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  1. Hi Gang We live in a culture where music is only one facet of an artist, one aspect of them in an industry that goes well beyond the music itself. Image is in itself a complex beastie. There is the very obvious visual image. Something that the likes of David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sia, are (or were) all very good at re-inventing... no matter if you like a specific image or not. Every band has a visual image, just about. Some it is their look, Status Quo's long hair and denim, Marilyn Manson's goth vampire, George Michael's sun glasses, stubble etc., Elton John's big glasses and glam outfits. Even when a band doesn't have an obvious or strong visual image for themselves (a rarity) they use an anti-image, the absence of image... with strong graphics as a substitute... think Pink Floyd, or Yes. Then comes the broader image of an artist, often based on behaviours. Sex, sexuality, politics, causes, humour, arrogance, evasiveness, inebriation etc. What, if any, image development have you done? What would you think you would show strong in, or could be strong in? What would you be weak in? Or what would simply not be for you? Have fun, but I am interested in some thought and effort being put in... a little bit of self-examination (not down there!) Cheers John
  2. Late, maybe, but a good contribution Chicken Picker
  3. Hi Ariel! Welcome to Songstuff Are you a lyricist? Musician? Performer? Something else?
  4. @Pahchisme Plaid Nice to see that it prompted not only some in-depth thought, but also some background research. Not only that, but you learned from the exercise! Ideal! Research is vital for spotting trends. Not just pasttrends, but on point trends... because if you can be cutting edge you can pus it further into ahead of the curve songs that stand a real chance of trend setting. Great job on effort!
  5. No problem. It was nice to have enough time to drop by!
  6. This would actually fit better on the music challenge board. No harm in that! lolWe can seee what interest we can muster here.
  7. Not bad at all Rob. Really the main issue for me would be the tightness of timing. It loses something because of it. Once the vocals get going it has a good energy and overall sound. I think I would look to shorten the intro. The vocal sound during the slow mid section isn't quite right. What you have mixes well during the verse and chorus, but sits above the mix during that slow section. Bass is a little lost at times, but yet again the tightness of timing of bass, guitars with each other never mind the drums loses so much of the power this has. Good vocal!
  8. Sure, though time will be short for the next couple of weeks while the forums move to updated higher spec servers
  9. Hey Mahesh Well done! I suspect it is only at the beginning of a wave of success. You have worked hard and thoroughly deserve the recognition you are getting. That said, be prepared to work even harder! At every stage be prepared to take advantage of any new gains or contacts.
  10. Any plans to record them? Even without a beat. Some nice lines in there. "Seven personalities", I know what you mean, but it could be mixed up like a multiple personality disorder, which bipolar isn't. A simple tweak could pull it in line though: "like seven personalities, made up daily". I don't think going into the forums section is necessary here. It's filler, a distraction. Overall the piece works pretty well.
  11. Hey Sreyashi, welcome to Songstuff! I bet you are thinking "At last! My music!". Take a deep breath, be mindful of the moment, and savour the feeling of constraint lost and freedom found. Music flows through us, filling every fibre of our being. To experience that as a listener can be astounding, consuming, essential, liberating and An overwhelmingly emotional experience, when it is done well. As a writer? Performer? A creator? It is hard to put into words the connections we build with songs and music. Emotion and expression permeates all that we do, and no matter the emotion, it is a celebration. it just so happens "we got a party goin' on". Dive in! I look forward to hearing your tracks.
  12. Hey Brandon Welcome to Songstuff. It's good to have you aboard.
  13. Careful David, the last person to approach such an observation ruffled some feathers, and was told in no uncertain terms to cluck off. Sorry. Couldn't resist
  14. It doesn't though there is a spell checker. Are you sure it isn't your iPad autocorrect/autoincorrect?
  15. I know a few Patreon peeps. I know one who funded her 3rd or 4th album via Patreon, having funded the previous album on a different crowd funding platform. She said Patreon gave her far more options and control, plus opportunities for fan engagement just not possible on other platforms. I chartered creating a Patreon page for Songstuff at that time, maybe 18 months ago, but it would take a significant amount of investment of time... and time is a commodity I just don't have. For what it is worth, I think it is much more focused on artists and musicians than say gofundme.