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  1. What does it mean to succeed?

    True Tim, All any of us has is today. My wife is a survivor of breast cancer and there's always the possibility of it's ugly head reappearing again, but we take each day as a blessing and treasure the time that we have been allocated on this earth. I am not a man of faith in the traditional sense but I firmly believe that death is not the end. I base my faith on the many true stories of parents who have children that from a very early age have strongly expressed that they are not the person who's body they are living in. Furthermore some of their stories have been followed up and places and people who they have named and described have proven to be true. I also think that quantum mechanics in theory has only just began to touch on the possibility of the existence of multi universes, some of them existing in the same space as our own. When I look at this world of ours and how unique and wonderful it is, it is difficult for me to believe that it along with all the diversity of life that it has spawned was just a combination of events. Life is an amazing thing but it would be even more amazing if it emanated from inert matter.
  2. When I crafted the lyric I always felt that it would suit a male better because women do have armour for the simple reason that they are betrayed by men far more often than men are betrayed by women, although I would agree that both sex's are inclined to build a coat of armour to cover up their pain from past experiences. I have just sent it to two of my regular co-writers, one being an artist and they both want to work together musically on it. Funny thing is that when I wrote it I felt it was definitely country but this singer/composer is Neo soul and it will be interesting to see what they do with it. He sounds very similar to Al Jarreau. Regarding Armour/armor I don't believe that it would bother anyone unless they happened to be obsessive compulsive lol.
  3. Yes they do have country music in Germany funnily enough Tim. He is not country though because he sent me a piano track and it turned out that he doesn't play guitar. John Moxey has put me on to a fine guitarist who I was willing to pay for his services but I suspect that the pianist is reluctant to contribute. If that should prove the case I will be looking for another co-writer because piano was not what I was looking for.
  4. Hi Tim, I have just seen your post. I have given it to a German producer who contacted me but I wasn't totally happy with his melody so asked him to make a couple of changes. That was about 5 days ago and he hasn't got back to me. I have updated the structure and have also strengthened the lyric since I posted the lyric. If you are still interested after I have given him a little more time to respond I will get back to you on it. It's the first time I have worked with the guy so have no idea whether he is reliable or not. I could probably record a vocal myself although it's quite some time since I used my voice, otherwise I could find a singer who would suit it. The German guy has a very croaky voice so if he decides to complete it I would need to find another vocalist anyway. Here's my revised structure and lyric changes. I'm still waiting (Her armour covers wounds) Lyric by: Raymond Fry © Verse 1: She's got fire, but it ain't burning She hides a heart that never sings I'm shining a bright light upon her darkness Until her eyes see how it bleeds Pre chorus: So I'll be waiting She'll be breaking I know her armour covers wounds Chorus: I'll find the words that can cut through To touch her heart I know is blue She can't hide from love forever I know her armour covers wounds Interval Verse 2: I ain't worried, that she ain't crying There'll come a time her heart will sing I'm pouring my lovelight upon her Sadness Until her heart knows what it needs Pre chorus: So I'll be waiting She'll be breaking I know her armour covers wounds Chorus: I'll find the words that can cut through To touch her heart I know is blue She can't hide from love forever I know her armour covers wounds Outro: So I'll be waiting She'll be breaking I know her armour covers wounds Her armour covers wounds © copyright worldwide Raymond Fry Registration ID: 194228
  5. What does it mean to succeed?

    Peace, quiet, sanity, contentment, happiness are fleeting because if we had it all the time we would not appreciate those times when we have it. You definitely get more of it with age although along with old age comes health issues which can impede on how one feels. I think that if we look for it there are always positives so it's important to not focus on the hardships too much because it can kill ones spirit.
  6. What does it mean to succeed?

    Peace, quiet and sanity equates to success in my book
  7. What does it mean to succeed?

    Robs 100% correct about the control that record labels have over their artists.
  8. What does it mean to succeed?

    Sounds good. If Songstuff promotes music on facebook It would be great but it would cost money for Songstuff to promote their page in order to target and attract the general public to pay to download songs. That promotion and marketing fund would have to come from somewhere so I would suggest either it be taken from percentage of sales or a set charge to songstuff for each promotion depending on what feels the most comfortable.
  9. What does it mean to succeed?

    I would have been a major artist if I didn't look like that lol. My audiences weren't to keen on hearing the Oink Oink song twelve times in a row
  10. What does it mean to succeed?

    So was I referring to members music and my description of a facebook page was intended to describe what other are doing and that Songstuff could help members promote their music if members were willing to back it up with their time and money. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in that particular post but It should have been clear if you had read my earlier posts and replies leading up to it.
  11. What does it mean to succeed?

    Just us old hands going a little senile methinks
  12. What does it mean to succeed?

    Understood lol. It is possible for an indie artist to make money without having industry contacts but it happens to very few. Basically it's all down to people loving your songs and sharing them to go viral. That's why artists who are good at promoting and marketing their music have a head start on those that are either not very good at it or can't spare the time because they are either too busy working a dayjob to fund their recordings or their own equipment to do so or aren't proficient enough to record and mix/master to a standard that people would listen to.
  13. What does it mean to succeed?

    You have totally misunderstood what I was getting at. I have no idea where you picked up the idea that making money was the object? If musicians on songstuff have a hard time gaining a fanbase I was suggesting a way that it could be done with Songstuff. ASCAP is run by musicians and for musicians and it is not their goal to make money. ASCAP is of benefit to musicians and that was my real point. Songstuff could work on similar lines but without funding ASCAP would never be what it is today.
  14. What does it mean to succeed?

    Yes, It only takes the will to do it and the backing of musicians and artists to make it happen. When you look at ASCAP which is run by musicians for musicians you know that it could work. I just wonder how many members would be willing to put whatever money they could afford into shares in Songstuff. Currently we have the founders and admin who put all their time and efforts into keeping songstuff afloat and members who contribute on a voluntary basis. I'm pretty certain that there are many members who utilise this facility by receiving feedback who don't. If Songstuff were to have shareholders preferably members, it would attract more members if it was to have a release platform. By growing it slowly it would give it a lot more clout and other release platforms would be queueing up to do a deal. It would also attract major artists, TV, Film and gaming companies who are seeking songs, instrumentals, soundtracks etc so would benefit everyone here. I believe that songstuff already has a facebook page so if everyone blogged it and admin chose good quality songs to post on it there would be greater response and it would attract purchasers.
  15. What does it mean to succeed?

    Actually, It's not wishful thinking of Starise to think that a Savvy person could do ok with promoting music online as a side line because there are hundreds if not thousands of people who are doing it on a daily basis. I've seen lots of Facebook sites that promote your music for a fee and they tend to have a lot of followers. If you had a facebook page with 100,000 likes and followers you could offer to promote artists and songs for a small fee if you weren't greedy. If you advertised your page to "friends and friends of friends" you would in all probability have a reach of 50 times your followers which adds up to 5,000,000. I don't know how many members there are on Songstuff, but supposing this website was to have sections where music could be sold with Songstuff receiving a percentage of revenue for administration. If all members were to blog the selling section on their Facebook, Twitter, and all the other available platforms, how long do you think it would take to build it's membership and take over from Reverbnation and CD Baby? Unfortunately Songstuff would need a much larger server to be able to cope with demand and that costs money. However, if people put their hearts, minds, money and energy into it it could work. How many members would be willing to invest their money buying shares in songstuff as a company? I would.