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    I have been writing songs for some time just for fun and therapy.
  1. Please Critique My Song "angel"

    you all are too good to me.
  2. Please Critique My Song "angel"

    i dont know weatus...have to check them out. ten years after? aways the beatles. all the guitars are guitars...but i did layer and create some bell like tones. sadly, i had to tweak it a little with melodyne...but i did sing the parts at least!
  3. Please Critique My Song "angel"

    wow, that is a great review. i cant tell you how appreciative i am.
  4. Please Critique My Song "angel"

    thanks, that means a lot. Your right especially about "real"...i just kinda one took the vocals and didnt go back to repair lyrics or pitches. I have this thing about time spent perfecting songs could better be spent writing and recording new ones. otherwise I could work on perfecting one song forever. Im not much of a performer anyway, I really want someone to use these songs in something bigger! Thaniks so much for the time you spent listening! Jeremy
  5. Please Critique My Song "drug Affair"

    Wow, Thanks!. I have been wondering about sub bass, but I played this on a Bass guitar. I notice sub bass patches on my roland keyboard, but I always kinda pigeon holed that for more electronica, though that isnt a problem to introduce that vibe to my song. They "keyboard part is actual;ly my strat feeding back through a guitar rig 3 patch. I think it may have ended up phasing out some of the bass in my mix because the "synthy" guitar clashed with some of the bass frequencies.. I will consider for sure. I love Enigma but feel like that type of production is beyond my skill level. I also completely understand your dynamic map, thanks for taking the time! I used the plug in OZONE for the mastering which to me is heavily compressed sound. I did double track the chorus to give it some thickness but I can do more. I wonder, is it possible to send pro tools files via email and collaborate with others on the net or are they too big? Everything you said is very interesting to me and I will investigate and apply to future recordings to see what I get. I hope you can listen to the other song I posted...its a little more poppy. Thanks a lot! Jeremy
  6. Roland Gr20 Guitar Synth, My Review

    This is quite interesting...I do not experience any latence really at all with my GR 20. I think it was a install issue. I do notice that if I am playing the guitar with a sound that has a slower attack that a guitar string I do have to adjust my playing style slightly, but never do I experience latency rendering the GR-20 un usable. Did you call Roland customer support? They are GREAT!
  7. Please Critique My Song "drug Affair"

    wow, thats great. exactly the kind of feedback i was looking for. I did that acoustic part with heavy strings and the truth is its just a %#$@$ workout to play it! When you mention the drums, are you talking about the 2nd verse or the end? How do I make the Chorus vocals bigger? Thanks!
  8. Please Critique My Song "angel"

    Hello, Thanks for your input on my last song. If its not too much, please have a listen to this ones more commercial! http://www.esnips.com/doc/d3b5da22-2aa7-4bb2-bf6d-4fff12af20cd/Angel I think you could be an angel, And I want you to love me But you say that you cant be with me right now I don't expect to turn you on when you compete for attention so I'll wrap my hands around the steering wheel, drive me away from what I really feel is my first choice You say your loves been in trouble and your hearts been in ruin so I will watch what i'm doing there will be no tears a girl like you could break my heart cause I want more than a friendship your way to hot to play along to call you off of the bench when I start to wrap my fingers round this telephone, dial your number but there's nobody home I'd love to turn you on these feelings could grow real strong I guess the story of my life's every time you come to me the timings never right but I would love to turn you on so I'll wrap my hands around the steering wheel, trust you to guide me to the place you feel is the right choice
  9. is waiting for a review

  10. Please Critique My Song "drug Affair"

    This is my song Drug Affair. I used Pro Tools ME. http://www.esnips.com/doc/75ba5b62-4d03-4e4f-ab1d-c49b1398c31e/Drug-Affair I wrote this for my girlfriend. Thanks for your honest evaluations! Ive got a new Antidote She my favorite cure for my ills her shake has really shook my richter scale amd i dont need a rescue to use her I just hold her and inhale Oh she's like this beautiful thing And im her favorite fling Ive got a new drug affair her loves a tab to take if you dare she swears that she is safe but I'll beware Cause I cant wait for my next fix I'll reach for her and pray that she is there Oh she's like this beautiful thing And im her favorite fling 2008 Jeremy Gardner Productions
  11. Hello!

    Hello, Im Interested in honest evaluations and critiques of my songs. I know they are not perfect and not recorded "properly" so any suggestions regardng the recording, the lyrics or otherwise are appreciated! Thanks again, I am also interested in collaborating. Jeremy