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  1. Good inventive lyrics here. I tend to have a pretty regimented mind and lack ability to lay them over a variety of genres. " the spawn of a thought outside the lines" Maybe drop the singular 'a' for plural " the spawn of thought outside the lines". Also " We'll show a NEWER age to you" might be worth considering. A big like for this. John Craig.
  2. Back up Timbre 's input here. Last lines got an unnecessary hurdle. It's the little things that I, seek but, can't find. Maybe It's the little things I seek, but can't find.
  3. Hello there Cat, my first critique, so not too important in the grand scheme of things. Hope as Neptune comments this isn't autobiographical. I haven't made my first post yet, but there are shades of what I'm working on in your effort. How about the repetitive "God help me" being offered as a hushed backdrop to the theme was my first thought. Like NSJ the " now I can't even get high" line seemed to jar/ bring the flow to a halt. A little bit smoothing ? All the best, John.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement guys. Hoping all the best for you too.
  5. Hello All. Ageing but with pretty eclectic taste in music. Metallica to Motown, Charlie Kunz to Charlie Pride. Live in Scotland; wildlife lover; Angler. Just taken up lyric writing and looking for advice.