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  1. Hi: Sometimes years after I've "finished," and "released" a song on CD, I see ways to make the song better. When I perform the song live now, I do it with the improvements. Just because the song's been recorded does that mean the recorded version is "it?" After all, none of my songs are on the charts. It's not like Paul McCartney changing parts of "Yesterday." But still some people in the audience notice and ask "why did you change it?" Is it my obligation to keep a song the way people know it even if I can make it better? Tamara
  2. Obligation as a singer/songwriter?

    Thanks Leo!
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    Hi! My name is Tamara Hey. I'm a singer-songwriter and music teacher. I teach guitar and music theory workshops in NYC and online. My workshops are tailored to the needs of songwriters/lyricists/singers and include basic lead-sheet and chart-writing techniques. I've joined Songstuff today because I'm interested to know what music theory questions songwriters bring up so I can continue to serve those needs. Also, I love songwriting more than anything.
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    Thank you...same to you.
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    Wow! I've never heard that before
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    Thank you, Peggy.