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  1. About time too.
  2. Welcome to Songstuff Rory.
  3. Hey Michael, welcome to Songstuff! Good to have you aboard.
  4. Frankly I am in a very similar situation, and like you I am uncomfortable asking for money. I would like to think people will support me because they like what I do and want more rather than feeling an obligation through family or friendship, but hey.. i love what you do, and definitely want you to be able to make more.
  5. Hey Jeff Welcome to Songstuff! The more you put in, the more you get out. Cheers John
  6. Nice one Steve. I'll take a good look this evening.
  7. It depends Rudi. We are musicians, and performers. There is undoubtedly a role for image within that.image covers so many aspects. Hell we all have our own image. From our body shape and hair cut, tattoos, the clothes we wear, the car or bike we drive, what we drink, where we eat... everyone has a personal image. Many things are extensions of that image. To deny a musical image is unrealistic. To have one and not harnesss it seems a waste. Does that mean we have to cynically exploit it? No. Still, your image as a performer is that. An actor or dancer is used to using imagewith no questions asked.. As an artist, how you dress on stage, the stage set, your album art, merchandise, how you talk on stage, your lyrics, the music, how you talk when interviewed... all contribute towards the image that fans have of you. Why let the impression you give be accidental? Why not take control of it? Why not use an image that enhances perception of your music? Certainly the wrong image can damage it. Don't believe me? Try dressing as Hitler and performing and seeing if people react differently. We do know that frame of mind will change how music is received. Much like writing, arranging and performing, visual performance, even visual hooks.... all have an effect.
  8. Hey Tiffany, Welcome to Songstuff!
  9. Which is exactly why you change the purpose, so you can try and manage the "too many things going on" scenario. Even if you are talking about non guitar related distractions, changing focus on purpose like that keeps your focus fresh, and should make it easier to keep concentrating.... though it wil take a bit of perseverance until a habit is established before real benefits kick in.
  10. Henrik Please keep finished tracks, and track promo for the Showcase board and the Musician's Lounge. 18 seconds is next to useless for critique. Please post as much of the song as possible. If there are words post them as well. Spotify clips are only useful for promo. This specific board is not a promo board.
  11. Patty, a big welcome to Songstuff! Good to have you aboard. It's a good ship and true.
  12. Hmmm Randy you lost me. I see: Patty -> Community Peggy -> Patty Robash -> Patty Patty -> Robash Randy -> Whom it may concern Peggy -> Confused Me -> Randy Did Rob maybe post to Robert here and then delete it? We have 2 members called RobAsh, and they are different people
  13. Ooooh good! I hope it is a reasonable port and there is some real commitment to delivering a fully featured product.
  14. We have just undergone a server upgrade, so it is possible file upload size is set incorrectly. What size of upload were you making? We do provide the capability, but we are not an OMD like Soundcloud. Hosting is not our main thing. We are increasing funding and should be looking to increase storage and uploads in the near future.
  15. Good to see you back Mike! I hope all is well