You

    I loved the refrain - seems very emotional or at least the way you said it. By far my favourite part. My only critique - and it might just be me- but I felt that you could've cut some of the smaller words out of the verses. For example : "It's you I find I...I really need So that my heart won't continue to bleed". You could cut out the smaller words like "That" which aren't necessary. I know it's a small thing - and I'm nit picking- but it's just easier on the ears. But anyway, good song, I quite enjoyed it, so thanks Keep it up, Anonymous9
  3. My first original song

    Instrumental's really cool and overall, the song has a good vibe. The guitar is catchy as well. Dunno what else to say - everything has been pretty much said already. But anyway, good work, keep it up Anonymous9
  4. Anonymous9

    Thanks Janeva
  5. Black Sheep

    Your lyrics have a good natural flow and your lyrics aren't boring either. Only thing I think (and I could be wrong) is that you're lyrics are a bit vague - nothing specific is happening. Things are mentioned but not continued like: "Independent son watching from above Leading his pack into happiness and love". Otherwise, good job, keep it up , Anonymous9
  6. Fact or Fiction(Finished)

    Hey Alex, good song, your rhyming skills are good and I like the first verse - it's quite strong. But I think some of the rhymes in other verses are just put in there to rhyme (I could be wrong) like : "If you could be in my shoes for just one day You will realize it's hard to say I love you in every shape and way." it could be just me but I don't get how love came into the song - seems quite different compared to the rest of the chorus and verses. Otherwise, good job, keep it up , Anonymous9
  7. Anonymous9

    Thanks john
  8. Anonymous9

    Hey! I'm Anonymous9. I love most genres of music and that's why I write songs that vary genres. My most favourites singers/groups are: Maroon 5, Alabama Shakes, Michael Bublé and Frank Ocean. My dream is to ultimately have an effect on the world through my music, whether it be small like making someone's day or changing the way people think about things (Important issues like suicide, bullying, politics etc.). All I want is for my music to make other people smile or comfort them when they're feeling down. I don't care about money, fame etc. - that's why I'm Anonymous. Anyway, I hope to make my dream come true one day, Until then, Anonymous9