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  1. Hello!

    Hey Joey, welcome to Songstuff,
  2. Hi gang A harder challenge than it first seems. You are challenged to write a pop song... but, and there is usually a but, your record label has laid down some ground rules... It has to be for a charity to be used as part of a cause based marketing campaign. Your lyrics should use ABC form (also called verse-chorus-bridge form) OR one of ABC form derivatives. You are writing for a target audience of teens, 15 - 19 You can pick the charity, but it would be good if it relates to the target age group ABC form is the most common modern pop song form. You will find an article all about it in the Songstuff Songwriting Articles. As a suggestion, love songs remain the most popular pop song topic. Songs about one form of rebellion or another, and songs about partying and high emotion also remain popular 15 - 19 is at the more sophisticated end of teens, but it it is still fairly broad. These teens are more clued in, more worldly wise and like all teens, think they know it all, they are right and they are the first to break whatever rules are getting broken or breaking them in a more extreme way than ever before. Cliches are allowed but, just like the real world, originality is preferred. Have fun with it...! Cheers John
  3. Hi just to catch up on where you get your artwork from. Please fill in the poll and offer comments and suggestions below. Thanks! cheers John
  4. Newbie

    Hey Madame Wu! Great to have you aboard
  5. Band Auditions

    Hey Chloe, Good luck with finding band members. Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about your project? For example, what target genre are you going for? How many members does it currently have? How many do you intend recruiting? What is your role? Do you have ambition for your band, or goals? I would think the more you can tell people, the more it helps your cause
  6. Hello, i'm new to this

    Hey Marquee, welcome to Songstuff!
  7. IsoVox 2 Review

    Hi Gang I've just posted a review of the IsoVox 2, both a written article and YouTube vid. http://www.songstuff.com/product-reviews/isovox-2-review/ Feedback very welcome. Cheers John
  8. Format Change Today?

    Not a new color scheme by choice, just a bug to be worked out in the post upgrade world
  9. Hi Gang On top of the lounge boards, which are for a broad range of topics, one of our members (Symphonious7) has suggested a general chat thread to make it nice and easy for newer members to read through and get to know the site members a lil better.. Being the sort of obliging site that we are, I thought, why not? So, have at it, be most chatty, chat your socks off, hell, chat them back on again. 3, 2, 1 go! Cheers John
  10. Format Change Today?

    Likewise I see "recently browsing" in this topic with only my name. I will check out the time related to "How recently" and to see if it is not displaying on all topics
  11. Do i have potential to be better?

    Everyone can improve... but then it is a question of how much... and is related to how hard and how smart you work. Sometimes you can find you can develop a reasonable singing voice, but it is not best suited to the style you listen to, but works brilliantly for another style. Sometimes you can find your voice can only go so far, but you can use your love of music to fuel playing other instruments.... playing a second instrument is always recommended... and in those you might find you are exceptional. Whatever opinion we offer would just be an opinion. I understand you may be lacking confidence... but that may simply down to experience. Do you practice singing at home, alone? Dedicated singing practice? Do you try to learn technique, or are you thinking "it's my voice, isn't that enough?", also known as lazy lol Point is, practice. Learn. Use technique. Learn your instrument. Then look at how good it is. if you just expect to be able to sing, you aren't being fair to yourself, or respecting the work it takes to make a voice into an instrument, or the many singers who work hard to build their skills. After all, why should you expect you can do it with minimal effort, when the greats have to work at it? Confidence is built on knowledge and experience. Talent can be natural, but it can also be learned through hard work.
  12. Format Change Today?

    Ps the rebuild takes a while to complete
  13. Format Change Today?

    Hi yep there was an upgrade. FYI after a minor version upgrade or larger the forums content completely rebuilds... so posts, blog entries, everything.... it rebuilds. I had to fix a couple of template issues as the core templates were upgraded. Not sure if I caught everything or not, but it's late. There are some new features to set up too. Tomorrow is another day. any issues, please post here. cheers john
  14. Hi gang I thought it would be interesting to see what the top songs we would recommend to 15 year olds would be. The idea is simply to build a chart based on numbers of recommendations of any individual song. A top 20 chart would be brilliant, but we might struggle on numbers... So, please give me your chart of the top 20 songs you would recommend 15 year old's listen to! Hopefully we can build some sort of consensus. Ok, I'm off to put together my list. Cheers John
  15. Hi all, I'm Giora tal

    Hi Giora! Welcome to Songstuff!
  16. Questions about music as a career.

    Hi it isn't easy. Yes a wage can be made, but it takes not just hard work, but smart work, built upon skills, musical and non-musical... and it will take a bit of trial and error to gain experience.... but that is to be expected. what makes a difference? Viewing it as work, not just a hobby helps. A willingness to work on the unfun stuff that is necessary. The exact skills vary depending on your role. A jobbing musician requires similar though different skills to a singer/songwriter who is also an artist. Session musicians need different additional skills to actual band members, or members of an orchestra. The he ability to learn from others, and not repeat their mistakes or your own is useful. An ability to network and find and develop opportunities. A professional attitude, diligence, and loads of hard work. Find and develop contacts, make friends in the biz... the list goes on.... loads of stuff many musicians neglect. Most musicians have other jobs, of all kinds... generally day jobs because most gigs are in the evenings. Flexible jobs help, though there is a balance to be had... more money comes in handy, but it usually comes with less flexibility, and more commitment. Gotta dash, will try and get back and write something more... cheers john
  17. You can call me Wolf :)

    Hey Wolf! Welcome to Songstuff!
  18. SoundCloud account deleted

    What prompted removing your songs and accounts Steve? I can understand several reasons for doing so. I just wondered what your thinking was.
  19. Hello!

    Hey Tony, welcome to Songstuff! Good to have you aboard. What you can of course do (to answer your question) is to practice, perform, write.... and keep doing that. Luckily enough we love all that! Ok, practice less so, but we love the results! Lol
  20. Hello

    Hi and welcome to Songstuff Yvon!
  21. Hello from Ireland :)

    Hi and welcome to Songstuff!
  22. Pics Of Your Studio

    One point of interest, is the reduction in hardware in my studio. That said, I need a new control surface or three!
  23. Pics Of Your Studio

    A bit messy ATM, but here is the main bit... behind to right and left are guitars, amps etc. Just now I have an Isovox2 set up for a review instead of the usual movable baffle.
  24. Heyo from Florida :D

    Hi and welcome to Songstuff Jamaal!
  25. Hey What is your main DAW? For a change we decided to run a poll on the Songstuff Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/songstuff And leave your vote! Cheers John