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    Music, learning, travel, writing, reading

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    Performance, Guitar playing, vocals, songwriting, and a good atitude.
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    Any of the "Nu modern" bands (Playlist on Spotify if confused), Ed Sheeran, Queen, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Boston, and a few other musicians who I've had the privilege of talking to.


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I'm a 18 year old student about to head into college this Sept. who has grown up with a music background with a wide taste in music from rap (very limited), blues, rock, alt rock, pop, and a bit of comedy music (mostly from a few buddy's who are street performers who like to do that). Honestly I hope one day to become a touring musician if I ever get the chance and I work hard everyday to try and improve my guitar and song writing skills playing for 3 to 4 hours a day and writing at least 1 song a day going by the idea that song writing can be improved through trial and error (with help ofcourse).