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  1. If there was a way to do top comments I think this would get it!
  2. So I have been thinking about a lot of stuff lately and it's brought up a lot of questions I hope some of you could hopefully answer. I understand that income is scarce but how scarce? Could you afford to eat and sleep somewhere at least? What do you think separates those who make it and those who dont? How long was it until at least a bit stable? Did you have any side jobs and if so what? Any advice for those interested in trying?
  3. Lonely Boy

    Hey thanks, honestly I imagined there was other songs with the same name I just hope I didnt steal anything. Thank you so much.
  4. Lonely Boy

    Thx I tried this and also changed the ending the song at the "selling your soul" line and adding the line "Lonely boy was your dream worth it" (not sure if ill keep it though.
  5. Lonely Boy

    Hey thx Geir really appreciate you taking the time to respond and giving the helpful advice and encouragement you did.
  6. Hey Tom, really sorry I wasn't able to answer your question before you answered and honestly I didn't really think of that but IMHO as music is about sound and different voicing do sound different I personally do count them as different (hence why I personally do have reservations about this theory that I didn't want to throw out for fear of being biased).
  7. I imagine most of us have either heard the claim all songs go I V vi IV or some variation of it so im curious, do you believe that? Why is that? How much truth is there in that?
  8. You'll Be On My Mind

    Hi, i'm new to this too so i'm not sure how much of a help this is but I feel like 5 to 6 doesn't really flow that well but maybe that just me.
  9. Lonely Boy

    So um yeah, this is my first attempt at songwriting and im not sure if its any good but here. Thx in advance for any help! Lonely boy with a guitar Sitting on the corner With your beat up blue jeans Who you singing to Lonely Boy playing the blues How far will you go Oooh lonely boy Oooh Lonely boy Lonely boy on the street Keep playing them blues You're going to be a star someday Shining bright like a diamond Lonely boy papa told you no But here you are guitar and all Lonely boy making a dream With nothing but a guitar Play them Blues, play them loud (4) Lonely boy with a dream Playing them blues for the people now He playing them blues all day and night He aint dreaming now Lord may give him his soul But he found his muse Now he playing them blues All night long Lonely Boy playing the blues How far will you go Oooh lonely boy Oooh Lonely boy Signed to the company Soul and all Making his way playing That dream Traded in that old six string For a shiny new one and a band Playing them blues for the masses now Sing them Blues Sing em loud Lonely boy on the stage You’re diamond now Play them blues Play them proud Lonely Boy playing the blues How far did you go Oooh lonely boy Oooh Lonely boy
  10. Hello!

    So i`m a college a student who is debating pursuing music as a career. I have limited experience in violin and bass along with being in choir for 8 years then musical theater for about 2 years after that. My main instrument however is my guitar which I have been playing for the past 2 years (admittedly I am not great but what can you do). In any case I hope that I can both help with the community and learn somethings!