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  1. Problems In Playing Guitar

    A metronome or even tapping your foot. To be honest I could give you lots of ideas but practice is the best medicine and lots of it. It takes time but the rewards are worth it. The best way to get "tight" is to play with friends (a band) very good to play with drums and bass and when on own a metronome. Good luck.
  2. Hey

    Welcome to the site hope you get a lot out of it.
  3. Foldable Guitars

    Looks like a wind up as the photos look a bit dodgy especially the Paul McCartney and Keith Richards Ones. Also the photos don't match? They show it folding different ways.
  4. What Songs Should A Person Who Plays Guitar Learn?

    If you want some easy ones look at my link http://www.guitarandsong.com/guitar-tabs.htm I have some easy ones I play to warm up and sing along to. Will be adding more but my site is just a hobby so only one or two a week when I can.
  5. Guitar Ignorance

    Had both a tanglewood and a Yamaha. I like the yamaha better (IT was a CPX8M) but looking at the Tanglewood you got a bargin.
  6. Dallas Texas Songwriter

    Hi and welcome. Sound like myself and I will certainly check out some of your stuff.
  7. Hi and welcome. I've been MIA for some time but back now.
  8. I Could Use Some Help

    Welcome Ithink I know what you mean and I had a similar trouble as you can tell if you listen to some of my earlier songs. But I learned (for me) that I had to write down the lyrics, chords, etc.. and even record a hum or song of the tune no matter how lame or incomplete it felt. I would then take a break from it then after some time go back and listen to it. This would help me find problems or come up with different ideas that would end with a completly different song from where i started. Hope this helps.
  9. Musicians - Who Influenced You?

    Sorry been away for a while but back now. My influences were Queen (Brian May), Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore and Deep Purple, Bowie, Cream and Eric Clapton. Thats my main ones but i love music in general.
  10. Big Bang

    Really nice clean sounding song. Snare sounds OK but the drums overall sound a bit thin if you know what I mean need beefed up a bit.
  11. Link To Songstuff!

    Added a link to my sites home page http://www.guitarandsong.com. Will also add to my blog and My Space Account
  12. Hello From Boston!

    Hi Norman and Jourdan Hope you enjoy
  13. What Makes A Song "good" For You?

    I like a simple song (for a simple guy) For some reason at the moment I'm really into Snow Patrol. I know not everyones cup of tea but its just a few of their album tracks. They are so simple with only two or three chords. I find that the lyrics that keep my attention.
  14. My Space Pages

    Me too its http://www.myspace.com/tonyconnelly
  15. Song Prep For Recording

    I have wrirren most of my songs at work. I tend to clear my head and not listen to any music for a few days. Then I usually sit during my lunch in my van thinking about what I have read in the papers or what has been happening to me or my family over the last few days/weeks. I tend to get some sort of tune idea or lyrics and I will record them on my phone. Next I take what I have put on my phone and sit with my guitar at home and usually ideas come from there. I tend not to have a complete set of lyrics for my song but I record the vocals and guitar in a raw form on my computer with a basic drum track. Next I record each instrument in turn Drums (using a drum machine), Guitars, Bass and then finally vocals. I have done about 9 songs now and simply just love music. PS Had a look at your myspace page and love your songs especially Just not There. If I still had a Bass Amp I might have been tempted to audition. Keep up the good work.