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  1. Doubt

    Doubt Dangles over Decision and Destroys my Dreamy Discovery. Dragging and Drowning me in my Daffodil Dreams. Decapitates my Delight Daisy by Daisy with Devilish Deceit. Ogre Observes my actions. Obese with Objectionable Omnipotent remarks. Occupies me with regret and Oppresses my Oars. Obliterates my passionate Oath. Orchestrates my Offensive impulse. Oversees my Open mind. Unconsciously puts effort in all my U-turns. Uses my Underground railways to Unveil bits of Ugliness. Unknown Undertaker of my dying love. Universally United with my distrust. Unbearable to my Union. Undresses and pulls all my vulnerability Undertow. Begins an everlasting Burn of what could have Been. Barricades and Builds my Barriers before fulfillment. Barters with Bad and Beautiful. Brings me Brief thoughts of confusion and Beats me with what could BE. Tyrant of love and Trust. Traps me in a Tainted Tower of Trickery. Transforms my Truth into Taboo. Thorough and Toxic in my pleasant Thought. Trains and Teaches me to Target content. Taunts my present with a Twisted past. Turbulently agitates and multiplies my Torrential Tear. Katarzyna Olejnik
  2. Hey thanks for becoming a fan on reverbnation! Much appreciated :)

  3. Hey! I became a 'fan' of Reverb Nation on FB. Thanks for the friend invite.

  4. Rape

    This is a totally different style for me, because I do love to rhyme. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I know it's a rather heavy topic so I'll understand if no one responds.
  5. Mannequins In Ties

    This is just brilliant...I usually stop reading poems/lyrics that have this type of message because everyone is always so hard hitting, but you put it in words that just drew me in and kept me interested.
  6. 8 Minutes

    I didn't even notice it...I think it's perfect the way it is
  7. Rape

    RAPE R won't roll off my tongue it's the start of the end Repressed plans lurking and Raiding my future too many bumps in the road to make it through Reduces you to nothing while stuck between the Ridges Revoking my pleas to stop Reaping innocence while sowing evil plans of Ravaging bait A is halfway there Almost whole Ambushing my being it's long and pointy tip shatters my half body Abstinence is gone Abolishing the original now I'm half me it's long and loud but no one hears it Annihilating my screams Attention is deaf and blind P has many offenses it's final Pulsating, Penetrating, Piercing Prick devouring me inside Pillager of purity Plundering my integrity and virtue Probing deep down inside where it's not supposed to be E is short and deafening hand over mouth Exhausting silent shrieks with it's sharp jagged Edges Eradicating my presence and Erasing my spotless existence Executing the End of what's not seen or heard. By: Katarzyna Olejnik. RAPE© All Rights Reserved 2011
  8. Ok, I have never done this but I always wanted to, and it was extremely fun. I wrote the words almost exactly to every stroke of the piano in the first melody. I hope it's something you're looking for. If not...I had lots of fun writing "Do You Remember" Do you remember? Oh! I remember you Do you remember? Oh! I remember you Take my hand again Take me now Do you remember dancing? We were dancing in the street! Dance with me Dance with me Dance with me and I'll make you remember Dance with me Dance with me Dance with me and I'll make you remember cause we were both so wild and free when we were dancing in the street Dance with me Dance with me Dance with me and I'll make you remember you and me and then of course you repeat, unless you want something different. Katarzyna Olejnik. Do You Remember © All Rights Reserved 2011
  9. I'm a rambler, feel free to drop me a line anytime you want to hear me rambble - LOL.

  10. kooky - just saw your lyrics for "Edge of Love" - I thought the lyrics were strong and it had a nice rhyme...I liked what I read...very poetic...I didn't see too many cliches, as posted, I wouldn't put to much stock their comments...if u looked at their lyrics, they are far from good in my opinion...didn't want to post my comments on the critique because it would create a de...

  11. Hello! From Chicago!

    Hi, everyone it's so nice to be here!