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  1. All In Vain

    I like it. The way you drag out some of the words made me think Thom Yorke straight away. I also got some hints of Soulwax's "Leave the Story Untold"; i.e., before they went electronic. Yeah, it does feel like you're being bombarded by the instruments at points. Especially the clavichord/clavinet(?) and the guitar. All instruments are full-blast, in your face, there's very little in the way of dynamics. If you correct that, build the song up from somewhere a little less loud, to a crescendo, I think it'll sound a lot better. Not that it sounds bad at all. The vocal and instrumental performances are solid, there's some very obvious skill and talent there. I can't say I agree with the way Fernando formulates his response. "[...] all these sounds and singing [...] Please stop doing this" ? Actually makes me chuckle a bit. But yeah, not the most constructive feedback. Good stuff man. PS: Just listened to your other song on Soundcloud. Wow, really like it. Your voice is frigging great.
  2. Sreyashi- Together

    Really good vocals. Not a big fan of the drums, to be honest, neither the snare sound (too much snap for my tastes) nor the busy sounding rhythm. I find it very hard to place this into a single genre. It's definitely not pop. There's some rock elements in there, the synth bass a bit '80s sounding (Airwolf anyone?), and then some of the single note organ a bit '90s dance sounding (and the chords more blues-y). But it definitely has vibe, and that's mainly down to the vocals, and the ambient sounds.
  3. Lost Children

    Ah, happy times then. Yeah, I can picture a scene where the camera's panning across several areas/rooms of the destroyed house. I'm assuming this would play during the aftermath of the destructive event. The choir pad gives it a sense of emptiness and sadness, and the bell sound reminds me of children's play toys. I would actually add something to the second half of the song; a sad single melody violin or something, to make it even more poignant. But what you have now evokes the right emotions, so I think it suits its purpose.
  4. Lost Children

    I find it hard to give feedback on this, because I am missing context. Could you describe the scene or type of situation in the cartoon you have in mind for this song?
  5. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Hi all. I've been working on a new song. I've tried to take some '80s style stuff and put into a modern electronic production. It's missing a verse and the structure of the song isn't final yet. I also want to redo the lyrics for the first verse. I would like feedback on the production, mainly. Also, this tune, to me, has a certain late night, dark city vibe to it, but with some uplifting elements. At least, that's what I've tried to create with the production. Let me know if this works. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/should-have-been-my-baby/s-u9Qgm
  6. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Thank you, @crystalsuzy!
  7. Cell Phone Junkies!

    Love the sarcasm created by the lyrics juxtaposed with the hectic-sounding arrangement. (that sounds way more pretentious than how I mean it to sound ) "It’s a part of me now, like an udder on a cow", seriously, LOL! I like how you've managed to mix different musical styles. It works well, and adds to the sentiment of the lyrics -- i.e., the world's gone mad, running around frantically, carrying these devices with us wherever we go. I mean udders. LOL I agree with what others have said about the mix. Good stuff. I'm gonna have another listen!
  8. Loud & Clear

    I interpreted "Please don't make me be alone again" in a kind of dark way. It's the "don't make me" that's kind of ominous sounding, as if he's going to do something to her to get rid of her, and "be alone again". It's kind of quirky in the way that "Hit me baby one more time" is quirky (also written by a non-native English speaker). It gives the lyrics extra depth -- some mystery, something dark. I don't have a problem with the song being two chords at all. From the minute it starts, it's clear this is a dance-oriented song. And so I automatically pay less attention to chord structure, and I'm sure a lot of people will do the same. It's just not as important in dance as in other genres. The beat's there, the melody is there. Sure you can add an extra chord or two, or even a bridge. It will make the song different, perhaps appeal more to a non-dance audience, but won't necessarily make it better, IMHO.
  9. Loud & Clear

    This sounds great. There's nothing in the mix or production overall that bothers me, it all hangs together really nicely. I like the drums. They're different from what one would expect, but they fit well, in my opinion. Really like the little syncopated percussion thing going on towards the end of the song. Yeah, there are things I would suggest to do differently, or add, in terms of the production (e.g., some more depth to the vocals in the chorus). But this would only change the song, not make it better, necessarily. It's great as it is. Nice!
  10. And that's fine. I don't like rules either. I don't think you have to see it as a set of 'rules' per se, though. I believe there's two stages to the creative process. The first one is: get it all out, no rules, no overthinking, just let it flow. The second stage is: edit what you've got. The second stage works best with a fresh pair of ears (i.e. give it some time, a day, a week, whatever). Then what and how you edit ultimately depends on what you want to achieve. Mass appeal? Think of the 'rules'. Purely one's personal gratification? Think of yourself. Then there's a middle road. The middle road is key. It allows as wide an appeal as possible while maintaining the song's integrity, and that of yourself as an artist. So, you can create without rules. And then afterwards redact with some rules, depending on your goal. That's what I think at least. Sorry, extremely off-topic, so I'll stop. PS: Having said that, I really enjoy your music on Soundcloud. There's an energy to it. A similar energy I get from listening to really early Soundgarden (UltraMegaOK, in particular). I think if you spent some time promoting it, you'll find wider appeal than you may think. But that's just my opinion of course.
  11. 1980

    This one took me right back to nostalgia city. First the NES-like synth in the intro, followed by the synth in the chorus. Good stuff. A question: Do you want the song to be firmly rooted in the '80s, or is the idea for it to have elements of the '80s but be more-or-less current sounding? If the former, then I'd suggest some more (gated) reverb on the snare. If the latter, then again I think the drums you have right now are key to achieving that goal. Either way, sounds great. Looking forward to hearing the melody line.
  12. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Thanks, that's really useful feedback! The vocal and lead guitar production are two things that I felt date the song, so it's good to have that confirmed. I'm gonna leave this track for a while, and come back to it with fresh ears because I must have listened to (i.e. scrutinised) it more than 100 times over the past week or so. Thanks a lot!
  13. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Should be fixed now.
  14. I think the original claim is false. Not all songs have the same 4 chords, or somehow follow the same progression or some variation there of. Some have fewer, some have more. I do believe that there are certain chord progression patterns that are used in the vast majority of songs. Things like a dominant V almost always resolving to a I, or to a lesser extent, a IV to a I. Or the prevalence of ii-V-I in jazz and its derivatives (some modern pop tunes make clever use of this progression; just listen to Bruno Mars's new album, for instance). But that's just the way Western music works. No one can tell an artist or musician how many colours or chords they should use. But, there is a threshold beyond which a song will sound too complicated/too hard to follow for the average (read: 95% of) listeners. And as a result they will tune out, press skip, or change channels. This is exactly why the pop 'formula' works. There are certain rules of thumb (an easily memorable and simple melody, common chord progressions, 4/4 time signature, etc) that musicians/producers stick to when creating songs that appeal to the masses. That's just the way things work. Then there's certain sounds and production techniques that are the flavour of the month/year that people will be drawn to, because it sounds familiar. The trick is to deviate slightly from all of this, but not too much so as to alienate your audience (too 'out there'), or bore your audience ('sounds like everything else on the radio!'). That's when you become 'original', a 'trend setter', 'oh he's so fresh and got his own sound!'. It's like anything artistic. Even stand-up comedy. Humour happens at the intersection of what is expected and the unexpected. Too much to the left, and it's boring, old hat. Too much to the right and no one gets it.
  15. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Thank you @Sreyashi Mukherjee. I chose the synth sounds to be mostly '80s, but then tried to produce it like a modern track. There's some production stuff in there that I borrowed from French House which is what could make it sound '90s. It's a tricky balance to get right. Ultimately where I want to end up is continuing to create songs on my guitar, the way I've always done it, and then produce in a way to make it sound current. Current in the way that Gramatik, FKJ, Calvin Harris, or even Daft Punk (geniuses that they are) sound. It's not easy!
  16. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    FWIW, I had no problems with the bottom end yesterday, or today. Read into that what you will. I agree with @ImKeN about the kick. It's quite boomy, a bit woolly sounding. Could do with some snap. Edit: Ah, now I remember what this song reminds me of. It reminds me of "Fool's Gold" by the Stone Roses. What a great song. The bass in that one is comparable to your mix, maybe less present, even.
  17. what is this genre?

    Cool song. I would definitely add the tag "world" to it, purely because the vocals are not in English. "World fusion" also seems appropriate, as it sounds like it's a mix between traditional melody lines played on 'classical' instruments, with some modern synth sounds thrown in. I like the song. In terms of the mix, I think it sounds a bit dry for this type of song. Some subtle reverb would go a long way towards adding space to the mix.
  18. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    I really like this. Great atmosphere. I can listen to this on repeat. I agree the guitars might be every so slightly hot. I think the vocals could be brought up slightly. The backing vocals add an extra dimension to the song. Great stuff!
  19. Highs and Lows

    I wasn't quite sure which of the three links is the latest, but in all three the lack of sustain on the piano seems about the same. To me it sounds like the sustain pedal isn't being used there. I also do still think the left hand should be played down an octave. But at the end of the day, this is just my personal opinion! This sounds so much better now! Again, I'm not sure which link is the latest version, so I don't know if it has improved.
  20. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Thanks for the feedback @Dallon426. I need to take a break from this song and revisit it when my ears are a bit more fresh! Thank you for your feedback @snabbu. Didn't think of MJ when I made this, but I'll take the comparison as a compliment any day!
  21. The Other Half Of Me (work in progress)

    I like what you have so far, especially the chorus. Not sure what else to comment on, seeing as it's a work in progress. (At the moment the most obvious things are that it's missing an intro, possibly a bridge, and the drums are too quiet and sparse). Putting together an album sounds like a great goal!
  22. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Thanks all for your comments. It's always super helpful. The track's pretty much finished now. If you're interested in hearing it, then it's here: https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/should-have-been-my-baby/s-u9Qgm Cheers, and have a great weekend!
  23. I Beg Your Pardon

    I like this song, it's got a really good vibe. It's kind of like the feeling of being moved along whilst wrapped in a warm blanket, that's what it makes me feel like I get your free form approach to timing, but some bits are a bit too free form for me. There's bits during the first verse where the vocals come in just before the beat, and makes it sound a little rushed. The section from about 2:07 onwards is right on the edge between "free form" and just plain out-of-time. This has mainly to do with the guitar in my left ear, which is also slightly flat. I think having that guitar in the centre rather than the left, pushed further away (i.e. some more reverb, some high-end shelf stuff), would really add to the vibe of that section. The low-end rumble thing I actually quite like. It's strangely soothing. I'd sprinkle it a bit more liberally throughout the entire song (but not too much, or it will lose its effect).
  24. Highs and Lows

    An emotional ballad. I agree with @HoboSage's comment regarding the vocals being too up front. It also sounds as though there's some sort of chorus effect going on there, or maybe it's extreme compression. Some other comments: The piano has a distinct lack of sustain pedal use, for example at the end of the phrase around 0:29, and again around 0:33, and again at other points throughout the song. This is distracting from the performance. I'm assuming this isn't a real piano? The piano -- at least during the first verse before the other instruments kick in -- sounds like it has had too much low-end EQ carving performed on it. It's sounding a bit thin -- the richness and body of it has all but disappeared. I would also play the left hand part an octave lower, at least in the first verse. I would add a distant violin pad from 0:40 onwards, to give the section some more depth/ambience. The whole section sounds a bit empty to me. The section around 1:40 sounds a bit empty compared to what preceded it. Ah, that's because the bass has gone missing! The rogue snare drum in the first 4 or so bars of the chorus doesn't sound good to me. It's like it's randomly choosing a beat to fall on. No drummer (that I know of) does that. Again, I'm assuming the drums are programmed, but I could be wrong. The bass drops in and out, making sections where it doesn't play sound really empty. Having no bass might work with some songs, but not with this one. It sounds like there's some heavy compression going on with the whole song, with too fast an attack time, which makes the transients sound really weak at points. Are you compressing on the 2-buss? All in all, a good song, but the mix and parts of the arrangement (piano, bass) could do with polishing.
  25. Notorious - What do you think?

    I like this. It's got a summer vibe to it, and just a general feel-good feel. I would actually make the rhythm section groove a bit more. The verse (and chorus) feels like you could squeeze more out of it. The bass sounds a bit hesitant, and the drums kind of sound too laid-back. This song, to me, wants to get up and start 'walking' pretty soon, but the rhythm section is holding it back at the moment -- the whole thing never takes off. That probably contributes to it sounding a bit 'meh' at times, though it's by far not a bad song. But you could get a lot more out of this. Apart from that, the vocals sound good and the hook is catchy.