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  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post, this song is about social and environmental issues to address everything happens around us lately. Its not a 100% done yet, I will retake the vocal with a good singer if I can find one, back vocal and harmonies and also putting bass in the music. Again, everything is done at home so the quality is kind of far away from a professional work. It is just for my private collection though but still I want to improve my work with your help particularly it is difficult to blend the music and vocal. Maybe because of the microphone I use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gV3fYqBFa4 The lyric is included in the description area. Thank you guys.
  2. yes, thank you john, nice to meet you
  3. Hi all, I am new here and so glad I found this forum. I am a song writer by hobby and would love to have some advices from experts in this blog. I will start to post my work when I get more familiar with this web which actually not professionally produced. I did everything at home with very limited facilities. I started recording my songs since last year for private collection only, but I will be glad if someone want to sing or use my songs. Thank you guys… Cheers,