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  1. How did they do it?

    Thanks Mike, I suspected that while listening. I like the way it works on the track. Mind directing me to more professional literature on mixing mastering perhaps?
  2. Think

    Hey, you mentioned that you don't use reverb on the drums except for the room they were recorded. After listening to your track, I admired the drum loops special effect. I know this can be done by playing the loops on the monitors and recording the sound coming from the room and then play them together. I don't own a good set of monitors yet, but I wonder if this could work...
  3. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    Sounds good! I'm a big 80's fan! I like the vocal work, impressive! I love the vocal work, where do usually position the backup vocals (stereo image wise)? I can't seem to get the correct position for the BU vocals so it would fit well and support the main vocal. Good work!
  4. Think

    I like it, it reminds me of Michael Cretu. The guitars are awesome in the mix after the 2nd chorus. The mix sounds full and balanced. The guitar that follows the vocal is a cool effect. *I think the HH needs cleaning, they ring a bit. What are you producing with? what was recorded live? Good work!
  5. How did they do it?

    Thanks@HoboSage I agree it is the same sound off a few seconds from each other, or could be that it is one sound in the far left or right and the reverb is set to the opposite side. I'll test it on my track.
  6. How did they do it?

    Hi all, I'm listening to George Maple and I wonder how did do one achieve the bongo effect that runs throughout the song. it sounds like the left side is the source and the right side is the reverb sound Can someone back engineer it?
  7. Starting With A Title

    I usually start with the melody just to get the structure of the singing with the music. Then the title is taken from the chorus once its written.
  8. What is the standard length for verses?

    I like it when a verse is 4 sentences long. I sometimes use long sentences but then you need to find a nice way to sing it
  9. Hi all, I'm Giora tal

    Thank you!
  10. Draft #1 When You're Not Happy

    Thanks, glad you liked it. I'm not sure about the "100 raindrops in your heart" I think I was trying to describe raining as an emotional storm, does that make sense? The lyrics are actually only the first verse. I'll upload the track with the vocals so you can listen to the structure. I'm aiming for A-A-B-C for now.
  11. Hi all, hope all is well. I usually write lyrics once I have a basic melody and maybe structure. This is the melody track Here is the first draft of the lyrics, what do you think? Maybe it's the weather, 100 of raindrops in your heart. They say it would get colder but you haven't felt warmth in a very long time. Wake up every morning, and you feel like you left something behind They say it would get harder, but harder is no harder when you're aching all the time.
  12. Grand Oak Tree

    Nicely rhymed
  13. Conjured up this song in the dead of night

    Thank you for that. I tend to agree, a live show should be polished and structured. That is why I'm trying to piece together the puzzle as I go. I appreciate your remark for the chords not changing. That is another thing I need to prearrange for a smooth transition. Much appreciated, G.
  14. Hi community, I want to share with you this track I conjured last night. I'm working with Abletone and Launchpad (Novation Mini) so the argument is being set live. I like the idea of creating a live show but I find it confusing and hard to set it up first. Do you have any suggestions on how to "structure" a live track? how do you decide the arrangements before? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I'm Giora tal

    Hi all, my Name is Giora Tal and I'm a singer songwriter living in Portland. I teach guitar on my free time in my local community center and make small music production in my home studio. I wish to collaborate with more artists and make some cool music. I currently have a few music blogs, YouYube, SoundCloud and some more. Feel free to visit and share. Giora T.