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  1. thank you so much Looking Glass I love you <3
  2. thanks for the advices,I'm still learning how to mix and master good..it's frustrating
  3. they are saying what main vocal is singing it's delay
  4. Hello Randy,this is a pretty good feedback hahaha I'm kinda glad that you liked it(I think) and got confused at the same time xDDD It was the idea to have a lot of things going on but to make a good flow with it throughout 4 minutes and when you listen to it,it should lead you through the whole story without bothering you much with changes... Yes there are electro-vocals ,but it's just tiny autotuned vocals delaying the main voice through whole song much love bro <3
  5. thank youuu @ImKeN for wonderful feedback--It's personal about bass because it is my favourite instruments and to me it is so beautiful when bass is like a solo instrument but just in background
  6. Hello everyone,looking forward to your impressions...I think this is my best work so far...thanks in advance <333
  7. My first thing ever on internet,I posted this on another sub,hope I'm not breaking the rules,if I do,I'm sorry Also it would mean much to me if you click follow on sc,love <3
  8. Psychedelic Rock and love for acoustic guitar sound merged with my Nostalgia for old technology and obesession with vaporwave made me record and produce this song..This is my first song I ever posted online.I'm recording music in my home on my own for 2 years now and I do it all by myself,everything you hear here,so you know how it can get stressfull Also it would mean very much to me if you would follow me on soundcloud I promise I will surprise you with each song I post that will happen almost every week LINK:
  9. i think you are potential pop star
  10. song is ok just this reverb on your voice :/ and I also think that this posting of your songs and asking for critique shows your weakness and that you are scared,no one can tell you how to do it and what to do...please do what you feel and don't ask for permisssions
  11. I don't really believe in demo -no demo...if you have it your demo can be better than someone's best produced song..some people have all the equipment and money and still their music suck
  12. hey nice melody,generic but nice
  13. welcomeee