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  1. Johnathan, this has got a damn good groove to it!!! can't wait for some lyrics to follow. Great sounding recording too. Excellent work in progress. Take care, moptop
  2. MonoStone, I think this is a very cool song. I love how you've achieved a very open and airy feel to your mix. Great work and love you voice. take care, moptop
  3. Great song, I love your guitar playing. Good work
  4. Alex, thanks a lot!
  5. Here is a better mix with less effects applied. take care, moptop
  6. and I knew that. I never thought you were being demeaning or disrespectful at all. I took it as constructive criticism for sure. I was just thanking you for that because I have been on some other forums where board members were ........not so nice, if you understand what I mean here. I guess you have to know me and my off color old guy humor to know where I come up with some of this stuff. The verses are all done...in reverse. Day as oppose to Night, Got a good reason as oppose to there's NO good reason, she's a big teaser she takes me half the way there as opposed to she's NO teaser she takes me All the way there. Stupid, campy, yeah, very much,...but FUN, light hearted, and playful. And when you add in that the guy is really sweating on what his folks are going to think just adds to the goofiness of the whole song. take care, moptop
  7. Here is a link to a better mix. See it still sounds too distant. Yes It does parody Day Tripper but in a reverse sort of way. It's also a spoof on the "Big Hair Bands" of the 80's, hence all the delay and reverb. I guess you could compare it to The Beatles Day Tripper but if that is all your going to do then there's no way I can win. It's just a song about a guy who is dating a great woman that happens to be a stripper and he's wondering how he is going to tell his folks what she does for a living. You can read what ever you want into it but it's nothing more than that. It's just my way of pushing the envelope a bit. Thanks very much for your comments. I do appreciate them and glad you respect me enough to tell me your true thoughts. that's how we learn!
  8. Night Stripper demo with some vocals. Not a finished product yet but I think you'll get the idea I was going for listening. Take care, moptop
  9. I want to thank everyone for all their great suggestions and comments but please keep in mind that this is only a demo. This is too good of a song not to see the light of day and I recorded this so Patty and I could get an idea of how the lyrics and melody would flow and sound. It is still a work in progress. I very much appreciate the nice comments on my vocals, you are all too kind. Obviously this is not a song for a male and hopefully we can find a female vocalist who can do it more justice that I can. take all all Moptop
  10. Here's the music track to the Night Stripper project I've been working on. Words to come later. (yes, with a family friendly picture too) take care, moptop
  11. There is a link to the music track for this in the song critique section of the forum. Thanks, moptop
  12. Will, I changed the line to " ooh when she kisses me, her lips burn like fire". It's just a reference to how HOT she is passion wise. Believe me, if it was painful I'd drop her like a hot rock, quickly !!
  13. Servus, Ahh, someone who can relate!!! Thanks for the cudo's. I have a music track ready for this it's just finding the time to put down the vox. I'm also thinking that I need to get someone else to sing this one......like maybe Sammy Hagar. I just don't have that kind of screamy, raspy, voice. I'm afraid it would sound more like Minnie Mouse if I do it. take care, moptop
  14. I like both of these suggestions very much!!!!! John, night stripper, in my mind, just refered to the fact that she works the night shift at the club. Kind of a play on words. Axing out the but on "what do I tell my mom", I like that, it's a keeper. Also "the men want to take her home but I'm the one that does" and " she's the best lover I've ever had" Those are great too. Philjo, changing the line from "she's a night stripper" to "she's MY night stripper" is also a great suggestion. Thanks As far as the "old men" goes, I also had "young boys" written for the 2nd time around on the pre chorus but just didn't type it that way but I think "driving this young boy wild" adds to the relationship story plot. I thought it was mostly old guys that haunted those joints, Hence the line "I hope she doesn't know my dad". Now ,see what you guys have done, I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board and hash this one out all over again. You've both have given me some great suggestions. Thanks........Oh, do you still use "Ta" for thank you on your side of the pond? Just curious.
  15. Nelson, thanks for the cudo's, very kind of you. I can only wish I could sing as good a Marsden. I do agree with you about the drum track. I just used something generic and easy to get the project moving. On the instruments, I can't play piano so I had to program those tracks a note at a time. I'm sure anyone who is well versed in keyboard could do much better at it. It's still a project in the works and we have a few changes we want to make. That should be easier now that we have a "blueprint" to work with. Take care, moptop