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  1. i just finished my first album ( a diy project ) here's one of my favorite videos ( i did diy videos for all ten songs) curious/scared to hear people's thoughts
  2. i just finished my first album. i did everything myself and learned from scratch (massive number of google searches and dummies book on logic) using only the included plug-ins with logic, though i did end up relying on izotope's cheap ($100) de-clicker and de-noiser plugin pack (very helpful for me, unfortunately) but they (and izotope's demo de-clacker plugin) were the only third-party plugins in i used. also, i got most of my sounds out of my nord stage. i kind of wish i had opted for the ($300) RX6 package from izotope . . . here's a couple of my videos. unfortunately obviously i cannot claim that i was able to master the process doing the above . . . but oh well . . . today: https://youtu.be/uMxR8BTg3Sk and where destiny sings:https://youtu.be/WwYXBgnUbNM
  3. one song , that everyone has to listen to, so i'd say uptown funk because of how it starts happy, gets happier, and ends even happier
  4. super smooth playing and the sound is top-rate, well-done!
  5. my thinking for why most musicians fail to make money is that most would-be fans are mostly interested in seeing/hanging out with other fans, not because of their connection to the music itself. fans go to concerts largely to see each other. they listen to songs based primarily on the fact that others they know are or might be listening to that song. such that music is largely just a means of connecting with others you want to connect with. so there's a sort-of inevitability to the winner-take-all in music.
  6. i probably could have done a better job identifying a consistent image before finishing my album (but i hadn't seen this post!!), but in general i was just going for the diy vibe mainly i guess because it was accurate. and that's the theme of all my videos too which are mostly just from my go pro camera if not still shots from my phone
  7. i'm such a diy-er, for better or worse . . . , i camera phone-videod myself, and then edited the video to get my self-portraits.
  8. here's two
  9. i painted a bit of my cover for my (upcoming . . . ) second album, it's supposed to be in between a treble clef and and ampersand
  10. cool deal your project reminds me of mine with its diy vibes in the songs and videos (but i only have about 12 so far and it's been closer to two years !!) anyways good luck
  11. looking forward to being around other musicians . . . i just released a keyboard-centered singer-songwriter album. i plan to post a couple videos/songs for review here's my link: http://www.jonmathewsmusic.com