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  1. This is a song that Me, and Nathaniel did just a few months before he passed away in 2015. We never got to finish it, but I love it how it is. Please go give it a listen. :)


  2. Created a Sort-Of music video today. I wanted to play around with record Video + Music in combination. It was a pretty fun project, and I'm definitely doing it again. I guess you could call this "Practice" for editing real MVs together.



  3. Hey, Name's Ben.

    Nice to meet you, Mike! That's pretty awesome! Can't wait til I write good enough music for stuff like that.
  4. So far I like it. I've been logged out a few times randomly, but it's not a huge problem. I'm yet to really immerse myself in the community, but so far it seems easy going.
  5. Hey, Name's Ben.

    Thanks, Ray!
  6. My Dark Story [Draft Art]

    From the album Album Art

    Artwork + Photography of myself was done by me. Sogn from the album: (Releases this October)
  7. Album Art

  8. Hey, Name's Ben.

    To clarify, the name everyone calls me is Ben. It's a nickname I got when I was 17, and it just kind of stuck. I also like it a lot more, haha. Anywho, I just joined a few minutes ago. I've been looking around for a way to both Promote my music, and meet like minded musicians. I started 'composing' about 9 years ago with electronic music, but slowly worked up the confidence to write my own Rock/Metal tunes. I tend to dabble across the boar din terms of genre, but it's out of sheer enjoyment to learn new styles. I upload stuff semi-regularly, may it be an experiment or a full blown track demo. All links to my Soundscloud, Bandcmap, etc. can be found at The3rdTausk.net. That's about it! So, Hey! What's up?