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  1. I appreciate the feedback. It's a bit difficult for me to get everything right. This is my second lyric I've tried to write. I'm going to write down all the tips down and improve upon them.
  2. @j4ckr4bb1t Based on my old composer dropping, I have decided to tweak the song a little in order to fit it with a 80-95bpm melody.
  3. @j4ckr4bb1t I was working with someone that was making the music for the lyrics but, he disappeared.
  4. @BlazingAce [VERSE 1] 1;I remember 2;who we were 3;I should've known 4;That you'd leave me alone 5;Now, it's just me 6;And it's very hard to breathe 7;having to watch you leave [VERSE 2] 1;This wasn't how it had to end 2;Sorry, for what I would say every day 3;it was never meant to scare you away 4;I never intended to offend you 5;I hate the person I had to portray 6;I wish you would stay 7;Please, don't go away. [VERSE 3] 1;I remember 2;who I was 3;You meant the world to me 4;I don't know I let this come to be 5;Because, I never meant 6;to make you cry 7;I never wanted to hurt you 8;I didn't see that by hurting you 9;I was killing me [BRIDGE] I wish I had the chance to undo everything I did you to. Erase the hell I put you through, but it's too late Now, you're gone. There's all this. It's not perfect, it's my second lyric I've ever written. Let me know what you think and we can start working together.
  5. The new guy

    Great, I will try and do those challenges. Let's hope I do well, at least.
  6. I'm currently writing a song and I need someone to help me out finding out good lines and such. The song is a simple, generic song about losing a person due to an abusive relationship. I would like to work with anyone and create a great project.
  7. Looking to write some songs...me too

    Hello, J4ck. If you're still looking for someone to write songs with, I'm willing to collaborate. I'm a new-ish songwriter. I'm not great but, I'm always with new ideas.
  8. The new guy

    Hello, I'm Rabvit from California. I'm a beginner lyricist. Looking for a mentor or co-writer. I don't know what else to say. I'm happy to be here.