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Love to write lyrics!


Glad to have found SongStuff.  I  have always loved writing ANYTHING.  I was an advertising copywriter for half of my working years. The other half I was part-owner of a municipal bond firm where I worked in institutional sales. Talk about contrast!  Now in retirement, I’ve discovered lyric writing.  I’ve only been doing this a short while, but have entered my lyrics in some national contests and so far have won two Honorable Mentions, which were real morale boosts.  I want to get better and better, and have my songs produced.  I would love to collaborate with musicians and vocalists to make a complete product.  I hope to contribute to SongStuff by critiquing lyrics responsibly and helpfully, and I will submit my lyrics for your comments, too.


I’m particularly interested in songs about women, for women.  Influences are Carly Simon, Streisand, Dan Fogelberg, Rod Stewart, The Beatles, especially John Lennon's lyrics, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver. I also like the Big Band era.  Some might say “old;” I prefer “classic.”