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  1. When It's Gone

    I sat down at the piano yesterday and came up with this - it's just recorded on my laptop mic again unfortunately so apologies for the poor quality. https://soundcloud.com/alexxxiii/when-its-goneLooking for any suggestions on how to improve the song/melody/hook etc.Thanks Lyrics:(Verse 1)You fill the spaces of my mindLinger in the things that you left behindI know it would be best to just forgetConfine my mind to my empty bed(verse 2)Do you think about me (uh oh)Like I think about youAnd Would it be so badTo love me like I want you to (Link)I guess it’s not enoughFor me to feel the way I doTurns out their right about the fact that this love takes to but you don’t feel the way I doyou don't feel the way I do(Chorus)And as I watched you walk awayI felt my heart fall in my chestAnd I heard you saidYou'll only know love when it’s goneAnd as I lie awakeI think about your voicethe crinkles that your smile used to make And I heard you soYou only want him when he’s goneI prayed that you'd be wrong(Verse 3)The stars reflecting in your eyesYou voice send shiver down my spineI feel it all the timeEven without you her beside My imagination running wildVerse 2 x 1Link x 1Chorus x 1(Bridge)Now you’re goneYou’ve moved onI can’t do no moreOh how longWill it farfor me To be free of your lovefor me to be free of youWhat am I supposed to doChorus x 1
  2. Revolution

    This is just a song I started a while ago and have been mulling over. Was stuck on the lyrics and just had the guitar riff going over in my head, but finally managed to finish it, so really looking for feedback! Thanks Lyrics: I tell myself to keep breathing Inhale once more exhale again Remind my heart to keep beating In case this time it forgets We’ve got kids growing up on TV screens Watching other people achieve their dreams Watching but they don't hear a thing Fueling old minds with hatred Turning on the news just to fall back to sleep Watching but they ain't listening Times change but they don’t move on Still stuck with the same bygones And we’re wondering why we still ain’t got real change Wars rage like fires burning on our fears what they thrive on Are you really wondering why things stay the same We are the people We are the noice We are the voice We are the sound as we scream it loud we are the people we are alive we are arrived we are born, to live our revolution What we gonna do when the world runs out of time Are you gonna run around with a sign saying the end is nigh What we gonna do when we finally realise We can’t just sit around mumbling in corners pointing at the other side take a deep breath in then breathe it out again stop pretending that everything's alright and get up, stand up, make the most of your time Chorus
  3. Better Than Revenge

    A song I came up with. The melody is a bit too high for me but I liked it so decided to try and sing it as best I could! Just looking for comments about the songwriting/lyrics/memorability/flow etc. thanks Lyrics: Seven hours and still no callI wait for youI been out in the freezing coldJust like I doNow you say you'll live without meoh baby, you ain't go a clueSo I'll take all my love awayand watch what you doI heard you've been running roundasking after my nameTurns out when I kicked you outLife just wasn't the sameYou really gonna stand there cryingstop whining, I ain't got the timeI did everything you asked and trust me I'm doing fineYou're going home on your ownCause I lost your number When I deleted it from my phoneGoodbye, it's better than revengeI don't want any part of your loveand I sure don't miss your friendsif you wanna see me cry, then you're wasting your time'cause goodbye, it's better than revengeLetters and Old photographsyou posted right to my dooryou really think those little thingswould leave me wanting you moreI don't want to think about youno thank you, what's it going to takeyou'll live in my memories in the past you will stayYou're getting drunk on your owncause you're not the one I call when I pick up my phone[chorus]Heartbreak only leads to one thing (Revenge)And heartbreak only leaves you one thing (Revenge)But I'm not that bitter, So I won't do the sameBecause revenge is for heartbreakersbut I'm better than revenge[Chorus
  4. Beating Hearts

    Thanks @Oswlek and @Simon Darveau- you are both far too kind Thanks @JH Michaels, I totally agree about the ending - never very good and finding the balance between cutting it short and dragging it out, but I'm learning Thanks for the kind words also
  5. Walls

    Just a song I wrote yesterday and roughly recorded so the quality is lo-fi!! Looking for critique on the songwriter/melody/lyrics/memorability/structure. Thanks Recorded live take of vocals and guitar in one mic and harmonies added in post - so very raw/rough again. Lyrics: Aren’t you tired on building boxes to put people in Judging by names and skins and places where lives begin Aren’t you tired Aren’t you lonely Looking out from within It all looks so exhausting Your compartmentalising How would you feel To be defined Do you know of the things we could achieve If you’d only open your mind And, Let down your walls Let people in Let down your walls Let love win Are you scared of what you don’t know Of the things that you’ve been told Ignorance is blissful But kindness defeats it all How would you feel To be defined Do you know of the things we could achieve If you’d only open your mind Don’t build a wall Walls don’t solve a thing Please don’t build a wall Walls solve nothing So let down your walls Let people in Let down your walls Let people in, Let Love win, Let people in, Let love win, Let people in
  6. Beating Hearts

    Thanks for the suggestion - you are completely right - will look into doing this! Thanks for listening @Blupa

    Thanks @Matthew76!
  8. First Collaboration - She

    This is my first collaboration, and its with a great singer-songwriter, Revival Choir! All criticism welcome and wanted - thanks
  9. Without You Here

    Thanks! Good call with the Cajoun and washboard, will look into it! Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment!

    Yeah, no worries. If you fancy having a go at it, I would love for it to be in the same structure as the demo (with added space for a second verse and chorus with the same chord progressions, and I'll need to write a bridge). But feel free to experiment! Oh, just listened to 'Bridges', very nice - never heard it before!
  11. Beating Hearts

    New song about the friends I grew up with and the feeling of coming home and seeing them all again. Looking for criticism on the sound, melody, lyrics, overall feel, memorability etc. Thanks Lyrics: I’m gonna run, gonna run run away far away from this town Back to the place that I know where I’m home and my friends all around They know my heart they know my mind The show my love they keep me kind He’s the wind he’s the rain and the ripples on my face are them When we go out we go in we drink up then we do it again In my life everything seems to change But those familiar faces stay the same They stay the same No they never change They give me rhythm Hearts beat as one I feel the rhythm Like a beating drum Souls bound together never far apart We all like by our beating heards They give me love give me love like they’ve nothing to lose And yes they’re a mess but the best they’ve got nothing to prove They are the blood in my veins and they make up my skin The are the places I’ve been And in the end we’re all human In the end we’ll all the same Despite the difference that lies between us The same old rhythm runs through out veins They are the rhythm Hearts beat as one I feel the rhythm Like a beating drum Souls bound together never far apart We’re all bound by our beating hearts

    Thanks @ImKeN,I'm working on polishing it off! I like the sound of your track - nice job!! It's chill but also has a good beat. I'll definitely use that as inspiration to take the song forward, thanks! I think I'd need more bass and e-piano/synth sounds to make it more pop-y, but I like it
  13. The Pills new mix based on feedbacks

    I don't really have much to add, but just wanted to say I really like the lyrics and I like the sound
  14. Foolish Girl - Draft

    Ah will give that a try as I finish it off. Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to comment
  15. I really like this, the beat is really fresh, the instrumental is nice and thematic, I don't mind the autotune I think it makes it quite intriguing as an over layer. Really like it :))