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  1. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    News coming out today .... Not looking good. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/08/10/soundcloud-investors-24-hours/
  2. Website

    Richard, Web Designer here - if you do purchase your secondary domain name and hook up hosting, i'd be happy to help you with something provided i could put my company link in the footer
  3. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I used to be so heavily guarded with my lyrics. Everything was dressed in a sugarcoat and then wrapped in a metaphor - it must have been hard to decipher the gibberish i was rattling on about. Recently, i've been writing songs that just cut to the bone from a lyrical sense. Here's a wee jam that might showcase that newfound openness. Still a work in progress, but i've really begun to like just 'saying it as it is'.
  4. 'An Artist Must Starve' [Experimental Song - Major to Minor from E to E]

    I appreciate you both listening and taking the time out to type - thanks guys
  5. Hello! I wanted to share a song with you guys that really was an exercise in melody writing. I do a tonne of songwriting exercises to keep my melody writing as good as i can be, and this is one of the ways i do it. Essentially, i'm going from Major to Minor the whole way from E to E. [ie, E-Am / F-Bbm / F#-Bm etc] and changing the vocal melody for each revolution. Obviously with this chord structure, the song never seems to 'resolve', i'm totally aware of that, but that's due to the chording. Anyways, i thought i'd share because, if nothing else, it's an original idea. The lyrics might also be relevant to you musicians out there
  6. What made you start songwriting?

    Hello! In an effort to get to know you good folks a bit better, i was wondering what made you jump into writing your own compositions. Was there a definable moment or was it just a natural graduation from being a musician? Tell me your story. For myself, it's really quantifiable. I started singing in local school bands when i was around 15. I was in and around people writing their own songs, but the craft felt like something beyond me [since i couldn't even play an instrument at this point] so i never considered it. That was until i was 16 and my friend Paddy played me 'Anas Song [Open Fire]' by Silverchair. I still cannot put my finger on why that song completely floored me to this day, but back then, i just couldn't understand how music could be so powerful. That chord change into the chorus married with daniel's emotive vocal delivery was just astounding to me. I must have asked him to repeat it around 15 times before he just gave me the entire album it was on [Neon Ballroom]. Living near Paddy, i made the small walk back home, listened to the entire record and picked up a cheap guitar that'd sat in the corner for a long time and so begin my love affair with the art of songwriting. There's s'mores and beer for everyone. Now then, Your turn.
  7. Haha. It's all good man, i hope you know i've just been joshin' with you on here, too. I don't even take life serious, so there's no chance of me taking a songwriting messageboard too serious
  8. Hey Y'all!

    Welcome PoeticFreeFall
  9. If you saw my work schedule you'd never accuse me of having 'too much time on my hands', of this i assure you No worries Hobo, until we [undoubtedly] meet on another thread.
  10. I'm proud to be a weirdo.
  11. Two good posts ^^
  12. Mahesh, your english is absolutely on point for a second language! and thanks for your contributions to this post. I realise i could have phrased certain things better.
  13. This is why i didn't write 'instrumental' in my original topic title - someone else added that on for me. I personally see them as totally different things, which is why i no longer feel the title represents my intention, as i made a point not to mention that word. I'm just genuinely interested in what people consider a 'song' that's not derived directly from a dictionary. If, as you say, a 'song' is a 'song' and an 'instrumental' is an 'instrumental', then you're saying you view them as two separate entities, which would imply you agree with my stance on things, but yet you say you don't? What do you consider the music of Beethoven? Songs or Instrumentals? What are choral tracks with no words but lots of vocal layers? Song or instrumental? As i hope is clear, i'm not preaching about my stance on this, i just want to know how you guys think about the separation [or if you believe one even exists]. I'm not looking to beat a dead horse or waste any of your time, i just don't feel it's as cut and dry as some have suggested here. Oh and i have no idea why my mates would consider instrumentals to be 'songs', i honestly don't. [part of me thinks it's so they can say they have 20 'songs' instead of 2 ]
  14. haha. no more starting topics for me. i'll stick to replying.
  15. Someone's already edited it for me. Magical.