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  1. 1. Be an active participant. Online communities thrive on activity of their members. Activity helps you, and it helps our community stay useful and interesting. 2. Recommend Songstuff to songwriters, musicians and bands that you know. Keep recommending whenever you meet new musicians. More members means more experience, more activity, more things to interest you. 3. Consider making a donation. Having a budget is essential to paying for site running costs and the development of new features.
  2. Hi Are you a recent member, or at least inexperienced with our site and community? Would you be willing to share your first impression? What do you like about the site? What do you think could be improved, and how? Cheers John
  3. Hey Edson Welcome aboard! We've had many members over the years whose first language was not English, including several site staff. I am sure you will fit right in. You posted an Introduction post which is a good start. Have a read, add some friends, try to avoid flooding the critique boards with multiple topics, and please be active in offering critique... it is a great way to learn and help you to broaden your horizons. Most members are more willing to help members they see helping others, that is just human nature. Cheers John
  4. Hi Shawn, Welcome to Songstuff! Good to have you aboard Cheers John
  5. Unfortunately Jessie died in December 2015 at the age of 18. she was a much loved wee pussycat. Last year we adopted a 14 year old cat (Treacle) and 8 year old dog (Sparkie) who were needing re-homed. Our house had been so empty, we love animals and they were needing help. David Bowie had two issues with his eyes. He had one green eyed one blue eye, and in addition he had one pupil fixed wide open. My mother had the second condition and it would cause her a lot of headaches, I can only imagine that it would have the same effect on David Bowie, and perhaps explains why he wore sunglasses a lot.
  6. Here's a color color pencil drawing of 3 ages of David Bowie I made just after he died:
  7. Here's "Jessie", my old cat, a color pencil drawing from early 2016 or thereabouts.
  8. yeah. what is it?

    It comes down to how you want people to find your post... and that also depends on context, including if it is something you are actively, purposefully promoting (though as an artist there is a case for making almost everything you post in this category. As an artist, your song title is often your main hook, and therefore the element you want listeners to take from hearing it so they can go searching and find you and your music.... so having a tag that would be "Crabs In The Kitchen", with a hashtag of #crabsinthekitchen. However you may have a general tag you use with all your stuff such as "Songs by Ray Fry" or "Ray Fry Sings". You may find it beneficial to have more than one hashtag too, like #songsbyrayfry. On on a general music forum you may also want a tag that tells the listener about genre like "Singer / Songwriter" "Acoustic Pop" "Unplugged". in addition on a forum like Songstuff, on the critique boards, you may also want to indicate the kind of feedback you want on the critique boards "words and music", "recording and production" etc. on Songstuff only the first 3 or 4 key phrases will display unless the reader expands the keywords to see them all. Note that is key phrases not key words. Key phrases being collections of keywords separated by commas... often key phrases are still simply referred to as keywords, so you would have: crabs in the kitchen, Ray fry, pop, acoustic, new release. As say say your key words for an announcement of a release. Within the post body, try and use those phrases too, but it isn't essential. Also in the post body, use your hashtag... #crabsinthekitchen #rayfrymusic and maybe your twitter name @rayfry for example (though on our forums that would link to a forums member called ray fry, so if you want to embed the link to your twitter use the add link button when typing, and add both link and displayed text... to avoid confusion.
  9. A remix counts as an adaptation as an arrangement of the original. The original words and melody are intact (which is in essence the song), though it may have structurally changed, and certainly will have changed in terms of instrumentation, harmony and perhaps additional melodies. As such it is likely to be classed a derivative work, in copyright terms. Permission should be obtained from 2pac's publisher. Often people will only do this for commercial releases, but it should be done for all such works. Licensing it would likely be tied to commercial release terms, however publishers vary differently as to how they view non-commercial releases. They may approve it for release on non-commercial terms but limited to certain platforms... such as YouTube, if they have an agreement with YouTube for advertisement revenue. This means that if you start earning through advertising, the advertising for that song would go to them (in essence) or a portion of it. They may say it cannot be released at all. I should say I am not a copyright expert or lawyer
  10. yeah. what is it?

    Tags are like key words, but significantly different.... traditional key key words on the internet were set by the page / site coder, and eventually by content authors where platforms allowed them to do so. In forums, contributors could not set keywords. In such environments keywords tended to be set on a site wide, or at least application wide basis. The same is true for many blog applications, especially if you do not own the blog site, like tumblr or the WordPress site. What Mike says regarding search engines is accurate. Keywords are still used. They are included in search and ranking algorithms but they are subject to abuse and used as part of search engine spamming techniques. This is why sites like Tumblr and WordPress did not open up keywords to blog authors, unless they ran WordPress on their own domain and server (no sense in tainting their own domain and server) The most appreciable difference between tags and key words are that tags are publicly visible, key words are not. For this reason, tags have become part of the navigation sites, often via the concept of a "tag cloud". The concept is simple. When someone arrives at a site, a view of the tag cloud is displayed on the site. This is a randomly spaced collection of tags, where the size, boldness, and sometimes the font are varied according to tag popularity. The bigger and bolder, the more popular the tag. For example if tag1 is used 20 times, and tag2 40 times, in the tag cloud tag2 will be a larger font and bolder font. Tag clouds are also clickable, generally taking you to a list of posts using that tag, often ordered by date or popularity. Tags also allow you to see what a topic is about without going and reading the whole topic. When Songstuff is busier this could be very useful. Tags are also related to, but not the same as hashtags... though for convenience and uniformity it can be wise to include a hashtag as a tag. Hashtags are are publicly displayed within topics. On many platforms they are clickable and will display a recent posts or popular posts list of entries displaying that hashtag. Importantly, hashtags have no spaces, for example #ilovesongwriting Hashtags are popular with microblog platforms like twitter. When writing a forum post it is a good idea to include tags. If you choose a hashtag too, remember to include it within the body of your post, and encourage people to use it if they tweet about your post... it is quite suited to promo purposes. One important aspect of hashtags and tags is their ability to visibly display trends. That can be very useful if you are trying to be on trend, topical and measure the success of your posts, to take part in trending topics and leverage off that popularity. Artists, celebrities and businesses, even politicians use them in this way. To associate what they are talking or singing about with an event (good or bad), and is especially used in cause based promotion. So for example, if you are releasing a song where you are donating money to Help For Heroes, then including the hashtag #helpforheroes in your posts and tweets is a good idea, especially near the beginning. Including the tag "help for heroes" would also be suggested. I don't think tags and hashtags are just for promo. Far from it. They are for improved awareness, and most topic writers, blogger, poster, wants better awareness of their content, so that those interested In a topic will take part. I hope this helps. Cheers John
  11. Hi and welcome to Songstuff!
  12. Wonders Never Cease © Copyright 1996 John Moxey, all rights reserved Re-work © Copyright 2016 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse Standing here, I've got view out over it all The things I see make me sad, make me sad When I think, what a waste we've made of this world That kind of destruction makes me sad, makes me sad Chorus Could that ever change, well Will wonders never cease? Carry, carry on Until it brings to our knees Verse Some people, put their faith in political words I hear them saying wait and see, wait and see But the time has come, when I feel we've got our backs to the wall Those words have passed us by, you see, oh you see Chorus Could that ever change, well Will wonders never cease? Carry, carry on Until it brings to our knees Verse I'm so tired, picking up and pushing on through The pain that we all bear, we bleed, oh we bleed Bloody wars, tearing at our heart and soul Flags wave, more weapons made, we bleed, oh we bleed Chorus Could that ever change, well Will wonders never cease? Carry, carry on Until it brings to our knees
  13. I Am One © Copyright 2008 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse Deep in the dark I hide in my cell My vision of hell I won't make a sound You'll never see me Until I break free Chorus Then i am brilliant The life, the blood the soul A spark so resilient That's set against it all I am one Verse Numb to it all Weeks tick by My comatose eyes I'm So far away My own inner space Until I escape Chorus Then i am brilliant The life, the blood the soul A spark so resilient That's set against it all I am one Bridge For a moment I see How it all should be Chorus Then i am brilliant The life, the blood the soul A spark so resilient That's set against it all
  14. Hit and Run © Copyright 2009 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse When I first saw you I couldn't breathe, the lights were flashing Car crash victim, there's no reprieve, you hit me head on One moment Nothing, next you're there, my heart beat pounding Rising high into the air, my world was spinning round Chorus If I knew what I know now But I'd kept my feet on the ground No ifs or buts It's a heart felt hit and run Verse I was cast adrift, you pulled away, the darkness seeping high and dry no words can say, you kept your foot down Head over heels my heart and soul, my body shaking Falling fast with no control,my world was spinning round Chorus If I knew what I know now But I'd kept my feet on the ground No ifs or buts It's a heart felt hit and run Bridge I thought I had it all I thought I had it all A moment in time, an impact that I still feel A question in mind, emotions writhing and real What did I mean to you? What did I mean to you? My world is spinning round Chorus If I knew what I know now But I'd kept my feet on the ground No ifs or buts It's a heart felt hit and run Chorus If I knew what I know now But I'd kept my feet on the ground No ifs or buts It's a heart felt hit and run It's a heart felt hit and run