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  1. This is a song that Me, and Nathaniel did just a few months before he passed away in 2015. We never got to finish it, but I love it how it is. Please go give it a listen. :)


  2. Created a Sort-Of music video today. I wanted to play around with record Video + Music in combination. It was a pretty fun project, and I'm definitely doing it again. I guess you could call this "Practice" for editing real MVs together.



  3. Hey, Name's Ben.

    To clarify, the name everyone calls me is Ben. It's a nickname I got when I was 17, and it just kind of stuck. I also like it a lot more, haha. Anywho, I just joined a few minutes ago. I've been looking around for a way to both Promote my music, and meet like minded musicians. I started 'composing' about 9 years ago with electronic music, but slowly worked up the confidence to write my own Rock/Metal tunes. I tend to dabble across the boar din terms of genre, but it's out of sheer enjoyment to learn new styles. I upload stuff semi-regularly, may it be an experiment or a full blown track demo. All links to my Soundscloud, Bandcmap, etc. can be found at The3rdTausk.net. That's about it! So, Hey! What's up?
  4. Hey, Name's Ben.

    Nice to meet you, Mike! That's pretty awesome! Can't wait til I write good enough music for stuff like that.
  5. So far I like it. I've been logged out a few times randomly, but it's not a huge problem. I'm yet to really immerse myself in the community, but so far it seems easy going.
  6. Hey, Name's Ben.

    Thanks, Ray!
  7. Album Art

  8. My Dark Story [Draft Art]

    From the album Album Art

    Artwork + Photography of myself was done by me. Sogn from the album: (Releases this October)