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  1. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    Mix; is excellent but guitar volume dynamics must be manually rechecked Vocals; there is nothing missing with singing but its quite in chorus As arrangement: String pads can be muted in some parts
  2. what is this genre?

    Peace Can anyone offer an genre for my song? How would you tag this song? Also all honest reviews are welcome. Can I tag it world, psychedelic , experimental, world fusion ? Or anything else? Did you like it_? Gunes Sifa (Sun Cure) Lyrics; is about balance in universe, balanced sun light is cure in particular Meter 7/8 5 minutes with first 2 minutes is 155 bpm last 3 minutes is 130 bpm Key: E# min + Turkish Rast makam Instruments Drums Bass Acoustic piano Color instruments woodwings strings ambient guitars vocals http://cem-kaan.bandcamp.com/track/g-ne-ifa Thanks in advance
  3. SOUND Vocal: so much reverb or delay on vocals Guitars are OK drums: Ride is loud Vocal Sting sings louder on some parts, quite parts are OK but your pronunciation on R sound is very hard. you can use distance between you and microphone as a compressor effect