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  1. First Collaboration - She

    @AlexVIII You guys sound wonderful together. His voice goes well with yours!
  2. The Better Man

    @IronKnee I enjoyed the tune quite a lot( Apart from the hissing ). I don't really have many emotions towards politics, I'm young, although I could still logically follow the song. I did like your guitar playing in particular, and the chord changes. I'd enjoy some harmonies on top of some of the more emotive parts. Good stuff!
  3. Walls

    @AlexVIII The harmonies make me want to cry so there is that :(. I really like how they are quiet, and not overpowering, it's my favorite part of this particular song. Really beautiful song to listen to Thanks for sharing again. I wish I had more useful input, but I do really enjoy your music!
  4. Original song rough draft.

    @ALOPRODUCTIONZ Thanks Man! @TCgypsy Thank you for the advice! You got me there I was definitely reading the lyrics, and I have a habit of writing only when I'm feeling a particular emotion, and shabbily recording it and throwing it out there. Thanks for pointing out the need for improvement on that end. I'm not sure how to make the song without the halting style, because of my limited guitar knowledge. I think I might fill the rest of it with a violin, and some piano for the final recording. If you get a chance tell me what you think of the halting style with a violin here(whether it remains bearable throughout the song). If it is I'll do the actual recording with the violin being the main focus.
  5. Lack (Really Rough draft)

    @Sreyashi Mukherjee Thank you :)! I'll try to do something to make the Chorus more varied compared to the verses. I'll fix the length on the verses too, thanks for the feedback!
  6. Lack (Really Rough draft)

    @ImKeN , Thank you Ken! I really enjoy the sound of nylon strings lately. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. Thanks so much to all of you that helped on the last song I posted :)! I'm starting to attempt recording that one currently. I'm wondering if you guys have any advice/ critique on this one which is not nearly as finished, and I'm going to work recording without video once I get some advice. Particular with lyrics, and the Chord progression (if you can call it that), and the "chorus" if the guitar works, and generally if it sounds any good. The breaks between the lyrics are rough, and I'm not sure how I want to go about it. Any help, comments, and critique are appreciated (I don't have anything other than YouTube at the moment, and I'm not sure how to get an audio file on YouTube(with a picture in the background). That's why it's still a video.) Lyrics: You see me as a wounded dog Bleeding, flees in my paws Leading, seeping in your claws I'm so scared to leave my room Terrified that I might see you soon Dear I know It's not your fault You don't feel the way I do Or at least you don't want To Why'd ya Stay just long enough To make me feel the sting of loss I saw the sun bleeding blue this afternoon I couldn't help but to Wish you, to lay me in your lap Feel the touch of rain on your back to see your kind eyes facing back To Hear the way you breath in Dear I know It's not your fault You don't feel the way I do Or at least you don't want To Why'd ya Stay just long enough To make me feel the lack of your touch To make me feel like I was enough
  8. Foolish Girl - Draft

    @AlexVIII Hi! I really agree with @TCgypsy, I think it would be really awesome to kick up a knotch at :35. I dig the song in general too, looking forward to hear the finished song!
  9. Crawling

    @Apotheke I would buy this track if you had a well produced version of it, even if I have no idea what the lyrics are at this point(because of the recording) I Dig it :)!
  10. @calumt17 I enjoyed it! The only thing I think would like in this song is a stronger difference between the chorus, and the rest of the song. When I think of songs similar to this I imagine a super catchy singable chorus between the slower parts. Someone thing like pursuit of happiness Kid Cudi for example, or The Prayer(only thing I can think of off the top of my head). That's what I feel would make this really entertaining to listen to multiple times. Good luck!
  11. Original song rough draft.

    @AlexVIII Thank you :)! I enjoy your songs also.
  12. Original song rough draft.

    @Steve Ather Thank you! I'll try to come up with another verse. Me too this website is filled with so many interesting talented people I'm really enjoying it thus far. Really appreciate the kind words
  13. Original song rough draft.

    @AprilAudio Thanks man! I'll try to come up with something, and Sufjan stevens is awesome!
  14. Original song rough draft.

    @HoboSage Thank you for the compliments! I will take your advice on this, because it is out of laziness that I record with video. It is easier to do it on there, because I have no rhythm to record it part by part. I will work on this song, finish it, and record it the best that I know how part by part(No video)! Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it! Dang youtube generation . Any suggestions on recording software? I'm using audacity at the moment.
  15. Without You Here

    @AlexVIII Hey! The story you told through the lyrics was easily understandable on the first listen, and catchy, and relatable. I think some simple piano building up to the chorus would sound nice in the background :)! This song wouldn't sound out of place on the radio with the lyrics you have now, and it has some memorable lines particularly in the beginning: (You're the real dealYou're the oneI didn’t tell you when you were aroundBut I should have done ) These are really catchy, and start the song off great. Good luck!