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  1. Wow! Just received Award for BEST JAZZ SONG, 2013 at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Check out the blog: http://cherylhodge.blogspot.com

    1. Just1L


      That's Awesome. Congratulations!

    2. tunesmithth


      Congrats Cheryl, that's great!

  2. Hi, Ferry, If I were a fast talker I would have been successful long before this...! And what do you determine to be "success"?! Success is in the eye of the beholder. I make a decent living from music, but I'm not rich. However, that's still a success story; since I'm surviving nicely doing something I love! To begin with; if you ain't got a product, you ain't got a chance. It isn't like some great producer is gonna walk by your apartment, hear your music and get you signed. Sure: I've had lots of exposure; and lots of fans, now. But this is the digital age, and sadly, other than a FEW (like Katy Perry, Michael Buble, and Adele), I know very few rich and famous folks right now in the field of music... SORRY. However, since you ASKED; here are some of my "minor" wins (yes; in my book, a nomination is a "win"): 2012: Nominated for Best Roots & Blues Artist, Kootenay Music Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag. 2011: Nominated for Best Blues Song, Hollywood Music In Media Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag. 2010: Nominated for Best Jazz Song, Hollywood Music In Media Awards; top 10 Latin Beat Mag. 2009: Featured Artist; Coast to Coast AM with George Noory How do I do it? I wake up every morning and immediately go to the internet. I make tons of connections. I use ONE source (Reverbnation.com) to send ONE daily message to most of my sites (Facebook, twitter, etc.), simultaneously. Takes a whopping 5 minutes. Then I check emails and immediately get back to the important ones (bookings, etc.) I market thru the following sites: My own 2 websites (http://cherylhodge.com; http://jazzboulevard.com Reverbnation (I do daily postings; mail-outs and enter contests from there) Facebook (5,500 followers) CD Baby (check sales; this aggregator sells to about 20 others; including iTunes) Just to maintain, I spend about 2 hours a day on the web. It's all about killing several birds with one stone.... Hey, good luck; hope this helps! - Cher
  3. Visiting Songstuff is kind of like the modern cyberspace equivalent of the old artist's hangout in Soho (where the real denizens of Manhattan used to - and still do - HANG.) Only the airline ticket to get there is MUCH cheaper! And the amount of artists you get to connect with and run your ideas off of is never-ending. It is the modern day "ARTISTIC MECCA"! I highly recommend that every songwriter join up, immediately. Sincerely, Cheryl Hodge 2010 nominee for Best Jazz Song; 2011 nominee for Best Blues Song, Hollywood Music In Media Awards http://cherylhodge.com
  4. Hey, my friends over at Songstuff.com - what's shakin'?? Wow; Hollywood; just like I pictured it! No, no kidding... I'm actually nominated for BEST BLUES SONG, "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE" . Guess songwriting has it's occasional rewards! Last year I was nominated for Best Jazz Song (Indigo). Didn't win. Who cares? It's great just beingaround all that talent and energy. Y'all should think about entering a contest, now and again... or going to a songwriter's seminar.This year at te HMMAs (Hollywood Music In Media Awards) they are honoring Smokey Robinson. So excited just to be in the same room. John Moxey, wish you were coming, too. Cheers, y'all... see you when I see you, Cheryl Hodge; Jazz, Blues Singer; Songwriter
  5. Looking forward to hearing it, Charlie! Cheers, Cheryl Hodge
  6. Sounds like you'll have a lot of inspiring songs coming out, soon. Welcome, Cheryl Hodge Vocals Editor.
  7. Welcome, Domenic! You've come to the right place. There's lots of inspiration to garner just from this site! All the best, Cheryl Hodge Vocals Editor
  8. Hi, Austin, Sounds like you've come to the right place! Check the Forums on here as often as you can. You'll find the connections you are looking for, I'm sure. Cheers, Cheryl Hodge http://cherylhodge.com
  9. Hi, Ania, What I've heard so far sounds like a very impressive beginning. Great melodic flow, nice feel for arranging, in terms of dynamics. Pleasing vocals; very in tune, and heartfelt. Looking forward to hearing more, Cheryl Hodge (Vocals Editor)
  10. Hi, Lauren, Love the band name! Can't wait to hear your material. I live in Bellingham. I'm playing in Portland, Or. at The Ivories (jazzbar), Dec. 1, 2, 3. Nice to meet you, Cheryl Hodge (Vocals Editor) http://cherylhodge.com
  11. Hi

    Can't wait to hear your music, Gitmanban. Love your musical influences. Cheers, Cheryl Hodge (Vocals Editor)
  12. Welcome, Grant. Looking forward to checking out your stuff. - Cheryl Hodge
  13. Wow; that's dangerous - you could drop the iPod in the loo; then - goodbye music! Welcome to Songstuff, Jack!!
  14. Welcome, Noob.