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    Scotland (UK)
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    songwriting, guitar, piano and keys, singing, recording and technology, art, programming, computer games, reading, motorbikes... lots of stuff really :)

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    John Moxey
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About Me

Musician and Songwriter

I write songs using a fusion of all sorts of different styles from chill out electronica to rock and acoustic ballad. I have a really broad taste in music, and listen to all sorts of artists, so there are a lot of influences on my own music.
I like to experiment with music. I've always been more interested in how it all goes together than in being considered a virtuoso on any one instrument. Original ideas always fascinate me. It's what usually attracts my attention towards artists I hear in the first place.

Music is my passion. It's what has driven me all my life. I've played in bands, orchestras even a pipe band. I can't count the number of performances I have made. Several hundred I would guess, maybe more. It's the time that musicians get to directly see the effect of their music on their audience, a time to directly communicate through your music. I love it.




Sadly I haven't performed much in the last decade. I don't plan on the same happening for the next decade. With an album on the way I can't wait to perform the songs.

Music And Other Tech

I first got the bug when trying to record my early bands, trying to work out how the bands I liked recorded their songs. Starting with 4 track portable studios my ability to apply the techniques was limited. When i was 17 I got a job as a trainee soundengineer in a recording studio complex. That really got me into recording technology in a big way. I not only wanted to learn how music was recorded, but how the actual gear I was using worked.
A few years later I went to University and studied Electronics with Music. The course taught me how design music tech and technology in general, from analog circuits to digital design and software design. It also gave me regular access to a 16 track recording studio and a host of serious tech heads.

University also introduced me to computers and music. There wasn't much of an internet by comparison to today. At home I started using my PC for recording music for the first time, while at the Uni itself I was using cutting software for audio editing and processing.

I was at this point recording at home using a simple computer based set up. A few years later and I had build a high end home studio and for the first time I had a home set up I could really experiment with.


I first set up Songstuff in 2000 as a free music resource for musicians, songwriters and other music biz professionals. I had been dabbling in web tech up to this point. It was a part-time thing for me at that point so growth was slow. I spent my time building the site and experimenting with features, more than marketing. that was mainly because I was less comfortable with marketing. Up until then my only real experience as a marketer/promoter was within real-world music marketing and promotion for bands.

Since then I have set up a variety of websites covering several topics. I really began to learn about marketing, and apply it... just not on Songstuff or my own music. What I came to realise was that my creative side could also be expressed in marketing and promotion. It was a real eye opener. I experimented in online music marketing and was surprised by the results.

That all seems such a long time ago. Songstuff has grown slowly but steadily and the music scene has totally changed since then. The changes in online music have been huge, to the extent that there are millions of artists all clamouring to be noticed, and digital downloads and streaming are available to all. It's a very challenging marketing environment.

With most artists now being responsible for their own promotion, yet not knowing what to do in the real world of music marketing and promotion, internet music marketing is something they tend to blunder through with the simple idea of pointing people to their music.

Of course then there is "mobile" marketing. A new challenge.




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