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  1. Need Co-writer for half-written song

    Do you a melody or are you wanting that part fleshed out? Should it sound like Bob Dylan or Metallica or what?
  2. Need Co-writer for half-written song

    Do you have a tempo or style of music that you are aiming for with this?
  3. Need Co-writer for half-written song

    Do you have music with this?
  4. Collab Track In The Works

    Starise at what section do you see the hook sitting?
  5. Looking to write some songs...me too

    Ok...I was thinking that would could pass wav files back and forth on a google drive. They should easy enough to import into whatever daw we end up using. Do you have any preference in the process...I almost always start with the drums and kind of go from there.
  6. Looking to write some songs...me too

    Thank you!
  7. Looking to write some songs...me too

    Please move it if its in the wrong place.
  8. I am hoping to find someone to write some songs with. At this point I don't have any idea what it should or should not be. I would just love to collaborate and see what happens. So I here is the link to the page where I keep about a dozen songs. Let me know if something catches your ear. I had to do all of these end to end so they are me.
  9. hello - i write songs

    I have some songs finished but none of them I would consider "professional" - where can I post the link for those? I would like to have other members listen to them and see if anyone feels like I would be a good match to work with.
  10. hello - i write songs

    I play guitar, bass, write lyrics, and I like to sing. I have been doing all of the MIDI drum sequences for my songs but I would say that is a weak area for me. At this point I need help and input from the outside to have any chance of improving. I am hoping this is the place that that will help me make better music.